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Hiked with the intent of adding Haystack- was not in the cards as a wind and rain weather system moved in as I was descending Basin. Saddleback Cliffs weren't as difficult as I had anticipated. Most of the issue (especially descending) was the vertigo you get from the view while looking down the entire time. If you are not used to or comfortable with this type of scrambling while having that exposure (and it should be said that it does add a mental hurdle to get over)- this may be an issue. Once you get used to it-it was very manageable. There are a few slabs on other 46ers I find to be a bit more difficult physically but 'felt' easier/more comfortable with because I was surrounded by trees. This all being said, the cliffs may get most of the attention on this hike from hikers but it should be noted that Basin is no slouch either. I would not recommend this hike during or just after heavy rain.

On my return to John's Brook Lodge and the Garden parking area I saw a Bear about 50 ft. on the right side of the trail foraging. I stopped to watch him lumber around the ground debris. He had gotten about 35 ft. from me before he had seen me and I made noise spooking him away. Very cool.

This trail was a beast coming up from blueberry in the rain. Some steep sections. Would love to do it on a sunny day!

The trail was full of ice and it was definitely more difficult than it would have been without. But absolutely beautiful non the less.

Just finished this trail over a 2 day trip. Hiked in about 3.6 miles and camped near Johns Brook Lodge. Then did the 8 mile loop, packed the tents and hiked out. The trail was very easy to follow and views at the top of both mountains were amazing. I ended up doing the loop the other direction than the one described here, so you summit the taller mountain second. It was very steep going down Saddleback mountain so there were a lot of fun rock scrambling opportunities. The trail was quite muddy so gaiters would be recommended. Overall definitely a great hike and a great physical challenge.

2/2-2/4 Nice hike to the lean-to then another nice hike to times square but Couch took its toll on me... I'll be back for StAntoni and Panther when it 80-100 Deg warmer ; )

Saw bear tracks, wet on the rocks along Slant Rock trail. Beautiful views.

Great Hike. Recommend getting there early, limited parking near trailhead. We did Basin 1st then Saddleback. Going up Saddleback was a little dicey since you have to climb rock face, we were glad that we didn't have to climb down Saddleback!!

So our group did all 3 peaks. blueberry Porter and Cascade. we started from the air field parking lot. let me tell you getting to blueberry summit was no joke!!! this was relatively challenging, even for 20 something year olds.very steep in a short distance. after blueberry getting to Porter wasn't too bad. and Cascade is easy. ended up being a pretty long hike 10am-5pm ish. amazing veiws tho and would definitely do it again! also nice cause there were very few people.


If you have limited time to do hiking in the Adirondacks, pass the Santanonis.
Views: 2/5
Terrain: difficult with multiple bogs and mud (through it not around it!)
Total time: 8:10-7:40 RT 11.5 hours, should have been 10 however my friend and I spaced on the right turn off the road onto the DEC trail and had to loop around.

The DEC trail with blue markers is fairly easy to follow although difficult due to the wet terrain. The turn off to the herd path at the lean to is clearly marked. From there it is a moderately difficult ascent to herald square. At herald square to your right will be a trail and easy ascent to Panther ~25 minutes round trip. Also at herald square a rock with an

Truthfully, I'd like to begin by saying bush whacking should not be taken lightly. Although it was fun to feel like Lewis and Clarke in the woods with no hopes of finding a foot path, we definitely were not on the Willard Way for about 28% of the time. During the entire trip, we also felt 92% lost, 100% of the time. That 8% really saved us. Once we found the base of Allen, we felt like we conquered the great high peak region in one foul swoop. Allen itself was extremely wet and don't believe those who tell you it won't make your left foot slide back as you step forward with your right as if you were cha cha sliding on a steep mtn. On the way out the next day, finding the trail was creating our own "Way" back to the old road and skipping across each bridge to civilization. ✌️

Usually very muddy. Sure was when I hiked it. Plenty of water sources until you get on top of the range and go towards Couchy. Great view of Long Lake to the west and other high peaks to the east!

A great hike for our dog and us. I found it challenging but well worth the views. plus it's not crowded.

Willard's Way is the only way to do Allen! Dry feet, a little bushwhacking; what could be better???

Allen is WAY underrated! Particularly when using the old logging roads and the Willard Way bushwhack through MacIntyre East, Allen is an awesome day hike with great and unique views of many of the other Adirondack High Peaks.

Mud! sucked the shoes right off your feet. The view from Panther Mountain and before Santanoni mountain are great (only views). When coming down, there were some nice pools in the brook to cool off in.

11 months ago

This hike was great. I did do this back in 2015. We did lose the trail a couple times due to not very many markers - or not a very good map reader haha. Blueberry mountain had beautiful views and very easy for our Shepherd to get up and climb. It was a bit muddy but still was able to get footing. This wasnt a very populated path, but getting closer to cascade we met more people. Cascade was a good hike for all of us. quite easy, Once we reached cascade it was a quick hike up and back. End ended up continuing on and came down the cascade foot trail. didnt come back the way we came. We went in a group of 4. Started this Hike at 7am and finished around 3-4pm, i was good days hike we were tired.. the dog not so much haha.

Did this as an overnight. Hiked in first day and stayed at the Bradley pond lean-to. The 1.8 miles from parking lot to actual trailhead was the worst part for me. The most confusing herd path to find is the one to Couch. When you come up to Herald Square there are paths leading every direction, Panther will be to the right and to the left is times square where Santanoni and Couch split apart. Prepare for mud.

Great trail
Good workout.... 2 peaks in one hike

I didn't have all that much fun with this one. I went counter clock wise, I think that worked out fine, it wasn't as bad as folks made it out to be. Panther was amazing. Just under 10 hours, would have been 9 if I didn't miss so many turns (my bad). I wish there were better train markers, just a few additional ones leading into Times Square and signs marking which peak you are headed to.

In late July this hike was muddy but less muddy than we expected. Views from Santanoni and Panther are nice. It took us 12.5 hours RT, and Couch (that dismal mountain) took 3 hours RT from the junction. Though we hiked Santanoni first, I think it's best done with Panther first, as the hike down Santanoni is mellower. A few scrambles but nothing too difficult. Be prepared for very wet feet.

My trip took just under 10 hours. We went up the Panther herd path and returned via the santanoni express route. We did Couch first and took us under an hour both ways from Times Square. The trail wasn't that steep, just long and muddy. We then moved to Panther which was very easy with nice views and then finished on Santanoni. Nice views before the summit here! The return down was steep off of santanoni but we made it. Overall, we bagged 3 more high peaks with only 10 remaining! So far, I'd say the Cliff and Redfield hike was the hardest of them all and not the Santa range. Enjoy!

Mud mud and more mud, we hiked into Bradley pond camped for the night and made the trek up the following day. It took us 12 hours round trip back to Bradley Pond . It rained and there was a lot of mud that slowed us down. All in all glad it's done # 36,37 and 38 YEAY!!

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As many hikers have already mentioned, this hike is very muddy. The express trail up Santanoni wasn't bad but after that... think the tortoise scene from Neverending Story- all mud. The trail out to Couchsachraga was a bit of a bear- adds a lot of time and distance. For a herd path it was very easy to follow. Bugs can be an issue on summits of coarse. The best view is right after the scramble up Panther, just before the actual summit. Great views of Couch and Santanoni.

Total time from start to finish took a little over 11 hours- Going up the Santanoni express trail and descending Bradley Pond trail. The 1.8 mile service road that you need to walk just to get to the actual DEC trail can be a bit tedious.

This was a long day hiking all three peaks. We took the Express trail up to Santanoni Peak first, then we headed over to Couch, then to Panther Peak and out via the Bradley Pond. This trail was muddy and the insects were very annoying.

Hike up panther brook is amazing

Turn at time square is somewhat confusing. The unmaintained trail could use a couple cairns to ensure people don't get lost.

11 hr, 13 min from sign in to sign out. spent 15ish min on couch and santanoni, 30-45 on panther. Plan on couch taking 3 hours round trip from time square. it was alot of flat, just long. from the parking lot- going up the express route and back down around the pond route worked out well.

This is a difficult and long hike. It should be noted that the trails are unmaintained.

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