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This trail was much more difficult than we anticipated but an excellent hike nonetheless with gorgeous views at the summit. The nightmare bridge over the highway from parking area to the trailhead will be with me for a while :D

scenic driving
14 days ago

$10 view to drive about 10 minutes. Have had better views of Lake George doing other hikes. Low effort = low reward. However, if you're looking for something with easy access that would be good. There are cool train parts at the top with history info and lots of picnic tables on the way up.

17 days ago

Very easy trail with a nice waterfall and a view of Lake George.

This was my second time hiking this trail. This time there are signs up for the different summits which was new for me. This was a nice fall hike.

Misleading as it is only .4 to the falls. We walked it then hiked Buck Mountain in the same area. Very beautiful.

It's not a moderate trail! it's quite steep and difficult to climb at parts. Beautiful view at the top though. Much more beautiful in fall.