The corrected map above is still incorrect. What it currently shows is what is known as the International Loop, a route that combines the Spanish and Swedish Loops and the main Finger Lakes Trail (FLT). The Irvin Loop is a completely separate (blue-blazed) trail that parallels the Spanish Loop for 0.8 miles. To hike the Irvin Loop, one would park at the lower FLT trailhead on Daisy Hollow Road, take the (white) FLT briefly, take a left on the Spanish Loop (orange) a short distance, and then take a right onto the Irvin Trail; when the Irvin Trail ends, return (right) on the Spanish Loop for a hike totaling 1.7 miles. The correct route of the Spanish Loop (officially measured at 6.1 miles) can be found on the website for the Finger Lakes Trail Conference (see map coded SpL). I would correct the AllTrails map myself, but I don't understand how to do it. I did try. Finally, I should mention that the entire Irvin Trail and a good deal of the Spanish Loop Trail are on private land, not Kennedy State Forest (not Park); only 1.5 miles of the Spanish Loop (plus the FLT portion of the loop) are in Kennedy State Forest.

I am the trail sponsor responsible for maintaining this trail. In 2015, it was rerouted and the map above is obsolete. It is now officially 6.1 miles long and traverses areas too beautiful to merit the two-star rating given by the previous reviewer. One such area is the magnificent hemlock forest on the main FLT portion of the loop. Another is the wonderful Mercedes Springs area, which is on the newly rerouted section; it is so beautiful that the DEC actually gave us permission to install two Adirondack chairs for those wanting to enjoy this mossy, semi-vertical main spring longer than just at a glance. I wanted to edit this site's description to reflect the changes but did not understand how to do it. Since my wife and I are the creators of this loop, I, of course, give it five stars!

This trail mapped on this page may be out of date. Following the orange trailblazers going counter-clockwise, the Spanish loop turns east off of Oswego Hill road at 42.45650,-76.21401 (about a quarter mile from the AdamsRd-OswegoHillRd junction). It joins the Finger Lake Trail after about 1.5 miles. I mean, if you want to walk on a straight road for 20 minutes, just follow this map and the gray trailblazers on Oswego Hill road. But the orange trailblazers and the FTL online map tell a different story...

8 months ago

Nice long hike. Very well marked. We expected just over 5 miles ended up just over 7 miles.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Hike the Spanish loop in a counter clockwise direction. You will be glad towards the end, the last 3/4 mile is downhill.

Today's weather was 90 plus degrees with high humidity. Very taxing but loved the hike.

Parking is well marked at the trailhead - roadside. You can also make this a very long end to end by using the FLT/NCT trail to Virgil Mtn. with the Foxfire lean to use for camping.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday, November 07, 2015