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A mostly undeveloped preserve of nearly 6,000 acres, Hudson Highlands State Park consists of a series of separate parcels of land stretching from Annsville Creek in Peekskill, north to Dennings Point in Beacon. The spacious park is perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, hiking, and birding. The Hudson Highlands and Hudson River provide spectacular backdrops for the many activities that can be enjoyed here. The park's extensive hiking trail network includes terrain that varies from easy to challenging. Trail maps can be obtained at the Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park office. The park's most well known trail Breakneck Ridge was rated by Newsweek as one of the top 10 day hikes in America. The 5.5 mile Breakneck Ridge trail rises 1,250 feet in only a mile stretch. Please note that camping and use of fire are prohibited throughout the park For visitors who wish to view the scenic park from the water, kayaks and canoes are available for rental at Annsville Creek Paddlesport Center in Cortlandt Manor. Rentals, as well as instruction, tours, and educational programs, are provided by Atlantic Kayak Tours. Visitors may also launch their own kayaks and canoes from the Annsville dock. Fishing from the dock is also permitted. One area of Hudson Highlands State Park, Bannerman Island, can only be accessed by water and explored via guided tour. Known originally as Pollepel Island, this island is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This majestic Hudson River landmark is home to Bannerman Castle, built by American entrepreneur Frank Bannerman VI between 1901 and 1918. For more information on visiting this unique site, please call (845) 831-6346.

Great hike. Challenging. Be in shape!

Map indicates going up and returning on the white trail. Best to return on the yellow trail. Trail maps were available at the start of the trail, just before the car tunnel.

It is a little strenuous but the views are amazing. The fall colors are just starting and in about two weeks, it will be wonderful! It was a beauty day for hiking today. There were so many people on the mountain, it was unbelievable!

Follow the recommended path (BR White - BB Red - WK Yellow) loop. Lots of fun rock scrambling. Plan for 3 hours.

This was my first hike and pretty challenging for a newbie. #1TIP wear comfortable shoes and clip toe nails beforehand. The incline and decline on the rocks will do a number on your feet. Sunday morning hike (9 am) didn't see much of a crowd. The trail is about 1.5 hours from New York on the Metro North(BEACON STATION). You'll need to take a cab ride from station to trail roughly (5 mins). The view and experience is well worth the hike.

Steep and Rocky. Great late afternoon hike to get the sunset against storm king.

My boyfriend and I went on our first hike and chose this trail. It was incredible. Challenging and definitely rewarding. Trail markers are clear for the most part, although we did lose our way for about 15 minutes we used this app to get back on track. There is cell service throughout Hudson Highlands Preserve so that’s one less thing to worry about. Views are amazing as well. Going down is a little rocky but nothing unmanageable. Overall super excited to come back soon. Cold Springs is also the cutest little village with tons of great cafes for post-hike fuel.

Several outlooks over the Hudson from different points along the trail. At a brisk pace, I completed this in 3 hours. Good workout.

Amazing views!! Go in a few weeks for an breathtaking view of Fall foliage!

Fantastic, majestic hike! The leaves are just starting to turn and the morning fog made for a spectacular start to our day. Took the two dogs, a little bit muddy and slick at times but the leaves provided a nice bit of cover. Great temperatures and not too many people at the beginning. Totally recommend.

Amazing elevation and breathtaking views. This trail has so much to offer depending on what color trail you choose. If you start off on the white near the train station it is very vertical for certain stretches. The difficulty is part of the fun! Take your time, be safe, enjoy the views and take pictures. You will never forget the views! Life changing!

Great hike - lots of variety; long parts of the trail are super-rocky, but plenty of spots for great views! Took us 4 hours start to finish.

17 days ago

5.5 miles with the overlooks. Nice trails with a couple of great viewpoints. As another hiker commented previously, watch the trail markers! There are lots of unofficial trails, particularly on the yellow trail. It’s VERY easy to get off trail. Several creeks and a waterfall. No scrambles but definitely felt like i earned a bbq stop at the Round-Up:)

I'd rate this a moderate - it's not a hard trail. Steep hike for the first mile or so then it levels out. It's a great climb and offers great views of the Hudson and Storm King mountain across the way, The day I was there it was pretty heavily trafficked with a lot of groups going through. The ruins at the end of the trail were interesting.

We started on the trail early morning, around 8.30am; it was still very foggy outside. After two days of rain, the path was quite muddy and the two streams, we passed on our way, were running high. At the intersection, where the actual loop starts, we took the path on the right (red circle) while the yellow circle, coming from the Sugarloaf mountain , we left it for our return. The trail was quite empty. By the time we cleared the forest, the fog cleared also and all the vistas of Hudson and surrounding mountains were quite nice. We recorded the whole trail and it is actually 6.2 miles long. We enjoyed the trail and the fact that it was well maintained.

Wonderful hiking, with best views of the Hudson from sugarloaf mountain

Breath taking view but an extremely steep hike... at some points you're rock climbing which can be terrifying if this is first hike and you are afraid of heights. This is the most challenging hike trail I've done so far, I would recommend coming here early in the morning to beat the sun and the crowd and also wear sturdy with good grip since you will be rock climbing. I don't recommended this trail for dogs and children under the age of 10 if they are not very active and they are able to rock climb which would be difficult for them.Trial end is just a walk away from the start of the trail.

Rock scramble all the way up to the top. It’s by far the hardest but funnest hike closest to NYC. I don’t recommend this hike for dogs unless your comfortable your dog will stay with you and will not need help climbing. There are a lot of sections where you need your hands and legs to climb.

The first portion is scrambling, which I think is why this is graded as difficult, and the rest is easy/moderate rolling hills. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because the first part is VERY crowded if you go on a weekend—you’re basically climbing up in a line of people and need to stop often to wait for those in front of you. It’s still really fun though and the views are stunning. When you get past that first peak, the crowd thins out a lot and it’s super peaceful.

We did it in 3.5 hours with a lunch break and several other 5-15 minute water breaks. I’ve also done it in 3 hours without feeling the least bit rushed.

The view was great overall. on the way down is unexpected with lots of rock and climbing down

Really nice moderate trail with great views! Go on the earlier side, makes for a more tranquil hike.

Richie said it was GREAT! Random guy took pictures of his back too. Great day

27 days ago

Beautiful views in the beginning, plain hike for the rest of the trail. In my opinion , the trail rated as "moderate" not "easy" only due to elevation, indeed, some areas didn't appear tome as accessible for kids or dogs. Overall nice cardio !

Really fun rock scramble and awesome views! All in all excellent short trail when you’re short on time!

Beautiful hike with breathtaking view points. It was a beautiful day and therefore the trail was very crowded; it was almost a social gathering. One can do the full 8 miles trail, but we loop out after circa 5 miles. After the first 2 segments, most hikers loop out and the trail is quite empty.

Great trail with awesome views!
Challenging in the beginning going to the right of the loop, but nothing too crazy.
Lots of parents with kids, so you can do it!
Infinitely less crowded than Brackneck (at least the day I went), which is a plus

Awesome hike. Gets pretty steep towards the beginning and then gradual descent to cold springs. We stopped at cold springs for well deserved meal

Not as difficult as other reviews made it out to be. Lots of Rock climbing that is diverse enough for you to choose easier vs harder. Great views worth the climb

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