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This entire region should not be overlooked. Amazing views of vistas from the tops.

2 months ago

5 months ago

Decent hike, my wife and I did the blue and orange trails in just under 3 hours. Views are okay from top of the mountain on blue trail. The trail starts off in a town park with cross country ski trails, which can be confusing at times with lots of unmarked intersections.

Trail itself was great. Lot to see and great views. Following the blue trail that was posted to Berry Pond did not follow app trail. I thought our GPS was off but app trail doesn't go to Berry Pond. Posted trail gets close but you have to veer off to the orange trail to get to the pond. That is worth it because we saw a large turtle and beaver dams. The posted trail is not a loop but an out and back and is fairly steep in places.

Hiked today to the falls and lake. Lovely hike

Trail is easy to find and walk and the falls are very enjoyable

We went for a run here with our dog. We stayed in green trails and it was great. We went out for a 30 minute run. It was extremely relaxing and quiet trails. It was somewhat difficult but it was great for a short run. You do have to watch your footing because there are some rocky parts.

Similar to other reviews the blue trail is partially closed. Kids still enjoyed it. Parts were a little steep and rough for a 7 year old but she trudged through. Wish there was a warning that the blue trail was closed. We would have crossed over to the green. Saw many chipmunks, several frogs and a snake which thrilled the kids.

walked several miles uphill only to find that the blue trail to the pond was closed after a certain point. no mention of the closed trail on the map at the beginning of the adventure, so be wary. other than that it was beautiful with lots of running water, mini falls, large rocks covered in moss and water so clear you can drink straight from the creek. most of the trails are shaded as well. I never reached any overlook, but it may have been on the part of the trail that was closed. definitely going to go back later in the summer.

10 months ago

A fairly challenging hike to a mediocre view. Unfortunately, part of the blue trail loop was closed and that may have been the part with the views of the lake. The pond was okay but not worth the steep climb. The climb was equivalent of a moderate mountain (almost 1000 feet of ascent with little let up) but without the views.