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Richie said it was GREAT! Random guy took pictures of his back too. Great day

3 days ago

Beautiful views in the beginning, plain hike for the rest of the trail. In my opinion , the trail rated as "moderate" only due to elevation. Some areas didn't seem to be accessible by dogs. Overall nice cardio !

Beautiful hike with breathtaking view points. It was a beautiful day and therefore the trail was very crowded; it was almost a social gathering. One can do the full 8 miles trail, but we loop out after circa 5 miles. After the first 2 segments, most hikers loop out and the trail is quite empty.

Great trail with awesome views!
Challenging in the beginning going to the right of the loop, but nothing too crazy.
Lots of parents with kids, so you can do it!
Infinitely less crowded than Brackneck (at least the day I went), which is a plus

Not as difficult as other reviews made it out to be. Lots of Rock climbing that is diverse enough for you to choose easier vs harder. Great views worth the climb

Views. All the views. It starts with a scramble — if you’re used to Mt. Tammany, this will be an easier than the difficulty forecasting a “hard” trail. After the ascent, it’s more of a ridge walk out with lots of good views. I made the poor decision to take the bypass down and walk Beacon Hill as a separate trail because rain was creeping in — do not do this if you’re tempted (Beacon Hill’s trail is to the powerhouse ruins and initial views is boring and more like a steep gravel fire road than an interesting venture). Just keep walking the trail and you’ll have a much better path. If it rains, you get wet. Safe travels.

Took my dog on a Friday morning, thinking it is 4.9 Miles. Our hike was closer to six miles with quite a bit of elevation change. We started seeing people on our descent - several pairs and a few individuals, a lot for a work day. Trails are mostly clear and wide, but markers are not always clear and are unusually high. A map with all of the trail colors would be beneficial to have on hand, as there are many trails that lead to other parking areas or loop around or end. Beautiful views from several points at the top. Be sure to check out the side trails. Heard lots of birds, including pileated woodpecker and turkey.

my first real hike, was more than I expected but was a great CHALLENGE !! coming from Louisiana it was a great experience and had a great time

Love this hike. Difficult for the first mile and a third. But rewarding. Best view of the Hudson looking towards the city is on the right side of the trail just before the top. The hike down is 3 1/2 miles. Very cool. Enjoy!

amazing scramble in the beginning and beautiful views at the top! plan on using 4 points of contact during the scramble in the beginning. Loved this and will definitely do it again!

Visited on a Sunday in late August.

White to red to yellow. Avoided “easier ascent.”

There was (predictably) high traffic, and we somehow avoided the super scary section we climbed the first time.

Finished in 2:45.

A fun challenge with great views. Going in the fall and seeing the changing colors of the leaves is an amazing experience!

Some good views from on the way up the white trail going counter clockwise. Otherwise pretty lush, but kinda meh.

Got it!! This is my go to trail to connect and get grounded w nature!!

Went out early. First half was tough but rewarding. Second half easy. Good lookouts with forest views and water streams.

30 days ago

Varied terrain gives good workout. Hiked the Cornish Trail to Undercliff Trial, and descended via Washburn. Beutiful views at the top. Just right amount of sun and shade.

Note that the track shown doesn’t match the description given. The track descends via the Notch Trail & the Brook Trail, whereas the description is about descending via the Wilkinson Trail, which is about 2 miles longer

This is mine and my mountain goat hiking partner Jo-Ann’s favorite hiking spot to climb! Yes it is sad to see the defacing of our beautiful landscape (graffiti and garbage) but it has spectacular views at the summit especially in the fall. We are avid fitness freaks and so we love the challenge of climbing the steep rocks on the difficult side! Experience helps along with proper foot gear and hydration....happy climbing!!

Challenging trail, especially in the beginning. but it's worth it. The view is amazing. In this trail you will climb rocks, scramble, walk past creeks, you name it! you can make the trail loop longer by taking different forks.

Nice accessible hiking alone trail. Well marked, heart pumping climb up going anti clockwise. Expansive views. Would be perfect for off leash doggo to explore. Skip across the road after to the red trail for a sweet beach spot for lunch.

Amazing trail! Not too crowded during the week. Would not recommend bringing the furry friend unless you can lift them as it gets VERY steep at some points. Great rock scrambling almost all the way to the top. Good for experienced hikers very fun, lots of challenge.

Hiked the trail “backwards.” Started out going left on the paved trail. Slow easy incline for the first half following cool ruins and a nice creek. Elevation started to pick up and then we started to hit the viewing points. Steep rocky decent. Awesome mushrooms the whole way and a few wildflowers.

Very challenging but worth it! Everything from rock climbing, beautiful views of the Hudson, to waterfalls and babbling brooks.

This was a very challenging trail. If you are not prepare and fit don't do it. If you are afraid of heights don't attempt it either. It's a very crowded trail with a lot of dogs. I met a lot of hikers on this trail, some were friendly, others rude. I seen a lady with a 6 month baby on her back. This is definitely not a trail for that.

I did the hike with my 5yo son yesterday, a very hot day. I fed him constantly, hydrated him constantly, stopped often and he kept going all the way to the top. Congrats Issei!!
WARNING. You need to know what you are doing, do not attempt this if you are not an expert or your child is reckless. NEVER look away from them. My son is very disciplined, a good listener and stops EVERYTIME I tell him to do so. Nonetheless children that age are unpredictable and disaster could be around the corner. It is up to you to eliminate risk. Took 4 1/2 hour on white/yellow/green/red. I think the full loop would have been too much. Start early on summer days. Gets pretty hot soon. Even on the top. We used one gallon of water between the two of us.
I gave it 4 stars but not for the trail itself but because the conditions the people left the hike in. Graffiti defacing rocks, plastic everywhere... C’mon people!! Carry your own garbage!

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