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The trail is short, the waterfalls is amazing . Should bring SPIKES. I’m gonna back on summer .

First time hiking this trail and was a little more than I expected- definitely challenging. Today is 3/16 and the trail was almost completely ice covered. Luckily, I stopped by the ski shop in Tannersville and rented spikes to strap on my boots. The guys at the shop were really cool and helpful with their local knowledge. I’ll be stopping there for my hiking and snowboarding needs from now on. If you plan on doing this hike in March you will need footwear that will handle the ice, or you won’t get 200 yards up the trail. There’s also some serious incline ice climbing that was pretty difficult.

Off the main trail to start there’s supposed to be a first left that brings you to the High Trail, but it was not visible or used in the snow. As a result I had to keep going straight and then take a left back up to the high trail before the serious incline. On the way back near the end of the loop you have to go past that same spot and go all the way to the same junction and then backtrack to the right. It adds about 2.5 miles to the 7.3 said in the AT App.

In all my tracker showed 9.6 miles and it took me just under 5 hours. I was solo which helped my speed vs having others with me. I’d plan 5-7 hours based on skill level.

Big waterfall
Great views

The trail conditions were dangerous this time of year. Very icy and slippery even if you’re wearing micro spikes. However—taking some time just to sit next to the partially frozen waterfall and marveling at the crystallization was wonderful.

It's a great trail. The trailhead is easy to find, the parking is nearby, the trail is well marked. My boyfriend and I were there yesterday (3/6) and the falls were frozen and honestly breathtaking. A word of caution - WEAR. YOUR. SPIKES. Don't do the trail in the winter without them. Going down is tricky but real talk we slid down on our butts and it was super fun.

20 days ago

Looks promising but way to much ice for me. Got some photos of the falls and headed back

22 days ago

Wear Spikes and bring poles! Be careful.
Great and gorgeous waterfalls Can’t wait to go back this summer


26 days ago

WEAR SPIKES!! If you have a death wish that’s fine, but please don’t kill those of us around you. Steep parts of the trail were extremely dangerous because individuals without spikes attempting to do the hike were sliding into everyone.

A short walk to a beautiful view. We made the mistake of not wearing spikes and it is slippery as heck! A lot of ice under the snow. Because of that we only went to the viewing platform at the top of the falls, but we will return with spikes to go to the bottom. When we were there there were a couple of ice climbers who were really neat to watch going up the side of the frozen falls.

1 month ago

A short hike with a TALL reward. Make sure you wear spikes or trax on your shoes as it’s quite slippery with all the ice.

1 month ago

Great trail, but heed posted advise and wear micro spikes/crampons. Made the difference between sliding and being on your butt or hands to basically just enjoying the frozen falls/scenery. Be prepared!

Great hike! Microspikes absolutely needed for the last mile up. Snow was packed down well. Took my not-so-often-hiker friend and I 3 hours and 15 mins to get up and down.

Definately listen to everyone who says you need micro spikes.

Went to the falls at sunset on 1/25. The trail was icy but very manageable with microspikes. The half forzen falls were a beautiful sight.

2 months ago

Treacherous in the winner. Ice all over the trail and very difficult to avoid. Spikes on your shoes are a must!
waterfall is beautiful frozen.

Beautiful from start to finish! My favorite quick hike in the area.

stunning, well maintained hike! micro-spikes and poles are a must in winter

This is a great short hike, with a beautiful waterfall and plenty of places to just sit and enjoy the view. Best done during the summer when you have the option of getting in the water. Very easy to follow, impossible to get lost. There are stairs that lead up to the waterfall and are borderline dangerous because they get wet.

The trail has become busier throughout the years, which is a big con for me. Hard to enjoy the view at times.

Great trail and great views of the waterfalls. In winter, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to climb the stairs as it is completely covered with icy snow.

3 months ago

Such an incredible place to visit! We went during the snow season - incredible views, very icy.
Breathtaking place to see from each viewpoint.

Dont go down the icy steps - unless u have spikes ;)

(also camping was great up near North South Campsite)

Easy trail until you get to the 190 steps down to the bottom of the waterfalls. The view is great! Remember you have to go back up the 190 steps. Well worth it!

3 months ago

Very pretty! Went after a snow and the latter sections with stairs got very icey and slippery, so make sure you wear good boots with grip in the winter.

I was so impressed by how well-maintained the trail is! The stairs and bridge made the trail feel very safe despite being on a pretty steep incline. Even though it was a short distance, the rocks to climb and bigger switchback near the topmost tier of the falls made me feel like I was still getting a great hike in.

I could see it getting very busy during the afternoon (and was told so by someone I bumped into on my way down), but getting there around 8 am allowed me to park in the first lot with easy access to the trailhead and have the trail nearly entirely to myself - including the upper observation deck, on which I got to look at the falls by myself for quite a while. It’s a gorgeous view and was a perfect fall hike.

4 months ago

Easy trail in summer and early fall. Watch out for slick rocks during rain and especially ice patches in the winter. The amphitheater midway through the larger falls is just incredible. Several people die here each year, so be careful. It helps to take a single trekking pole for balance and insurance. I did and I’m glad I did. Have fun! This place is breathtaking in October.

The falls itself is beautiful when viewed from either the upper viewing deck or from below. A strong word of caution is that in wet weather the trail down to the falls becomes very wet and extremely slippery. The trail itself is narrow and borders a sharp cliff before transforming into the rock steps that guides hikers to the falls themselves. People are frequently injured on this descent and I would advise groups to take their time be careful with children and be mindful of the weather to ensure all can have a safe fun time enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Awesome fall colors illuminated the forests leading to Kaaterskill falls. A little steep at times and leaves make for slightly slippery terrian. but overall fantastic hike.

amazing views, great hike rock scramble was fun. Get their early or you will park 3 miles down the road.

5 months ago

Trailhead parking off of State Highway 23A is limited—be prepared to walk 1/2 mile from the lower lot along blind curves and small shoulders. Follow the trail from Bastion Falls to the base of Kaaterskill Falls. From there, you can choose to enjoy from below and double back or hike up the stairs to a middle falls viewpoint. Be careful: a kid nearly skipped off the edge (loose rocks, mud, and waterfall spray make it very slippery). Continue up the stairs and through a short forest walk a Spruce Creek bridge. There are two viewing places after that: one fenced off (that many were ignoring to hang their boots over the top of the waterfall ledge—and whose feet are in my photos) and a viewing platform with beautiful views of Kaaterskill High Peak and Roundtop Mountain. Aside from blunt safety ignorances and the crowded parking/trail: I understand why everyone wants their photo in front of the falls. This is one of the few hikes I'd say go later in the day as the falls face West.

5 months ago

The trail is short and accessible for families but lots of foot traffic creates muddy traffic jams and slippery points. It’s fun to take a dip when it’s hot.

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