This is a great trail to get out in nature in one of the biggest cities in the world. There are several geocaches also.

It was an awesome experience. We took blue trail and tried to cover the whole trail until we came right next to Staten Island expressway after crossing Deer Park... Also found a deer too! :D

Great trail! A lot to see too


Been coming here for 30 years. Never get tired of it. Now there are deer....with antlers! If you're using public transportation you can access the park from many directions. Take the S74 down Richmond Rd to Altamont street (right at the edge of Moravian Cemetery). Walk up the street (inclined) about 4 blocks. Enter at the end alongside the cemetery fence. Or take the S74 or S57 to Summit St. Walk up the hill just before the dead end and enter from the old abandoned parking closed now closed off. Or take the S57 or S54 to get to the Nature Center at Rockland and Brielle. Not really High Rock but even less travelled and more secluded. Goes a lot deeper into the Greenbelt towards the back of the Latourette golf course. But for a real treat enter High Rock from the now recently shuttered Fransciscan Monastery on Todt Hill Road just off of Ocean Terrace. Take the S54 to Manor and Ocean Terrace. Walk up the hill. Right on Todt Hill Road and enter on your right. There are no sidewalks for most of the twenty minute climb but its worth it. If you like your seclusion then save your walk for post or pre summer (October to May). The nearby boy scout camp, though no longer in use per se, still hosts children's activities during the warmer months and hikers should avoid crossing their path. Also better to go during the week. Please please please take your trash with you! I'm sure I don't have to say this on this website but in recent years there's been more of it just carelessly and thoughtlessly discarded right on the trail. And it breaks my heart because this place is my church. I come here for refuge and to heal. Come and explore the forgotten borough's secret gem!

Good all year long - has multiple trails some up to 12 miles that go from woodland to beach - deer and birding are plentiful

Nice urban trail system, feels like your in the deep woods once your away from the main road. Great place to have a relaxing hike in Staten Island. Many more trails here than what is listed on this website. Lookup SI Greenbelt online to get the pdf map.