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Great trip. Very rocky and hard on the old knees but worth every step.

Favorite high peak yet, 8/46 for me. There's consistent breathtaking views as you wander from open rock face into shady forest and back out again. Perfect day, sunny & low 70s. Took 3 of us about 6.5 hours, going at a decent pace with a 20min break at the summit.

There's loads of rock scrambles on this trail, which keeps it interesting. I'd say it's a 50/50 ratio between rock scrambling and forest walking. The first mile and the last 0.3 mile is pretty strenuous but the views are worth it all.

**I read reviews before this hike that mentioned there were nearly-vertical rock scrambles near the top which is NOT true. The steepest rock has wooden ladders bolted into it to climb up. So don't freak out :)

Bring lots of water, start early, take your time, and bring some ibuprofen for your knees on the way down and you're golden.

Hike! The view was incredible, the trail unbelievable. DEC dodo a lot of updated work at Avalanche lake pass!

Great hike with impressive views of the high peaks.
We started around 6:45 AM (early start to allow for a leisurely break at the summit). Walked about a million (5) miles on the road to reach the trailhead. Before beginning our ascent, we stopped at Rainbow Falls. Highly recommended, only a few minutes off the main trail.

The next couple miles up to the junction between Pyramid and Sawteeth was a steady incline, but not too difficult. The final 0.6 push to Pyramid was challenging but the views are worth the effort. At 4500 feet, I’m counting it as the 47th high peak, even though it is considered too close to Gothics to qualify.

The trail from Pyramid to Gothics looks intimidating but goes quickly. Views on Gothics are also very impressive offering 360 views and a large, mostly bald summit. Ideal spot for a lunch break if I do say so myself.

Descended down the beaver meadow trail, with a quick stop to cool down at Beaver Meadow Falls before our 5k stroll on the road to the car. Finished around 4:30 PM. All in all a fantastic hike with rewarding views. Highly recommended. 10/10 would hike again.

Incredibly steep for an unseasoned hiker, but that said it was so worth the effort. It took 2 in shape hikers and 1 out of shape non hiker about 2.5 - 3 hours to climb to the summit. The climb has tons and tons of rocks and rocky terrain. It hadn’t rained in a few days when we hiked but the trail was still mucky. The summit was astounding, however. I’m from the Midwest so I have never seen anything like that mountain range of the Adirondacks. I highly recommend going to either Wright’s Peak or over to Iroquois from the summit of Algonquin.

HIKED THIS TWO YEARS AGO. Hiked this and was very out of shape but had quite a bit of hiking experience. A lot of great views to be had while hiking and a wonderful trail. Took me around 12.5 hours round trip (once again extremely out of shape so PLENTY of breaks). Quite a steep grade going up with minimal break in the elevation. Make sure to bring plenty of water and a water purifier as you may need it.

Beautiful hike ,but long ! I didn't do saw teeth peak ,

did this hike towards the end of May, the weather wasn’t the best, nor the visibility (it was very foggy) at the summit; but the hike itself was challenging and very rewarding!

Perfect day, perfect hike!

This trail was a beast coming up from blueberry in the rain. Some steep sections. Would love to do it on a sunny day!

All three mountains have incredible views, and the trail itself is well maintained.

One of my favorite hikes for the simple fact you can see amazing views so early and often. Took our time, about 7 hours round trip. But we weren't rushing. Nothing too crazy mud wise, just walk through it and you'll be fine. Steep on the way up to the brothers, but it fairly steady after until the last part - which is steep. Saw some harmless snakes that still gave me chills, but great hike and recommended highly! My gps had us about 9.4 miles RT via the Brothers.

What an epic weekend of hiking (Fri June 8th & Sat June 9th) with amazing weather conditions. We hiked Marcy, Giant, & Algonquin in about 28 hours with a little down time to eat and nap.

After sleeping in our cars for 4 hours we tackled Algonquin (8.5 miles) as the last of the three we planned.Sat morning. We started early like 6am and this was another awesome and challenging hike as well. The trail itself was very picturesque with streams, waterfalls, woods, etc. There is a lot more technical rock climbing on this hike. There was only a handful of people on the summit and it was the windiest of the three we did (pack a windbreaker for sure). Just more beautiful and breathtaking 360 degree views. I’m tall (6’ 1”) so the constant stepping up and climbing put a little beating on my legs but coming down was much easier and fun to be honest (jumping, hoping and butt sliding). The trail was much busier and congested going up as we were descending and we probably passed close to 75-100 other hikers. Round trip it took us about 6 hours.

What an epic weekend of hiking (Fri June 8th & Sat June 9th) with amazing weather conditions. We hiked Marcy, Giant, & Algonquin in about 28 hours with a little down time to eat and nap.

We started with Marcy (14.9 miles) first around 8am and we probably saw 10 other hikers the entire time, 4 of which were on the summit. The trail was empty and mainly dry and it was a breeze to Marcy Dam. After the dam you do a few miles in the woods and start the climb. Then the final push to the summit is pretty strenuous but it’s so worth the reward and looks a bit more challenging than it really was. There was still a big patch of snow near the top that we spotted and it was much colder and very windy as can be expected. Breathtaking 360 degree views. It’s without a doubt a difficult and hard hike but doable for most people If your even remotely in shape. I drank my entire 3L of water also FYI. Roundtrip took us just under 7 hours!

The coolest high peaks trail in my opinion. Great exposure moving up the cable or the summit. Beware of the false summit, because when you think you’re done, you’re not.

Beautiful views from both Pyramid and Gothic. Unfortunate that you have to walk on the road so long before getting onto the trail (nearly 3 miles) but I suppose I'll take that instead of more uphill hiking. Closer to 14 miles round trip, took almost 9 hours with stops on both peaks.

Very strenuous but very rewarding. Hiked this trail 5/29, it was very muddy most of the way up. Definitely bring at least 2-3 liters of water.

21 days ago

Hiked (5/31/18) One of the best hikes I’ve ever done. My 3rd high peak and first solo! Started at the Garden and hike via The brothers and then hiked out John Brooks trail back to the garden. Round trip was 10 miles. Trail up was in great shape for first couple of miles. As you got closer to the summit it became more and more muddy...but nothing horrible and it was only for tiny stretches. You have astonishing views from numerous exposed overlooks on the way up...at least early on. The last mile or so you are in the woods. The last 3 tenths of mile to the summit is the most difficult...by far!! It’s exhausting but so worth it when summit. The hike out was about 2 miles longer but relatively an easy hike out...all down hill and /or flat. Fantastic day hike and highly recommended!

Challenging hike, but very rewarding! The views were amazing. It was super windy at the top, hailed when we reached the summit, made for an awesome experience!

The trail was full of ice and it was definitely more difficult than it would have been without. But absolutely beautiful non the less.

Nice hike. Boulder strewn climb. Couple areas where you have to scramble. Continual steep uphill for the last 3 Miles. Great cardio workout. The summit was spectacular. Very little mud but moderate amounts of water on rocks. Definitely recommend trekking poles for descent. Enjoy!

My recording was at 14.8 miles. Don't know where the guy who wrote in a previous review got the 17.9 miles, unless he left from JBL or ascended via the lake Arnold trail and summited up the backside of the mountain. Clear and sunny day, shared the summit with about 8 other people. Hiked the mountain on the day after the Memorial day holiday. Going at this time was by design as during peak hiking season, the summit steward has reported counting upwards of 150 to 200 people on the summit- plan accordingly. Still a small amount of snow in spots but easily avoidable and spikes are not needed at this time.

Overall good trail hiked 05/29/2018 my 10th highpeak. Amazing views on the way up. After the first initial elevation gain it is pretty flat until the last 0.3 miles which is very steep rock scrambles, Be prepared for the steepness.

We camped at the MacIntyre Falls site so we could get an early start the following day. Everything above 4,000 was in a cloud and windy. At the top of Wright the wind was so bad we were crawling on our hands and knees so we could officially summit, but we got it and the picture. WORTH IT!

If you're staying overnight anywhere in the high peaks...bring a bug net and a wide brim hat...you'll thank me.

Did this trail 2018/05/26, had an awesome time.

1/3 is easy until the Marcy Dam.
2/3 moderate and long ride in the woods with some single track.
3/3 summit push, easier than your eyes will see.

A lot of mud and boulders/rocks. Be certain to bring at least 2-3L of water, this is a demanding run.


Wow what a great trail! The rock scrambles are a challenge, but the views are totally rewarding! It’s a very nice balance though between walking through the woods and climbing. The last .3 miles to the Big Slide summit is definitely the most difficult as it is basically straight up slabs of rock. Took me a little over 6 hours round trip with time spent at the top of the second Brother and Big Slide. A great trail if you’re like me and on your way to becoming a more experienced hiker! (Also, my first 46er!) -Hiked 5/25/18

Just finished this trail over a 2 day trip. Hiked in about 3.6 miles and camped near Johns Brook Lodge. Then did the 8 mile loop, packed the tents and hiked out. The trail was very easy to follow and views at the top of both mountains were amazing. I ended up doing the loop the other direction than the one described here, so you summit the taller mountain second. It was very steep going down Saddleback mountain so there were a lot of fun rock scrambling opportunities. The trail was quite muddy so gaiters would be recommended. Overall definitely a great hike and a great physical challenge.

3rd high peak for me and one of my favorite trails I’ve ever done. I wouldn’t suggest this trail for beginners. It can be exhausting but it’s so much fun and worth it. The rock scrambles are a lot of fun and challenging! Muddy but walk through it to help preserve the trail. 100% do not recommend for young young kids or dogs. The Garden parking lot was packed by the time we got off the trail around 3:30pm (5 hours round trip) get there early. We crossed paths with a black bear! Be alert, make noise, get a bear bell and bear spray. Highly recommend this trail.

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