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The Falls were incredible. Nice hike out to Lake George where we sat and had cheese and crackers. Can’t wait to do the trail up the mountain.

Nice trail, when brooklynites aren't hiking there!!! Quite steep!!!

Fun hike with great views over Lake George. Some history at the top as well.

A quick sunset hike after work.

This is a decent challenge for a short distance. While it is over relatively fast, it is relentless climb straight up the mountain. I did it to prepare for Mount Marcy and ended up performing well on that hike the following week.

Nice Hike with some pretty decent elevation

This was an excellent workout however I would not categorize this trail as moderate - it was HARD. Straight up the mountain. We ended up taking 2 cars and parking one at the top. I have a broken shoulder and didn't want to walk back down. The view was totally worth it! Spectacular!!

the real trail is to hard for little ones under 8 but once you enter the park and drive all the way up to the top there is a parking lot and even a bus service if you choose to go to the peak . It is paved trail to the left of the parking lot that anyone can do but there are 3 sets of ling stairs just before the top so not wheelchair friendly unless you take the bus because cars are not allowed past parking lot

Could not take dog on trail steps bridge over highway. So could not do walk more than .28