The trail is relatively boring, the accessibility would make this a great family hike for all members (grandparents, parents, children). The summit is very pretty, but nothing like the surrounding mountains. Definitely worth your time for a nice family outing.

This was my winter hike of this mountain. The trail was pretty packed down. Once on top you could see Coney Mountain in the near distance.

2 months ago

We did the Tupper Lake Triad on 1/7 and found it to be a wonderful hike! We started with Arab, the. coney, then Goodman. I think Goodman was my favorite of the 3. The views were wonderful and I think it may have been the most challenging, but that also could be because we did it at the end. The first .7 is quite flat as it follows the paved trail. The other .9 is fairly steep, but not too bad. The views are beautiful. I really loved this hike. Next time I would end with Coney and do Goodman second, as Coney was a cake walk. We spent a lot of time at the summit and the trip took us an hour and 55 minutes.

3 months ago

4 months ago

A very very easy hike as part of the Tupper Lake Triad. The first 0.7 miles is actually paved for handicap accessible use and the remaining 0.9 miles is a very easy moderate switchback to the top, making the overall trail very easy for children. The views from the top of the Horseshoe Wilderness area are gorgeous, although I wished the northern exposure would offer better views overlooking Tupper Lake. A very easy climb easily managed in 1 to 1.5 hours. Named after Andrew Goodman, who was memorialized in the 1964 Civil Rights movement, the trail is historical as it is a beautiful.

Very easy, quick hike.

This was our first hike in the Tupper Lake Triad challenge. The trail was fairly easy, with the first 1/3 being on a paved walking trail. You hook it left and head out on the actual hiking trail, go up a fairly easy trail, make a gradual switch, then you are at the top. There is a decent view from up top, but you can only see out about 90/180 degrees. Weather was good, would likely do again. Great short hike.

Super easy trail - great views!

The first half of the trail is paved. Good for people who may be disabled or with limited mobility. Decent view looking south. Kid friendly.

7 months ago

This was an easy trail to do the first .8 miles are and old road, that makes a turn into the woods for the last .8 miles. From the summit you can see the neighboring Coney Mountain fro the summit. The trail is well marked with the red DEC markers, and the trail is easy to follow. This trail is part of the Tupper Lake Triad that has to be done to receive credit for the challenge. There was a lot of people on the trail today that were doing the Tupper Lake Triad.