Great trail for running/walking. Lots of courteous people and well lit.

5 months ago

wonderful for stroller walking bicycling dog walking. the trail is totally paved, with no off-trail hiking. the only downside being people did not clean up after their dogs on the trail.

6 months ago

A beautiful wide paved path along the Black River.
Well traveled by walkers, runners, and bicycle riders. Winding through wooded areas, near corn fields, and across bridges it is a quiet area that is kid and dog friendly.

Having kids with me I just wish there was a bathroom area with garbage receptacle around the half way point of the trail.
Other than that it's a very nice, relaxing walk.

trail running
7 months ago

Excellent multi-use trail. That it is well used by the community is a good sign. The trail is a paved-over railroad bed, so it is smooth and level. Winds through meadows, farmland, and woods - along the Black River.

Great place.

mountain biking
8 months ago

Loved it

Nice smooth trail to bike

easy trail. I walk to the trail from my home in Black River for a warm up. I throw 20lb plates in the pack to keep me in "ruck shape". it was super windy and chilly today as we walked in from Black River, but as soon as we hit the trail, the trees cut 90% of the wind out and it warmed up by a few degrees.
point is, good to hit on a windy day!

road biking
11 months ago

This is my go to trail from Fort Drum. Great for dog walking... fantastic for a bike ride from post out to the trail, I often will loop it twice for miles. I also love to run it, though then I wish it was gravel. But really no complaints at all! The views are great and it's almost like you get three styles of views. The river, farmers fields, then a lovely arch of tree tunnel!

The only pet peeve is people who let their dogs poop ON the trail, or bag it then leave it ON the trail. I'm a dog owner so losing access to trails because people don't have a little respect for each other... Sorry rant ;)

1 year ago

Super easy trail for hiking or running. All of the trail is paved and plenty of parking at both ends. I would call this more of a walking trail than hiking trail.

I like this trial alot. It's easy enough I can bring my kiddos for a walk.

Not a bad little trail. If you're at Drum, nice place for a brisk walk or run.

Really nice trail. Great views of the river and a fair amount of wildlife. Completely paved and mostly flat. Pretty much empty in the mornings.

1 year ago

This was a fun path to walk in the winter time. It was warm at 35 degress with 2 feet of snow on the ground. Still nice scenes with most of the river iced over and deer everywhere.