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Crosses a highway, road to the top, decent views.

started this hike thinking it was the Prospect trail from the rec center. Apparantly it may have been but never figured out the split off. Started off deceiving on the middle trail with the sign "Lets Go", then hit some steep inclines. it eventually leveled out and just kept following the blue markers. Eventually we got on a snowmobile path with orange markers, then no markers at all just signs. the pond was not worth it, by any means. on the last half of the loop, we kept on the snowmobile trail and it turned into a road (to the quarry), we missed the sharp left to stay on the loop. made it back, watch out for the salamanders, frogs, snails, and snakes!

I would not call this a "moderate" trail. Nearly the entire trail is covered with rocks (including many large boulders), which pose a slipping hazard; and the entire climb (save perhaps a total of 100 feet) is a steep grade. Thankfully, many people have tramped-down routes to circumvent the rocks/boulders, making off-trail paths fairly easy to spot and use. The view is amazing and worth the climb, but be prepared to work for it.

not bad for a straight up and back. I did the trail few months ago. but when I got to the split in the road at the large rock surface, I went to the right following the blue blazes and found a nice view there. even a couple overnight camping spots. just didn't see water sources ( maybe I just missed them) so bring plenty of water.

I found it to be one of those "Do it once to say you did it" trails. Beautiful at top but you can drive up for the view. The trail itself wasn't that spectacular. You are under cover for the majority so not really any views for the majority of the moderate climb. Might look better in the fall with some colors.

Excellent view at the top. Very steep climbs and slippery.

I did this hike with my yoga retreat group of 15 people back in Oct 2016. It was a fairly easy-moderate (for me). I am a "girly girl" but would consider myself very active. I could def see how it would be considered "moderate or difficult" for people as one older lady in our group didn't make it all the way up and 2 others fell behind about 10-15 mins. I didn't have this app 6 months ago and was one of the first in my group to find our way to the top we followed the red trail. The view at the top is well worth the hike.

More than a moderate hike , partly because this is not a well maintained trail . Could hardly see any maps or information at the trail head , but the views from the top were worth the hike. Won't think I will do this again . Would rather drive up the road and jus immerse in the view of lake George

Really easy trail up to the summit. Follows a nice stream for the first 1/3 of the trail, some little waterfalls to see. The middle section could use some trail markers, with all the leaves on the ground it was a little hard to keep on the trail at times. Look for pink ribbons or very faded blue marks on trees. I did pull out the phone every once in a while to make sure I was on the trail in AllTrails. The last 1/3 of the trail was muddier with streams and pools of water on the trail.