Just to confirm what Rick Wezowicz said. We're casual hikers, and the day we visited Hollyhock Hollow, we _could not find the trail entrance,_ after half an hour of searching. We explored less dense areas of foliage and decided they were not trails. We could not find any trail signs or blazes. Eventually we gave up, and left without hiking. In fact we couldn't figure out if the sanctuary was operational. The offices were locked, and there was no signage saying whether the closure was seasonal. A sign saying "future site of Hollyhock Hollow Multi-Use Pavilion" was so old and faded that we wondered if that project had been canceled.

Nice and near. Most of the walk is through a long abandoned quarry the (reportedly) supplied stone for the Brooklyn Bridge. A bit of the trail borders a cow pasture and adds to the overall peaceful walk. Finishes along a stream that is often scenic but can be pretty dry in the dead of summer.
A lot of traversing of old rubble and table rock requires that you pay attention to where you place your feet but most of the trails are Forrest paths with occasionally a root or two.

This location has multiple trails and loops that can be performed and is a very nice location. I saw 4 white tailed deer on my walk today. With spring in full bloom, this very lightly traveled trail system is starting to get narrow and lots of forest floor growth is beginning to sprout and grow.

NOTE: Be aware the the position of the portable bathroom to the left of the kiosk blocks the way to the trail start location ... and then there is BRUSH covering the trail entrance. It would be useful for this "blockade" to be removed so it actually looks like there are trails here.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013