Photos of John Boyd Thacher State Park Hiking Trails

17 days ago

The red, blue, and orange trails are very difficult to stay on, as they all interconnect with one another. It’s very easy to get lost in this maze of trails. The sign at the trailhead by the parking area needs to be replaced. It’s badly damaged from the elements and is unreadable. Also, if you’re new to the area or this is your first time here, you need to pay $6 for parking at Hop Field. You wouldn’t know this because there is no signage telling you to do so and the parking meter is in the middle of the lot so if you park before it as I usually do, you would miss it. I got a warning ticket because I didn’t see the parking meter. Thatcher Park needs to put signage up or move the pay meter to the beginning of the walk in to remind people to pay for parking. You only pay for parking through October. Come November, it’s free. Personally, I won’t return when the pay parking resumes. $6 is a lot to ask for a few mediocre hiking trails with no views and one waterfall. NYS gets enough of my money every April 15th. They won’t be getting $6 more for me to park my car