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17.9 miles!!! BRING SPIKES!!!!!!! Again it was not 14.1 miles it was 17.9!!!!!

We really enjoyed this hike. Had our dog with us and she made the climb with no problems as well. We went up the short trail and down the long. Really enjoyed the views! All of the ice mentioned previously is gone now.

I'm thinking of going up there tomorrow 5/20/2018. Any idea if there is any ice up there now and if crampons are needed? Also, I'm thinking of camping overnight somewhere on the way. Any recommendations?

4 days ago

Brought our pup along with us! He loved it! Just as great of views as the 46ers!! Make sure to make the detour to Valley View Ledge before heading towards the summit! Gorgeous lookout!!!

Best hike ive been on, beautiful and really challenging.

Mid-May ice and snow on the paths (particularly bad between Colvin and Blake) made this longer and more difficult than expected—didn’t have microspikes so a good bit of slipping and sliding. A good 10 hours out and back. Still, the views from Colvin were great and very rewarding, and the lack of foliage in early spring meant we had some good views even from the forested trails.

great hike!

A challenging and rewarding hike. We had the summit of Iroquois to ourselves and it was gorgeous. I’m glad I had poles for my knees on the way down. Absolutely do this hike if you have the opportunity.

I didn’t realize this was a loop you could do. We originally were going to do Algonquin, Wright, and Iroquois but we ended up going back down because of thunderstorms in the region.

This is one of the hardest hikes I’ve done. It’s funny how hiking out wear 3,000+ elevation gain feels like nothing with switchbacks but not in the Adirondacks! Straight up boulders and stepping up endlessly. So worth it though.

We did Wright on the way down from Algonquin. Wright is a simple off shoot, if you make it to Algonquin you’ve done the hard part. Great views on both.

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Planning on hiking Allen this weekend, May 12. Noticed the post by David Lovelace. Curious David, if you recommend making the hike this weekend from a safety perspective. I am concerned about water crossings. Were any of the water crossings difficult or potentially dangerous? We have crampons and micro-spikes. Do you recommend snowshoes?

Lots of snow melt. Crampons recommended for the steep ascent. Snow waist deep on top. Post hole frequently. Beautiful rivers. An excellent hike and took 13-hours. Less time, had I brought crampons.

16 days ago

Hiked Big Slide today via The Brothers (5/5/2018) and it was amazing. The weather was mid-60s and slightly windy at the top. The posted sign at the trailhead said the hike was 3.9 miles to the summit, making the hike a total of 7.8 miles. The first hour or so of the hike is a total rock scramble up The Brothers, marked with blue foot trail signs and yellow markers on the rocks. There’s zero snow going up the rock scramble but once you begin the summit to Big Slide there’s a fair amount of snow and an uncomfortable amount of ice if you don’t wear spikes. But, if you don’t bring spikes, it’s not impossible; I saw several people summit without spikes although the struggle was real (especially coming down).

The climb to The Brothers is absolutely amazing because it’s an open view up the rock scramble. Once you start Big Slide, it’s all forest. You’ll know you’re close to the summit because you’ll hit a junction in the path that has a trail sign. The last 0.3 miles to the summit is relatively steep, but made much harder with all the ice.

Overall trail was fairly muddy/wet but that’s because it rained the day before. I met someone who summited Big Slide via The John Brooks trail and he was miserable. The John Brooks trail requires crossing a few streams which wouldn’t be all that bad in the winter or deep into the summer, but he ended up having to cross 15 foot wide streams/rivers because it flooded a ton. He ended up coming down Big Slide via The Brothers.

Lastly, parking at the Garden is very convenient and this early in the season, it’s free (although I think parking is 10 bucks in the late spring and summer). However, the parking lot is really small and if it’s a nice day (like today), you’ll want to hit the hike early so you can grab a parking spot.

This is my 5th high peak and by far my favorite (cascade, porter, Whiteface and Esther). The views are amazing and the rock scramble was something new. It took me 3 hours to get to the top and 2 hours down with a few minutes at the top of Slide and Brothers

ﹰGreat trail ! -- we went up the short trail and down the long trail --- both trails COVERED in ice. spikes on your shoes are an absolute must! Short trail has a few steep pitches with larger boulders - long trail is more mellow but even more ice right now -- long trail also follow a stream so be careful not to get your shoes too wet!

We did this hike on sunday 22 of april . Starter at 7:15 on a very nice rising sun . Headed to the rainbow Falls at about 3miles from the parking . From the Falls we hike up until we reech an intersection that we had to take a right . So we did . There was no foot steps . We open the trail .Good thing we had braught our snowshoes. Guiding ourselves with openings in the forest and looking for the blue tags on the trees .It was a chaleng to find the trail. We reeched the summit . It was covered of snow . The view is awesome. Its Worth the effort . My wife my son and I were very proud to have done this hike . Got back to the car 5:00pm . +/- 13 miles .

1 month ago

the was an easy climb with a wonderful view. there are no views till the summit though. for snowshoeing stick to the long trail. the short trail is not good oon snowshoes.

Good hike. Not easy, but not hard. Nice pond.

Definitely need crampons. Very icy. Wanted to do both peaks, but I got a late start. I began going down Blake and decided best to turn around. Still took a solid 10 hours..

1 month ago

Saturday was a perfect day for Phelps- low 30s and blue skies. I used my spikes, although I saw plenty of folks with snowshoes. The last mile is a straight incline. There were small sections of ice, but it wasn't bad. Overall, a wonderful hike with a great view!

Did this loop last week. Crossing-over Avalanche Lake saved a lot of time. Very nice hike with nice viewpoints.

Fun out and back trail, gorgeous view at the top.

I agree with previous posts, do this in the winter. It made life much easier when following the trail. The river wasn't bad at all. There were some really amazing views on Street. It was a fantastic day hike, knocking out 2 more high peaks!

Did this in snowshoes. Up short trail, down long trail. The sun was out when I got to the summit so I took a short nap. Out and back within two hours. Took my time. Pretty icicles along the trail.

Do these during winter. Seriously. They are notorious for mud/bugs in the warner months. Decently steep towards the top of the brook, the ascent to both peaks from the junction was relatively easy. Street has an awesome lookout just 30 feet or so from the summit sign, don't miss out. Nye has minimal views, but it's an easy walk from the junction. Water crossing is pretty easy when the ice is thick enough. If not, just make sure you're surefooted.

We took the long trail up and down on 3/17/18 with our Golden Retriever. Beautiful winter hike. Most people were using snowshoes but we used crampons and had no issues. There are definitely some steep icy areas that would be difficult to pass with just hiking boots. We recommend Pawz disposable waterproof dog booties if you’re bringing your pup. They make life easy and avoid having to worry about injured paws. The hike up was a little bit harder and icier then we anticipated but it was still lots of fun and the views from the summit were well worth it. The hike down was slightly sketchy and quick due to some slipping and sliding but it was an absolute blast. I’d definitely recommend this hike to anyone looking for a quick easy/moderate winter hike.

Bring trail map and start early. Very steep in spots.

A long hike but much quicker than one would expect. The 14 mile length is deceiving, a slow hiker like myself being passed by most on the trail took about 9.5 hrs. Not a problem for a summer day hike.

Trail is crowded in the summer but well maintained and of a modest grade as far as high peaks trails go. Few to no views until you get to the alpine zone. Great views from the baren summit of course.

Done in February 2010

Awesome hike. Really hard, steep and soooooo windy at the top!

Great trails but really need snowshoes in the avalanche pass , be well prepare in winter . A lot of « lean-to » near the trails. Enjoy !

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