3 days ago

nice views quite steep at certain points. this is one I would recommend not bringing walking sticks if you use them they just get in the way.

beautiful hike.
one quick point, be careful if hiking after heavy rains since it gets quite slippery and treacherous...not much to grab into at times but well worth it...
some signage or paint might help as well, since the ground gets washed out after heavy rains it's hard to see where the trail is at times.
beautiful regardless

Beautiful short hike along the creek. Suggest sturdy shows you can get wet, so you can just walk up the creek. Make sure to go past the 1st falls to get to the second falls and swim hole.

You want good shoes or boots for sure. My husband and I went with just sneakers and were ok but would have been more stable with better footwear. Absolutely beautiful falls and hike. I'm so glad we checked this place out! We are beginners and while this was slightly challenging it was very doable.

14 days ago

Started at the bottom. Hiked into the lowest waterfall then backtracked a bit and went up the right side of the gully. Steep climb. Some cool overlooks and you can't scale down to a waterfall towards the top. We didn't see anyone else on the trail.

22 days ago

It was nice we had a lunch at the end of the trail at a makeshift camp site it wasn't the best view. The waterfall trail is steep but worth it! It's off the main trail to the left of your coming from the trailhead.

I really enjoyed this hike! You will need waterproof boots with grip because when we went it was very slippery and there was places where you had to walk in the water but I think it was just high due to the rain. Once you drive down the road, highway patrol buildings on your left and you can park on the right. Trail head is behind the highway building to the right in the back if you are facing the buildings. Bring bug repellent too! If it was warmer we would have gone for a swim at the high falls!

rails trails
27 days ago

Super fun short hike straight up the waterfalls. will go back again.

This was not a trail, it was a driveway. A very very steep narrow driveway.

1 month ago

Really nice. There are two different approaches, you can start from the bottom, in the gully and work your way up, or you can start at the top and work your way down. I did the second approach, it was nice. The gully is relatively flat and as a result is easy to walk through.

Decent falls. It's behind a building.

Great! I'm definitely going back. I spent twice as much time there than I had intended because there were so many trails to explore.

Just be careful going up the waterfall, I noticed that the tree root that the rope is attached to is cracked.

Bring a head net!

My favorite trail in western ny. I have been doing it for years but it's gotten washed out and it is much more challenging now. You can walk up the river and climb waterfalls if you like the challenge or walk the trails and get some amazing views! I highly recommend.

Took a trip on April 9, 2017 just after a large rain storm I was impressed with the trail conditions it was wet but not as sloppy as I thought it might be. This was the first nice weekend we have had and I was happy that this trail was not packed still had that off the beaten path feel to it. This trail doesn't offer much site seeing as I was hoping to have like some of the other trails with beautiful views of the fingerlakes but it does have a few small water falls one in a beautiful evergreen patch. This trail will give your legs a work out with its winding climb to the top I would rate this trail at the top end of the moderate scale when it's pretty wet out it gets pretty slick with the climb up hill and the leaves on the ground.

3 months ago

Nice hike on a chilly day. Single track trails were great, especially around gully. About half of route is along boring forestry roads. Great view of Canadaigua lake. Went off trail in a few spots to snag some geocaches