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I did this trail after completing hurricane so it was more of an 11 mile round trip. You will get many ridge and peek through views as you roll around the ridge. Some of the trail is very narrow and bumpy and you’ll be going up and down most of it. I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly easy 6 miles even on fresh legs.

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Super scenic ridge walk

over grown
washed out
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This is more of a 3.5 star rating. The Nun-Da-Ga-O and Big Crow Loop Trail has one of the best summit views I have seen from the low peaks of the Adirondacks thus far. The major advantages of this trail include its solitude and its multiple outlooks and summits from different points along the loop, providing you with a constantly developing panorama of the high and low peaks. Blow-downs were not too bad considering it's one of the less-frequented trails in the High Peaks region. Trail markers are nearly non-existent, which is okay along the well-trodden stretches of the trail on soil. But, when reaching summits and outlooks, finding where to continue, or where to go back, is difficult and you will need your GPS and the Alltrails Pro app to find your way. Both the lack of summit markers and the intense mud and water made the trail feel longer than it should have. Bugs were swarming around us with a vengeance by the mid-afternoon. Keep in mind that, because this is a ridge trail, you will be climbing up and descending many times throughout. Definitely bring a GPS device or trail map and compass, waterproof boots, bug spray, and plenty of water and snacks for this one. Solid moderate for those acquainted with several low peaks hikes, but definitely challenging for novices.

Nice relaxing hike, lotsa views. Use your app to follow the trail which gets a bit tricky to find on the open ridge areas.

Great loop over Big Crow and then the Nun-DaGa-O ridge back to the car. Definitely muddy and wet in places. People have reported the ridge is not dog friendly but our two large (and older) dogs did quite well with only a few places that we helped them up a few bigger step ups. Overall a great hike, which we’d do again.

We took 7 hours to do this hike. 3 adults and 2 children. This is not a "kid-friendly" hike ... at least not in the spring. There were at least 2 large rock climbing facades filled with ice. It would have taken us crampons. All in all, it's a nice hike to do. We did it clockwise. The view of the Big Crow party is beautiful. The first 3 km are really not marked. No crest on the trees. By end, the trail is difficult to find. The last km by cons there is an escutcheon with 3 trees and the trail is very visible.

Fantastic!! Views aplenty! Took about five hours RT including 30 min summit time on big crow. Less then 20 people all day half during the first mile and big crow. Recommend clockwise as we did so u can enjoy the easy final two miles later in the day. Views from giant to dix across great range to sentinel range to Whiteface. Path easy to follow but not marked. Would be a challenge to follow in winter. Over 2500 vertical recording on altimeter due to ups and downs. A serious and awesome day. !!! How did I miss this over the years?

We traveled the opposite direction by way of Weston trail past Lost Pond. a few areas nearing the ridge can be pretty rough if you're out of shape (Hey, Round is a shape, right?) but the trail is forgiving in many areas which provide you with enough respite to recoup, gather your motivation & to reconsider some of your life choices...like, "I probably shouldn't have eaten so many circus peanuts between 1993 & well, yesterday") the views are spectacular, scrambles aren't too tricky, nicely maintained/marked trails until you reach the ridge. heavy foot traffic on the Crows but the ridge trail is peaceful having few travelers.

less than an hour total hike, good ascent and beautiful views for the time it takes

Unmarked (or minimum trail mark) but easy to follow

Big crow is easy hike with a nice view up top. Overwhelmed by casual hikers and families though on a nice day. Nundagao Ridge Loop portion is easy to miss there’s only a tiny hand written white sign. Trail is not marked whatsoever and very overgrown. Some nice views on what I think was the ridge line but eventually lost the trail and had to double back.

This trail is great and really pretty. Would've given it the full 5 stars except Nun-Da-Ga-O is NOT dog friendly. We went up to Big Crow and started around the loop, only to have to turn around right before getting up on the ridge because there is a rock scramble that dogs absolutely should not do. Maybe with a little dog you could help them, but my two big dogs who are pretty fearless and hike a lot were not able to climb what is a nearly vertical rock face. Maybe going the opposite direction around you could help them down, but up was not an option.

Friday, May 18, 2018

A quick hike up to Big Crow with great views. It was a bluebird day with outstanding views of the Great Range

The views are beautiful from the Ridge. I hiked this out of shape so it seemed long with lots of ups and downs. I brought my athletic dog and there was one spot he needed help with. Other than that he had no problem with the terrain. I was surprised to see bits of ice still on the trail. Mud season is definitely upon us in the Adirondacks. The trail is not well marked and sections resemble a narrow herd path. Still a beautiful hike!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter hike after a fresh snow on the trail is very dangerous. The trail is NOT MARKED. After a fresh snow, while it is somewhat fun to look for the trail at first , it becomes pretty hard and slow with a lot of false trails up on the ridge. What seemed to be an easy , less than 6 mi hike turned for us into a dangerous outing of 12 hours in midst of winter , and after the sunset with temperatures rapidly dropping close to -20F. I'm an experienced hiker, but once again this is a good reminder to take any hike especially in winter very seriously. After sunset we were very close to finishing the loop, but I could not locate the trail in the dark anymore . We turned around and traced our steps back which was very hard and exhausting in such low temperatures . Family called for the rescue which was very appreciated. Our phones didn't work in cold , but forest rangers were able to pick a ping from one of the phones at some point on the trail and came to meet us. Next time you go there bring some tape to mark the trail, you might save a life! On a good note, the trail is really beautiful!

The directions to the trailhead at Crows Crossing is spot on and can easily be found at the very end of O'Toole Road. It is 0.7 miles to the summit of Big Crow with moderate climbing. We chose to continue on 0.5 miles through the col to Little Crow. We had to follow cairns at times when we could not see the red trail markers. We retraced our steps back to Big Crow and started our descent. When we got to the junction for the Nun-da-ga-0 Ridge we decided we didn't have 5+ miles left in us. We will save the full adventure for next time. Crow Crossing to Big Crow to Little Crow and returning via the same route was 3 1/2 hours.

It was a terrific excursion. I would be wary of a couple drop-off points when considering children.

Monday, April 03, 2017

The hike up to Big Crow was nice with great views to be had. We only hiked half of the ridge due to losing the trail at times. The ridge trail is not marked and was hard to follow at times in the snow. We had to snowshoe the whole hike. The road up to the parking was plowed all the way, so we had an additional .4 miles added to the hike.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

9/17. Hiked this in reverse order. Started out by hiking to lost pond. Our lab,Stella wanted a bath, but it was muddy and the water was low. She enjoyed it, and shook mud on us both. Continued on to the summit of Weston mountain. Easy hike until the last 3/10 or so mile. This section of the trail was very eroded and steep. Had lunch on top. Lovely views and quite windy. Continued on over the nun da ga o ridge. Nice hike with great views along the rim of the ledge. A bit tricky finding the trail after hiking on the rock ledges. Had to look for scrapes in the rocks from crampons of winter hikers. Really a nice walk thru the forest and at times out on the ledges. However, there was a few scrambles down some rocky cliffs. Had to go ahead to find the trail; than backtrack and in a few places lift the dog off a steep ledge. Slow and steady... Finished off the hike with a climb up big crow mountain. Well worth the half mile or so hike up! Really great views!! All in all, a great hike, it is dog friendly; but your best friend will need a helping hand at times!

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