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I have been doing a lot of hiking lately, and I can say this probably should be rated as hard. I would not recommend someone "easing" into this one. WHile this may be moderate for someone who has been hiking a lot, this is not for a first timer in my opinion. Some of the ratings on here are a little off.

Also, to comment on Aubrey Smith's post, some mischievous person painted in the word "no" before the words "dogs allowed", so yes, dogs are allowed.

A very pleasant hike. Parked on Montcalm Street but there was other parking on some access road just uphill from there, didn't know that. It's as described, with mostly a medium grade up to the summit with just a few areas where it leveled out briefly. We found the footing to be easier than some other hikes we've done, not too bad at all as long as you WEAR PROPER FOOTWEAR. There's a sign-in book at the start for your safety. Good idea to use it, although I have to wonder if anyone checks it. We kept a slow steady pace all the way up, not really any breaks, and it took 1:07. Going down took about the same, although some people were booking down quickly. The trail was well marked with red discs labeled "foot trail". (There's a road, too, so some people drive up.). The view at the top was very nice, although we liked the view from Buck Mountain much better last year. The bugs weren't too bad. No bites, but we prepared with bug spray beforehand. There are picnic tables but no trash barrels at the top, and remnants of huge metal wheels that were once part of a cable car track that brought people up from the shore of Lake George for $3. That was a long time ago, when the average weekly wage was $20. At the top you can look down on the foot of Lake George and some of the village. You can also see Butler Pond, which I overheard someone say is the water reservoir for Glens Falls. I almost gave this four stars instead of five because the porta-potty at the top was filled almost to the brim. I think if you're going to bother having one there at all that it should be adequately maintained. So, all in all a nice hike. If you're in reasonable shape and conditions are good, then 3 hours should give you plenty of time to make the trip. Happy hiking! Namaste.

Really beautiful throughout the trail and at the summit. Very hard for those that aren't used to hiking a mountain. Also, I noticed that the trail description states that dogs are allowed. I saw "no dogs" signs at the beginning and at the summit, just FYI.

9 days ago

Well marked trail, hiked with a 10 year old and puppy without any issues or concerns. Pond view wasn't anything special and the "loop" is a short circle in the area of the pond. The loop wasn't well traveled and had downed trees and mud. We saw a snake and a frog in the loop. Once you reach the pond, I'd turn around and head back, loop is not worth the effort. Besides the loop, trails are well worn and easy to follow. Nice area to hike with a family. We would go back and try another trail.

Nice short hike (short in comparison to other hikes further north in the ADK high peaks region). A bit steep at times but I was able to do it with my 1 year old in a baby carrier.