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Hiked Roostercomb 3/22/2017 Crazy windy. My tracks from the way up were almost filled in by the trip back down. Very blustery indeed. Easy hike though, some steeper looking spots towards the top but only because of the snow and ice which was still very managable. Did the spur trail to ledge for views of the valley as well, pretty cool. Didnt linger on summit and only saw two others along the way. The trail to LWJ was not broken out. Will tackle LWJ/UWJ very soon.

Hiked Big Slide 3/19/2017. I knew from the forums that the trail had been scouted and packed down properly by @KVStreamer & crew. Started up from the Garden at 7am sharp. Made it to the first brother and was completely blown away with the views. I'm only on #8 but I think this may have been the best I've seen so far. I was surprised at the amount of wooded forest there is to do. I was expecting huge slab rock and ice etc etc. The walk was much simpler than anticipated for sure. By the time i got to the junction I had only passed by some really low level hairy spots. Had them in mind but wasnt very worried. The last section is for sure steep but nothing unmanagable. Made it to the top by 11:30ish and was more than fine with that time. On the way up I met forum member @MAlexander & crew. They passed by and I chatted with them again as they buttslided down after summiting. They assured me
I was close as close could be. After summiting I was greeted by a group of three, a man (Chris) and two women who were from I think it was Geneva, somewhere in Western NY. Nice people, chit chatted a bit. They had done Allen the day previous. I parted from them and headed back. Got to experience some higher speed buttsliding for the first time and i'll tell ya, it felt good! ;) Made it across all my concern spots and made excellent time down. Was in the car and happy as hell to have finished incident free by 2pm. All in all, a somewhat challenging hike but doable for most people. Except for the couple with insanely cute baby in Osprey crazy backpack thingy who waved and said hi & bye in passing. They were making the decision to turn around before the first brother :( He was ambitious to go but girlfriend was not amused and had made the call, lol. Hope they made it down safe. All told it was a killer day. Thanks for reading :P

Last 2 cents. If your really short you may need a hand up onto some things but all in all this can be done by anyone. It can be steep and is low level scary on a few open rock spots. You'll spend most of the time in a wooded forest on an almost flat to modearte grade, if you fell youd be fine, lol.

A lot of people hate on Blake, but I enjoyed this hike a lot! It could have had a lot to do with the conditions, though. 45 degrees, sunny and the trail was packed out and easy to follow. We started out at 6:00 AM and followed Lake rd to start and watched a Barred Owl fly across the trail. We made great time to the summit of Colvin to some beautiful views. A few slick, steep areas leading up to Colvin. Lots of snow!

After a quick snack and some pics we headed on to Blake with no troubles. I was a little intimidated at the first ladder we encountered because of the icy snow and the drop off surrounding it. It's a lot more comfortable going up than going down. My fear of heights kicked in a little bit.

I enjoyed a second chance at the summit of Colvin and it's beautiful views. It was a strenuous hike at times due to the steepness, but nothing too out of control. The overall trip took us 10 hours, but we spent a lot of time at the summits, which was nice! It's been a few months since the weather was agreeable enough to hang out for any length of time!

2 months ago

Long day, hiked 10:30 hours, great views along the trail. Started 7:00 am and summited 1:00 pm, used snowshoes and crampons. Great day, no winds, sunny and clear. Some part of trail were hard because of Thawing conditions.

An amazing hike and very challenging. It took us 12 hours. half the group did skylight, the other half didn't bring enough water to do it. we got stuck in a pop up thunder storm on the way up Marcy. definitely a hike I will never forget!

An amazing hike but pretty challenging. The loop incorporates some of the most impressive sights in the High Peaks. Plan on being out for a full day as its a long hike (it's more like 19 miles round trip) with a lot of climbing. It took my group about 12 hours. It was April when we did the hike so there was still a lot of snow. To do the loop, take the Avalanche Pass Trail past Marcy Dam and then go left on the trail to Lake Arnold. After Lake Arnold, the trail descends into a valley with many wet areas. At one place you walk across floating boards in a bog; this section might be troublesome after heavy rain. Past the Uphill Lean-To you go left and climb up to Lake Tear-of-the-Clouds. Gray Peak is trailless but the herd path is easy to follow. Just look for it on the other side of the stream right at the lake's outlet. It's steep but not too long. The spur trail for Skylight is much easier, and the views from the summit are spectacular. The ascent of Marcy from Four Corners is exhilarating and almost completely above treeline. From Marcy's summit we could see hundreds of miles in every direction. I was awed looking towards Mt. Haystack and seeing the really deep Panther Gorge that separates the two peaks. The descent on the Van Hoevenberg Trail was comparatively easier and was a respite after a hard, but rewarding day. Don't forget to visit Indian Falls on the way down, we didn't go see it but it's a really short detour where there's supposed to be a nice lookout.

4 months ago

Really enjoyed this hike
Unseasonably warm day for November views are great and a perfect way to find out if you want to REALLY hike in ADKS
Took us 5 hours round trip including lunch at the summit
Definitely worth the trip

Another couple and my wife and I reached trail head at about 7:30 am. It was lightly raining and the temps were around the low 40s. The rain stopped within the first hour. A cool hike until we reached Colvin's base. There the temps started going down and the wind really picked. Started getting light snow. Hike up to Colvin's peak was moderately difficult. Great views with about 1/4 inch of snow and blowing snow. Hiked down Colvin's backside and then back up Blake. Very slippery because of coating of snow. Got to top of Blake around 2:30. Seemed like a very long mile. Hike back to Colvin and then down. Reached base of Colvin and started using headlamps. Saw some campers off to sides of trail just outside of AMR lands. Reached Lake Road and snow was gone. Partly cloudy and almost full moon to guide us back. Got back to cars by 6:30pm. Good time, no one got hurt on slippery trail and didn't pass anyone.

Hike up panther brook is amazing

5 months ago

Absolutely loved hiking this mountain. It is my favorite non 46er hike. It's 2.5 miles of gentle inclination the majority of the way up. The only part that gets semi-steep is the summit approach, but it is completely doable for a beginner hiker. I would actually recommend this hike for beginners who want to get a feel of the ADKs, as it is a great introductory hike.

Also! I did this hike today, Oct. 23, and the weather at the base of the mountain may seem like it's only fall, but as soon as you make your way up, it can change in an instant or already be covered in snow, as it was today. So dress prepared for wind/snow/rain and bring microspikes in case of ice. You'd be surprised at how many people don't prepare!

5 months ago