18 days ago

It was icy today but the water flow was insane all the snow was melting and the wind created a chilling breeze on a pretty warm February day.

Crampons needed for higher parts if you want to explore the falls. Be careful!

2 months ago

Great hike. However it was hard and there was ice 90% of the journey to Poet's Ledge. January probably isn't your best bet to go but if you go in the winter be very careful with the ice. Overall it was a great experience.

3 months ago

I thought this was a really nice hike but we got a tad lost because there is no internet service. We went all the way to inspiration point. Great views of the Catskills.

Great views, not so easy on the knees coming down.

4 months ago

We are elementary level hikers who greatly enjoyed the trail. Uphill almost all of the way with a few flat exceptions. We hiked in the beginning of November so the crunching of leaves accompanied each step we took. This at times made us lose our footing for minor falls but no injuries other than a few bumps and bruises. Slightly down the mountain from where you see the sign that says poets ledge: .47 miles away, we encountered a black bear in the bush about 25 ft to our side. With a few shouts it scurried away and we continued but did not reach the ledge as we were racing darkness. A noteworthy and truly awesome view along the way was Maelis look out. Another note is the entrance is sort of hard to find as it seems you are trespassing, this may be the reason that we encountered few people along the way. Overall an enjoyable, strenuously steep, scenic hike.

The stairs are very steep and not for anyone afraid of heights. Not a bad hike .

Beautiful waterfalls n views.

Spectacular. Best on my short list.

Great out and back hike. We were on the trail after a small snow storm so it was a bit wet/slushy. Mostly uphill on the way up to the hike so proper water-resistant shoes necessary and it was a bit slippery uphill and downhill at some parts. The hike led to a beautiful overlook that really made the hike. We had 3 dogs with us who did great on the hike as well.