Hard hike for the mediocre view, all the cars and structures at the top ruined hiking it as well, better off driving up and finding a different peak.

Nice hike. Great view from the summit.

Beautiful view from top but do note it's steep hiking till the top.

We went with two 8 yo, and I wouldn’t call this trail kids friendly. They made it, but it took us 2 hours 40 min. hours to complete the trail, and the kids had to push it. It’s a steady steep hike all the way up, and we had to be careful walking back down since it was slippery after the rain. We all wore proper hiking shoes, so that helped.

I had a gorgeous hike up. I was able to take a 3.5 year old both carried and walking. It's manageable but can get rough as you have to handhold the entire with all the rocks.

Very good workout trail, need good hiking boots, it’s a nonstop elevation trail

This was a rainy day hike where the mosquitoes were bad. It rained the whole hike and the summit was windy and chilly with limited views.

Loved it great workout and beautiful

2 months ago

Hiked mountain on easter sunday. Loved the view and would like to hike again when all the snow and ice is gone.

Still plenty of ice near the top. Great views!

Quick and steep, do not underestimate Prospect Mountain it will kick your butt.

Very nice hike. Conditions were variable. Soft snow in the shade. Some crusty snow and some began getting soft and slushee as the day went on. A few spots had no snow at all toward clay meadows. Trail was well packed until Five mile after that only one snowshoer before us. We parked cars at the north trail head and at clay meadows. About 7 or 8 miles. Wonderful!

3 months ago

I live locally, but this was my first time crossing the foot bridge and heading up Prospect Mountain. The trail was still icy and snow-covered in late March. I slipped up the first half of the hike and ended up giving in and putting my spikes on after crossing the highway.

There aren’t any breaks on this hike. It’s short, only about 1.6 miles to the top, but it’s steep. I was breathing hard at the top. The views are beautiful, and there’s a ton of room at the summit.

This is a very popular and well-traveled trail, which is a big downside. I’m selfish and I want the woods to myself. Probably won’t hike it again anytime soon, but it was a decent climb.

This is not a marked trail and can be confusing if you aren’t experienced at following gps. As others wrote, you start in the LGLC parking lot, on the trail to Berry Pond Preserve. Keep bearing right along the stream. It can get sketchy once you leave the stream, as there are logging trails that intersect.

This trail was much more difficult than we anticipated but an excellent hike nonetheless with gorgeous views at the summit. The nightmare bridge over the highway from parking area to the trailhead will be with me for a while :D

scenic driving
6 months ago

$10 view to drive about 10 minutes. Have had better views of Lake George doing other hikes. Low effort = low reward. However, if you're looking for something with easy access that would be good. There are cool train parts at the top with history info and lots of picnic tables on the way up.

This was my second time hiking this trail. This time there are signs up for the different summits which was new for me. This was a nice fall hike.

It's not a moderate trail! it's quite steep and difficult to climb at parts. Beautiful view at the top though. Much more beautiful in fall.

Nice hike, especially in the fall when leaves are turning. Spectacular Lake George views from the summit.

beautiful hike... kind of hard for a 10 year old though.. great day in all!

Nice trail, when brooklynites aren't hiking there!!! Quite steep!!!

No need to park where the folks live in the village. Just park alongside the road at the trailhead at the bottom of the mountain. Expect to see other hikers as this is a very popular hike. Overall, pretty easy hike with good views, though some of the views at the top are limited by trees. You'll see lots of others at the summit since there's a road in that people in vehicles use. If you haven't done Sleeping Beauty, try that one out...just as easy and way way better views (from the east side of Lake George instead of the west side).

Fun hike with great views over Lake George. Some history at the top as well.

This is a decent challenge for a short distance. While it is over relatively fast, it is relentless climb straight up the mountain. I did it to prepare for Mount Marcy and ended up performing well on that hike the following week.

9 months ago

Nice Hike with some pretty decent elevation

This was an excellent workout however I would not categorize this trail as moderate - it was HARD. Straight up the mountain. We ended up taking 2 cars and parking one at the top. I have a broken shoulder and didn't want to walk back down. The view was totally worth it! Spectacular!!

the real trail is to hard for little ones under 8 but once you enter the park and drive all the way up to the top there is a parking lot and even a bus service if you choose to go to the peak . It is paved trail to the left of the parking lot that anyone can do but there are 3 sets of ling stairs just before the top so not wheelchair friendly unless you take the bus because cars are not allowed past parking lot

Could not take dog on trail steps bridge over highway. So could not do walk more than .28

The other reviews are accurate. It is a more gradual journey to Prospect mountain summit coming from this trail. I found it a bit hard to figure out which trail was which at the beginning as it seems more like a network of paths that all connect but once I made it to the trail that follows the stream it was a straight shot from there. There is really only 1 or two tough stretches for a few hundred yards. You'll be walking through the woods completely until you hit the parking lot with the view before the summit.

it was fujn

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