The directions to the trailhead at Crows Crossing is spot on and can easily be found at the very end of O'Toole Road. It is 0.7 miles to the summit of Big Crow with moderate climbing. We chose to continue on 0.5 miles through the col to Little Crow. We had to follow cairns at times when we could not see the red trail markers. We retraced our steps back to Big Crow and started our descent. When we got to the junction for the Nun-da-ga-0 Ridge we decided we didn't have 5+ miles left in us. We will save the full adventure for next time. Crow Crossing to Big Crow to Little Crow and returning via the same route was 3 1/2 hours.

It was a terrific excursion. I would be wary of a couple drop-off points when considering children.

The hike up to Big Crow was nice with great views to be had. We only hiked half of the ridge due to losing the trail at times. The ridge trail is not marked and was hard to follow at times in the snow. We had to snowshoe the whole hike. The road up to the parking was plowed all the way, so we had an additional .4 miles added to the hike.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

9/17. Hiked this in reverse order. Started out by hiking to lost pond. Our lab,Stella wanted a bath, but it was muddy and the water was low. She enjoyed it, and shook mud on us both. Continued on to the summit of Weston mountain. Easy hike until the last 3/10 or so mile. This section of the trail was very eroded and steep. Had lunch on top. Lovely views and quite windy. Continued on over the nun da ga o ridge. Nice hike with great views along the rim of the ledge. A bit tricky finding the trail after hiking on the rock ledges. Had to look for scrapes in the rocks from crampons of winter hikers. Really a nice walk thru the forest and at times out on the ledges. However, there was a few scrambles down some rocky cliffs. Had to go ahead to find the trail; than backtrack and in a few places lift the dog off a steep ledge. Slow and steady...
Finished off the hike with a climb up big crow mountain. Well worth the half mile or so hike up! Really great views!!
All in all, a great hike, it is dog friendly; but your best friend will need a helping hand at times!