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Great view. Faaaaar. Went with Todd n Frank. Last mile we ran top speed because of lightning. Crazy scary. But good way to cool off!

the trail to rocky is a bit tough...

Here's the thing: You're going to capture breathtaking views on this route.
I parked in the Garden lot and hit the trailhead around 9 am. Maybe a half dozen cars joined me in the lot. There are flat stretches for most of the first half mile or so before starting up toward the first brother. I mistakenly thought the first open rockface portion of the climb was the top of brother 1 but you'll find there are 3-5 mini-scrambles to the top. It's too tempting not to take a small break each time you overlook the range. It can get very windy up here, so hang onto your hat. Once you get your fill, it's a short way to brother 2 before you start heading toward Big Slide. Again, there are ample flat stretches as you approach Slide. The last 0.3 is steep but manageable thanks in part to a log ladder.

Unfortunately not the best views on top of Big Slide thanks to significant cloud cover, but they moved through quickly which was cool to see and gave some brief openings. The marker is hard to spot if you're searching for it. It's in the wooded region toward the back of the summit, near where you continue onward down the trail.

Nevertheless, a successful daytrip coming up from Syracuse. Cool, breezy, slight drizzle and mid 50s for the ascent and sunny and mid-60s on the way back. Bug spray was necessary and a godsend on the return. Encountered a few black flies, but no issues there.

An amazing hard hike but the views are well worth it!! Completed the trail in early March with snowshoes and crampons. Broke up the hike by staying at Grace Camp for two nights....well worth it. Had an incredible view of Mt. Marcy and Little Mary with stunning blue skies all around!!

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Very nice hike, definitely one that a beginner could do technically. You're mostly walking through forest, no views to be had until the summit, which of course is an expansive, incredible view. Make sure you explore the different trails on the summit itself because they lead to beautiful views in different directions. It's a relatively small summit, you wouldn't have to worry about getting lost.

One reviewer a few weeks prior to mine mentioned getting lost several times. Although there were a few times I had to look around for a minute to make sure I was on the trail, there was never a time we had wandered off trail or came close to getting lost so I'm guessing that more markers may have been put up since that last review.

1 month ago

Incredible hike! Me and a friend hiked this guy in 6 hours total of hiking. I would just like to point out that if you use the directions they give here, you end up at Ausable Country Club, and you are not allowed to park here, the actual parking is down the road about half a mile past Ausable, and then you can hope on the Lake Road and get onto west river trail and be on your way!

on Rooster Comb Trail

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Nice trail. it takes 3 hours max

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I gave this 4 stars because the view from Colvin is impressive. Not a moderate high if you're doing both. Pretty steep in between mountains. Trail still has a lot of ice and snow and it's pretty unstable due to melt. Micro spikes a must and watch your footing. Lots of 2-4 foot potholes from stepping inches of the snow/ice pack

2 months ago

THIS TRAIL SHOULD BE BETTER MARKED, especially since it's easy enough that many beginner hikers will use it.
Hiked this trail 4/18/17 w/ family
Mostly wooded trails -- some rocky, some flat -- along a stream with pretty views at the top. Good beginner hike. My husband & I are mid-level hikers (out of shape and had to stop sometimes to catch our breath) but this is not a technically difficult hike. Patches of ice at the top are navigable with good shoes.
What is EXTREMELY difficult is following the trail! There are not enough trail markers up on the trees and we lost the trail multiple times during the hike. This was the only thing that made this hike unenjoyable (thus 2 stars instead of 4) and potentially dangerous. We confirmed this with 2 other groups along the way and with a friend of ours who said she got lost on this trail for 6 hours. Had to resort to using footprints and changes in leaf cover several times.