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Lots of parking in this upper lot. Porta potty at TH. Hiked to Inspiration Point first then lower falls. Hike to Point was downhill and rocky then after the turn at the Monument it was back up some boulders and a narrow trail to the point. View is nice at several lookouts but not like a high peak. Still a good 5 mile hike. Even on a Monday the falls are very busy. But can easily find a boulder near the falls to catch some sun and eat a snack. No bugs. Arrived at noon. Left around 3pm. All trails well marked with blue markers or signs and no wet or slippery spots 7/8/2019.

Spectacular falls. Take a walk up behind the middle falls if you visit. Unique perspective. Lots and lots of people, but the trail down to the falls is now much safer after the changes they made in 2017.

1 month ago

It’s illegal to park on the road and we were told you can get a ticket. There is a parking lot 200 feet east from the trail head. The lot is across the street.

1 month ago

Trail was well marked. Lots of people camping at the lake over night. Took us about 2 hours with a few stops along the way to enjoy the views and wildflowers in bloom.

1 month ago

Rough and steep trail. The way down is sketchy and hard on the knees so take extra caution

I led two people on this hike on April 18, 2019. The trail itself is a public trail, part of the Long Path, but access to it is behind Fernwood Restaurant. So you should get permission from the owner to trespass or park here. Respect the owner‘s wishes and you may be charged to park here. Remember this is primarily for restaurant patrons. There is another parking lot on art 23A, Harding Road trail, a mile away. The first two miles is mostly a steady uphill climb, first on a farm road, then turn right on a narrow trail. The finest view is Maeli‘s Lookout. Then continue uphill for a ways, then turn right off this main trail for a detour .47 miles to Poet‘s Ledge, site where artists like Thomas Cole and writers like Emerson got inspiration. A short distance away you can hear and see Viola Falls. Back on the main trail you can continue west to see Wildcat Falls and Buttermilk Falls, 1.8 miles from turn off for Poet‘s Ledge. Total round trip hike was about 9 miles with about 1500 feet elevation gain.

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2 months ago

This trail starts at the end of the Gillespie road. We didn't start on the snowmobile trail starting point on cortina lane because of signs that alerts that it is private property and no turn arounds are possible. However, the snowmobile trail itself has clear signs that it is NY state trail. Our recorded path shows access to this trail with a bit of bushwhacking from the parking spot on Gillespie Rd. Trail on the north side is well marked and relatively flat until you reach the blue market for summiting Kaaterskills. Don't miss this point as there are no signs except for clues on the ground and marker on trees. It is a steep climb to kaaterskills high peak followed by steep descent on the southern side through hurricane ledge to the southern side of snowmobile trail. There are still snow areas on the northern face of the summit, but southern side is clear of all snow. If you are concerned about steepness, note that southern side is steeper than northern side. Try your level best to stay on the markers for snowmobile trail as you loop on the southern side. Fallen trees have taken down some of the markers and there is a good chance that you may miss them and bushwhack a bit to get back on trail. The trail map drawn and the markers do not coincide very well and hence pay more attention to markers. Southern side also offers fantastic views of Devils path and the huge valley. It looks like hunting is permitted in this forest area and we heard many gun shots. Fishing is permitted in the lakes. Wear appropriate dress to protect from wet and muddy trails and bugs.

Completely gorgeous views and a great hike. Bring poles as is muddy and need to scramble. But I’ve was mostly melted so no crampons needed at this time of year.

First time hiking this trail and was a little more than I expected- definitely challenging. Today is 3/16 and the trail was almost completely ice covered. Luckily, I stopped by the ski shop in Tannersville and rented spikes to strap on my boots. The guys at the shop were really cool and helpful with their local knowledge. I’ll be stopping there for my hiking and snowboarding needs from now on. If you plan on doing this hike in March you will need footwear that will handle the ice, or you won’t get 200 yards up the trail. There’s also some serious incline ice climbing that was pretty difficult. Off the main trail to start there’s supposed to be a first left that brings you to the High Trail, but it was not visible or used in the snow. As a result I had to keep going straight and then take a left back up to the high trail before the serious incline. On the way back near the end of the loop you have to go past that same spot and go all the way to the same junction and then backtrack to the right. It adds about 2.5 miles to the 7.3 said in the AT App. In all my tracker showed 9.6 miles and it took me just under 5 hours. I was solo which helped my speed vs having others with me. I’d plan 5-7 hours based on skill level.

Big waterfall Swimming Great views

Great hike! Microspikes absolutely needed for the last mile up. Snow was packed down well. Took my not-so-often-hiker friend and I 3 hours and 15 mins to get up and down.

9 months ago

The trail is short and accessible for families but lots of foot traffic creates muddy traffic jams and slippery points. It’s fun to take a dip when it’s hot.

Came in from Kaaterskill Rail Trail and then continued to inspiration point. Beautiful day!!

Short and easy and all the time beautiful

Went with husband and 5 and 9 year old. They loved it. Great views, pretty easy but they could explore.

beautiful falls, best at less busy time of day. def. extend to make hike a little longer.

It was a great day hiking Indian Head and Twin Mountains. The weather was great as were the views. There was a lot of people on the trails today. The trail wasn’t too steep heading up to the ridge. Very enjoyable hike.

Spectacular views!

The waterfall was beautiful (glad it was flowing). I added Inspiration Point and glad I did. Nice easy trail, few slippery spots because it started to rain, but WP shoes helped. Obviously poor cell service and AT did not record correct mileage and elevation gain.

Challenging because everything was flooded. Did the rock scramble up to hurricane ledge and there was water flowing down over the steepest parts. Sketchy! Great views, beautiful forests. Because it was so flooded the whole loop took over 6 hours. it was worth it.

Wet hike - you need to be super careful as it's slippery. It's easy and very well-marked, there are stairs that lead you down to the lower falls, and you can take a dip there in the pools. We did this on a Monday morning, and by the time we finished the parking lot was FULL (it was only 12 noon at this point). Highly recommended!

We did this hike but kept going to Sunset Rock and Inspiration point and then looped back to our parking on Scut Road. The falls were beautiful but if we planned it again we would’ve gone on a less busy day or opted to do a bigger loop around the lake instead of checking out the falls.

Great hike...hit the trail early on the weekend because the trail Head lots will fill up and the trail itself will be clogged with people. Overall a beautiful hike....had gone after a night of rain and the Falls were raging!! Looked up info on Frank Layman and his sacrifice for the residents of Kaaterskill Clove...very interesting story. Trip can be extended with a trip down the escarpment trail to inspiration point

Good day hike that you can either be a quick or a longer venture.

11 months ago

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Great hike for an experienced hiker. Lots of signs of Bear, Bobcats, and Coyote. That shouldn't be a surprise though. The rock scrambles were great coming up Hurricane Ledge. I wouldn't suggest going down that way. Plus, you miss the 2nd plane crash site if you dont do the loop. Please respect the families of those who passed and do not touch any wreckage.

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