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There are several good viewing points on high terrain. I really like how the trail isn't laden with thick brush and you can easily identify markers to keep you on the path.

This is a fairly untraveled path based on the overgrowth in the meadow access but the trail is very nice - as far as we got. We weren't too far along when we encountered a mountain lion about 20 feet ahead! Fortunately the cat took off in the other direction but it spooked us enough to make us abandon any idea of hiking. Every sound I heard on the way out convinced me we were being stalked. Be careful.

It was very well maintained. They seemed to put a personal touch into this nature preserve. The trail is very well marked and it looks like they just added more wooden planks to the swampy areas so you don’t get muddy. Wildlife was abundant and with all the side trails I would say it is closer to 4 miles.

Very well maintained! I’ll go back for sure couldn’t finish the hike yesterday due to an upcoming thunderstorm.

Nice little trail took my six year old daughter and two dogs love. It

Great scenery for the Natural Bridge area, did some photography there for my class and was happy with the landscape I had to work with. Usually nice and quiet, especially in the winter months

The views were great. I recommend taking the scenic route "Eagle Marsh Trail". the views are great and the trail has some downward slopes that utilize ropes to go down. 3.5 miles and a 2 hour 42 minute hike with a 5 person group which includes 2 older people

This is an excellent trail! Obviously someone spends a lot of time maintaining it. Lots of cool boardwalks where the trail winds thru a cedar swamp.Beautiful mixed forest.The beaver pond section is great. Sit on a bench made of stones and watch for wildlife. We identified by sound oven birds, white throated sparrows, and pine warbler. The trail markers are hand made... classy. Check out the Indian River side back in from the parking lot. You will enjoy this trail. CG1

I went on this trail for the second time today and was very excited to see some springtime wildflowers. It was great for my first hike this season. I got pretty lazy over the winter. This trail gave me a good workout without exhausting me.

Great trail to search for birds. Many wild flowers right now. A little muddy through the section nearing the lake but manageable.Eagle Marsh section is a must. Great overlooks to catch some breeze.Large scenic wetlands.A bunch of cool rock formations . Very quiet here.

A great set of trails!Well planned with beautiful overlooks.Very few wet spots even after heavy rains. I have been across it a couple times this spring.Will provide a good workout.Quiet and pristine.Black fly season but still worth the time.

Walked it yesterday with a group to assess wind storm damage.An easy walk with a great view of Butterfield Lakewith partial ice out.Large burly white oaks are a nice addition to this trail.

An easy walk for any season! Great view over the lake, stand of big old oaks, and the new classroom all make for nice features. It can be tricky when waterlogged.

This trail is fantastic in the height of summer and colors of fall. The terrain and flora are extremely diverse, from a stand of shagbark hickory, to little gorge-like valleys, to rocky overlooks, to hilltop maple strolls with cast iron-strewn ruins. The length of the trail is perfect for a morning or afternoon walk. Some of the trail gets waterlogged, so footwear with that in mind is probably a good idea.

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By exploring side trails this beautiful hike is well in excess of 3 miles. Norm's Path and Woodcutter Loop are easy hikes. Other trails are moderate. All afford Adirondack like habitats and views in close proximity to Ft. Drum, Carthage, Natural Bridge and Harrisville.

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The Baker Woods trails have a distinctly Adirondack feel and many interesting features both natural and man-made. Bog bridging allows hikers to pass comfortably through striking cedar bogs and explore a large beaver pond and pass through mature forests of hemlock, pine, cherry and spruce etc. A deck overlooking the Indian River headwaters is easily accessible and affords excellent views. River access is available near the deck and paddlers willing to pull over a few beaver dams will be rewarded with beautiful views and virtually no sign of other people / paddlers.

My first visit to the Baker Woods Preserve was beautiful! BWP hikes start from a newly finished parking pad along Factory Road in Natural Bridge, NY. From there head down the path towards the visitor kiosk to snag a map and sign-in. Go take in beautiful panoramic views of the Indian River from Doris’ Deck before starting down Norm’s Path. Signs along the path greet hikers with stanzas from Wallace Stevens’ The Snow Man. Follow Norm’s Path across the road as it turns into Woodcutter Loop, surrounded by raspberries and white, red, and scotch pines. Take Norm’s Path to any of the beautiful views or cozily-nestled benches along Beaversprite Pond. If you’re lucky, you might catch beavers or wood ducks along the pond in summer or fall. From there the hike heads along the Hemlock Hill Trail across bog bridges that take you alongside wetlands and amongst cedars and hemlocks. Hemlock Hill takes you back to the parking pad where you stared.
It’s a lovely hike and is well-suited to lots of different hiking abilities and ages.