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The beginning is very easy, but on the way back you realize how long this really is. Make sure to follow the signs for Indian falls /Marcy if you want to hike up to Table top first! Table top is easy to follow, but a very narrow trail. Going up Phelps is the longest mile ever! Totally worth it! 2 down, 44 to go!

I’ve been to Mount Washington and the views there are better than this. Although this is the highest peak in NY, the trails are well-maintained. First time I did this with friends and we did it for 7.5 hours, round trip. It was tiring but indeed gratifying at the summit because it’s cooler and you can see parts of Quebec/Montreal. Bring a lot of water (3L at least) and chewable candies, it’ll help you maintain your glucose and stay hydrated. Beginners will find this challenging but doable.

Trail was easy to follow, with great views leadining up to the Summit. Plenty of places to stop for a quick break over looking the valley. Views from RPR were fantastic!

Awesome and easy high peak. I cruised the first three miles and the last one caught me - but the views are totally worth it. A couple different trails at the very tip top and I missed the first sign that said “trail —>” but found it after only a few mins. Lots of good views when you get to the last quarter mile. Most folks I met were hiking this and Table Top, but I did Phelps solo. 6.5 hr day for me with a 45 minute break on the summit. My aussie loved it as well - plenty of swimming breaks for him up and back around Marcy Dam.

2 days ago

Great hike for all ages. Nice views of the High peaks. Trail is a bit overgrown by the Beaver Pond, long pants and long sleeve shirt are helpful.

Colvin was great. Best view just past the peak. Going down Colvin and up Blake looks more daunting than it is. Advice from a couple that past on the trail, “if you want to be a 46er, definitely do both, if you don’t care about being a 46er definitely don’t do Blake.” I’m glad I did both but I didn’t really see a view from Blake.

The one-star rating is only because the map and description do not show the parking correctly. Check all the other AllTrails.com descriptions for hikes in this area, and those do show the correct, legal parking.

Four stars for the views from the ledge. Three stars for the trail, which is in dire need of maintenance in some sections (trail around the pond is way overgrown, many blown down trees across the trail in all sections). Easy, short hike, with great views. Really good "bang for the buck."

Aspiring 46er and this was a great hike due to the great views at the top(past the summit sign). The flat start with intense elevation gain at the end is definitely a challenge! Took us 11.5hrs which includes an hour spent at the top.

Kicked my ass. But got it done

MacNaughton Mountain is a must for those who have completed the ADK46er challenge and want to summit the unofficial #47. This is not an easy hike/climb and does not have much for a rewarding view at the top...however, the rewards are all about claiming you have hiked all 46 high peaks over 4000'...not just the traditional ones. The hike takes you past memories that will last a lifetime (Rocky Falls, Scott Clearing, Scott Clearing Lean-to, Scott Pond, Wallface Mtn, and Wallface Pond)

Great hike! Took my 5 month old Vizsla and made it all the way to Mt. Marcy and back with no problems. The receptionist at the camping office was super rude but other than that it was a great weekend.

We knew heading in that these two peaks have limited views but for aspiring 46ers you have to tag them!After leaving the ADK Loj loop trail to Mt. Jo you go “trailless “. Herd paths are well defined.A word of advice: if there has been a lot of rain or snow melt you will get wet crossing a brook. Rock hopped ourselves but was rather dry anyway.As the trail gains elevation you encounter lots of logs to scramble. Nye offers little view. Street has some views. I climbed a hardy spruce and got some awesome pics!All in all a good trip. Our fav moments were finding a red eft(?) salamander in the trail. The cedar log bridge over a creek. Mostly the creeks themselves.Worth the trip. Need to be in decent shape though. Not easy but doable.Take your time and you will be rewarded. Lots of birds.

Great experience! Started at the Adk Loj main parking area.The Marcy trail is beautifully maintained. Thanks to those who give so much to make it that way! We actually jogged with full survival packs! We went to Tabletop first. Great views of Marcy and some others. Trail has a lot of roots and wash ditches so slow cautious push worked best for us.On the way back hit Phelps trail.Loved it! Challenging and lots of bare rock to walk. Views are outstanding! We were impressed! We especially like the stream along the Marcy trail and the old Marcy dam area. We jogged back on the “Marcy Interstate “ as we call it now. I calculated the trip at 11.2 miles.A totally doable duo bundle for those in good physical shape. Start early to have plenty of daylight.Enjoy!

Gorgeous views from the top of Wright and Algonquin, but man, Algonquin kicked my butt. It was super humid out today and caused us to run through water much quicker than expected. I barely made 3 liters last until we hit the waterfall back on the way down. Felt accomplished to complete the two, a little disappointed we didn’t push on to Iroquois, but I had nothing left in the tank. Ton of respect for both of these mountains, they are challenging and pretty technical.

I’m currently just under half way finished with the 46 and this was my favorite high peaks hike yet and one I’d be interested in doing again. Took 7 hours round trip with 10-15 on each summit (minus Boundary). Started at 4:30am heading from the loj and turned right at the first split to head to algonquin. The trail starts with some woods and rock hopping for a while. Eventually the trail becomes long steep rock slabs for a large portion of the trail, it was quite unique so far to what I’ve experienced (you’ll see what I mean when you go). Some soul crushingly steep and long sections of trail as well. Then as you leave the tree line it’s a long but amazing scramble to the top (as it is on all 3 peaks). Full views for all these long scrambles finishing off to the summits so that makes for a really fun hike. Made it to Algonquin in 2 hours 20 minutes. Was cloudy and windy this day so we didn’t stay too long (though you can tell this hike might have the best views of any hike around) and quickly went over to Iroquois (after going over Boundary mountain first). Make sure you take the correct trail at the split (follow markers and cairns down back side of Algonquin to trail split but take the trail to the right to Iroquois as the sign pointing you left goes down to Lake Colden, it’s easy to have the brain on auto-pilot and end up taking the wrong trail here). Narrow trail after getting back in the tree line. Took only 1 hour 20 minutes to get over to Iroquois and back to Algonquin. Similar awesome and enormous rocky summit with huge views. Started down towards Wright and went up from trail split. Took between 20-30 minutes to summit from split. We had great views for a few minutes then back to cloud coverage. We left and went down. Overall the terrain and hike was great. It might be difficult with young children and dogs due to the long and steep slabs and rock scrambles. There are much more friendlier mountains to hike with dogs and younger kids.

Marcy is the ultimate balance of challenge and reward. It’s a long, challenging 15 mile day with a lot of elevation gain, but it’s the peak that got me addicted to High Peaks Wilderness. It begins with a easy 2 miles to Marcy Dam, which has great views of Mount Colden. From there it’s 5 miles of rocks and badly eroded trail. The mountain runoff turned this place into a river on the rainy morning we hiked it. You don’t get any views until you begin the final push through the alpine zone. The above treeline summit of Marcy has spectacular views in all directions, you can see the whole range in all it’s glory. The clouds cleared for a brief 10 minutes as if the reward us for our efforts. When they came back, we headed out. Definitely would recommend this to anyone who likes strenuous mountains.

Awesome hike, but very difficult for anyone who just hikes regular trails. Mostly boulders fairly early in, then it just gets steeper with bigger boulders and shear rock faces. Views at the top are phenomenal though, even on a cloudy day. Bring poles for the way back down, which actually wasn’t as bad as I thought!

7 days ago

This was one of our primary goals on our visit to the ADK region. It didn’t disappoint! Our trip up was approximately 4 hrs and approximately 4.5 down. Very well maintained trail. Impressed with the fact the steward does a high peak 5 days a week. The views today were awesome from the top. Clear and cool on the top! Loved it. Its about getting the 46! One group made this this their 46th. Awesome to be there for that!

I personally loved this hike! It wasn’t muddy or buggy and even though they were wooded, the summits were still a nice place to chat and eat lunch. Make sure you check out the lookout at the top of Street that’s just a bit past the summit sign! Such a beautifully green trail. The stream crossings were fine except the crossing the big one in the way back got us mixed up a bit so pay close attention to the trail there. (Hiked 7/13/18 - 8&9th 46ers)

Beautiful hike. 2 mile climb to summit is incredibly rocky and strenuous, took 2 hours to go up and 2 hours down with full overnight pack (pretty fit). Lots of people, that's what holds it back from being 5 stars. Being from Maine I'm not used to so many people on a hike. There's just not the population (or proximity to population) like there is in NY state. A lot of people just walked up in sneakers and a water bottle, not sure where they parked but it's a long trek in from the Upper Works parking lot. Not sure about access from the North East, maybe there's other good options.

Camped by Lake Colden where there are a lot of bears. Bear Vault canisters are NO LONGER ALLOWED in the park, so bring a Garcia can (or similar). The ranger had us put the canister in a large locker at his cabin for the night.

A nice hike if you’re looking for a walk in the woods. Otherwise, not much of a view/payoff at the summit. Between trail split and Nye summit there’s a boulder on the left that offers a nice view. I had no issues finding the path on other side of the brook, which leads downstream. Also, you can look for Cairn in middle of stream as a guide, but I imagine it could be washed away in high water. At end of heart lake, take Nye ski trail which leads to herd path. Have fun!!

8 days ago

perfect trail for backpacking, not too much elevation and amazing views, we camped right next to a river, and the trail has a lot of work put in to it like bridges, and trails along cliffs

Chose to do the Avalanche Lake/Lake Arnold loop counterclockwise. Would not want to do it the other way with that steep part. Trails were dry, no bugs. Clear skies, great views of Algonquin, etc. to the West and Marcy, Giant, etc to the Southeast. We did miss the turn left/up from the lake (the sigh is high and pointed the other way) and had to backtrack a bit.

8 days ago

I wanted to hike Haystack a bit different than just a direct route from the Garden parking area. I like to avoid out-and-backs as much as possible so I hiked in from the ADK Loj around Little Marcy, went up Haystack, then exited via the Phelps trail-John Brooks Lodge-Garden Parking lot. Total distance was 17.2 miles- Track uploaded in recordings.

Marcy trail was so FULL of hikers all going up to Marcy, it felt like a pedestrian walking path. Once exiting the Marcy trail I was alone until I hit Little Haystack. Great views and cool little scramble over both Haystacks. Better view of the Panther Gorge than Marcy has.

In my opinion the full Phelps trail was much easier descending than going down through the Shorey's Shortcut- having done that 1 week ago with Saddleback and Basin. The shortcut had more deadfall in it.

My climbing partner (16 yr old daughter) struggled with the ascent. Seemed longer than advertised. Summit was gorgeous, great views on an awesome day. She descended non- stop though.

did the Gothics via beaver falls.(parked at the Ausable Club) Taking this way is pretty unforgiving, once you hit the falls its an unrelenting climb to the summit. The trail itself is well maintained but I wouldnt recomend this route for a novice hiker. Its a challenging hike but man is it pretty! much easier on the way down than on the way up!! After the slide you can pretty much trail run back to the falls. Take some time to soak your feet in it ;)

Did this in 2015, no views at the top that day but still a great climb.

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The hike was ok

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