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The trail is short and accessible for families but lots of foot traffic creates muddy traffic jams and slippery points. It’s fun to take a dip when it’s hot.

Came in from Kaaterskill Rail Trail and then continued to inspiration point. Beautiful day!!

Short and easy and all the time beautiful

It was a great day hiking Indian Head and Twin Mountains. The weather was great as were the views. There was a lot of people on the trails today. The trail wasn’t too steep heading up to the ridge. Very enjoyable hike.

Spectacular views!

The waterfall was beautiful (glad it was flowing). I added Inspiration Point and glad I did. Nice easy trail, few slippery spots because it started to rain, but WP shoes helped. Obviously poor cell service and AT did not record correct mileage and elevation gain.

Challenging because everything was flooded. Did the rock scramble up to hurricane ledge and there was water flowing down over the steepest parts. Sketchy!
Great views, beautiful forests. Because it was so flooded the whole loop took over 6 hours. it was worth it.

Wet hike - you need to be super careful as it's slippery. It's easy and very well-marked, there are stairs that lead you down to the lower falls, and you can take a dip there in the pools. We did this on a Monday morning, and by the time we finished the parking lot was FULL (it was only 12 noon at this point). Highly recommended!

Good day hike that you can either be a quick or a longer venture.

2 months ago

3 months ago

Great hike for an experienced hiker. Lots of signs of Bear, Bobcats, and Coyote. That shouldn't be a surprise though. The rock scrambles were great coming up Hurricane Ledge. I wouldn't suggest going down that way. Plus, you miss the 2nd plane crash site if you dont do the loop. Please respect the families of those who passed and do not touch any wreckage.

We did the loop counter clockwise. First a steep grade down loose rock until we reached the monument. Then about a quarter mile of relatively level trail with multiple viewpoints into the Clove. Rather stunning views. Nice forest with interesting rock formations along the trail. Then steep upgrade (about 30%). Really not an easy hike. Eventually we came to a bridle path by which you return through hemlock woods. This part of the hike was boring. Overall I would say that if you are visiting Kaaterskill Falls and want to get away from the loud tourists for a couple hours on a vigorous hike, this is perfect. But you need hiking boots or good sneakers. It is not a casual walk.

Not sure about the .8 miles and only 150 feet elevation gain. I believe is .8 in and .8 out. Also the last section is a bunch of stairs making it quite a steep walk. No scrambling or anything of the sorts but the stairs can get tiresome

Pretty short but definitely a steep climb. If you are able, the hike down to the lower falls is a must. Absolutely beautiful. There was a short length of muddy and slippery trail. Close to the falls the trail turns into stairs. For a Saturday evening, the hike from this parking area was not too busy. If you’re hiking North Point/Sunset Rock, fit this into your trip!

Went early on a Thursday morning and were the only ones on the otherwise popular trail. Falls were nice after the recent rain.

7 months ago

Did this hike March 11th, 2018. We seemed to be the only ones on the hike this day as we made fresh snow tracks in 2ft + snow. It was extremely pretty in the snow.. steep.. and it just keeps going up haha. The ledge is worth it in my opinion if you want a decent challenge.

9 months ago

Beginning of hike is little sketchy and starts on 23A without much of a shoulder in areas. Hike itself is quite beautiful in January and the trail follows a creek so there were sections that were all ice and I imagine in the spring its a sloppy mess Cramp ons are really needed for this hike...I had a pair of Yaks Tracks and while I was able to comply it I had to constantly adjust them and I needed more traction. View at the end is ok.

Do not forget about spikes for shoes during the winter.
A lot of ice is hidden under the snow.

10 months ago

Great Hike. Steep start. Waterfalls and great views. I stopped at 2000ft but can extend to over 3000 at High Peak. As far as the parking, talk to the owner of the Fernwood restaurant.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Great Views from the ledges and the last two miles of trail are really nice. The minus for me is the walking down both the main road and private roads. Really hard to stomach unnecessary and not scenic miles for the sake of people who feel the need to post private property signs every five feet. We get it.....

Monday, September 25, 2017

Hard to find the trail entrance but trust the apps location. Was very challenging as it was mostly uphill. There's a cute cabin about 1/3 way up and we ate lunch on its patio. View was awesome!

This was a fairly hard hike. Starts out really easy and rocky/rooty. Changes to a steep ascent up rocks to the "notch." View was great! We had our dogs with us, mine being an XL Great Pyrenees who needed an assist only once. She is built for this kind of terrain. Remember to wear proper hiking boots, also bring plenty of water and snacks as this is a difficult hike, especially if you continue on on the connecting trails at the notch! Overall great hike, but I do not recommend this for any beginners. I hike in the Catskills a lot and I found this to be pretty difficult. Also, if you have bad knees be sure to tape them up for support or wear braces for this one.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fairly easy hike. The area is heavily trafficked, so be prepared to share the trail with a bunch of people. The lake has an active beaver dam. The area is famous for having a lot of rattle snakes, so stay alert.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

decent. the malden avenue thing is nonsense; because the hike is on private property, you have to do a lot of circuitous road walking to get there. the way up is kind of a boring muddy slog, and coming back down is pretty rough on the knees, as you're just doing a steady downgrade in mud and leaves, without many rocks/ steps to climb. the ledge is admittedly nice, and extending the extra couple of miles to the top of buttermilk falls made the effort more worthwhile. will not be back, though- not really worth the hassle.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Had a great walk ... challenges you ... just when you think it's done there is more ... next time i do buttermilk falls as well

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Very poorly marked trail. You will need to cut through the bushwack at one point, but the "trail" can easily be identified. I recommend bringing a map for this one... and following the recording on here helps too.
There is no view at the top, but following my recording you will find a few lookouts along the peak while hiking down. The walk is muddy, even when it's dry.
The way I took down was pretty steep, I added a waypoint where I had to help my dog down because the rock climb was steep and there was no other way around. Keep that in mind if bringing dogs/kids. This peak can be tough.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Great hike. However it was hard and there was ice 90% of the journey to Poet's Ledge. January probably isn't your best bet to go but if you go in the winter be very careful with the ice. Overall it was a great experience.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

We are elementary level hikers who greatly enjoyed the trail. Uphill almost all of the way with a few flat exceptions. We hiked in the beginning of November so the crunching of leaves accompanied each step we took. This at times made us lose our footing for minor falls but no injuries other than a few bumps and bruises. Slightly down the mountain from where you see the sign that says poets ledge: .47 miles away, we encountered a black bear in the bush about 25 ft to our side. With a few shouts it scurried away and we continued but did not reach the ledge as we were racing darkness. A noteworthy and truly awesome view along the way was Maelis look out. Another note is the entrance is sort of hard to find as it seems you are trespassing, this may be the reason that we encountered few people along the way. Overall an enjoyable, strenuously steep, scenic hike.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hard only made it to Maeli's look out.

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