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Amazing hiking : 6h30 to do Giant and Rocky on our way to become 46ers.
The weather was perfect, the views breathtaking. We used spikes all trail long. The hardest part was on the way back from Rocky up to Giant: short but very sloping.
The view from Rocky is absolutely perfect : the only spot in the ADK you can see all the others 45 highest peaks!

Great hiking conditions. Trail all packed down. The last half mile is hardest but very doable. Took me 4 hours to summit and 3 down. I keep myself tuned up by regular hiking. Turned 66 in February and consider myself a fairly good and confident hiker. This hike is mostly gradual. I registered 7.26 miles each way.

3 days ago

One of the most challenging hikes in the Adirondack High Peaks, with high winds often magnifying the exposed nature of the twin summits (Little Haystack & Haystack itself), both of which are completely above tree line. The difficulty was compounded this Winter by the extraordinary amount snow on all the trails approaching the summit. Nevertheless, with proper preparation and regiment (in Winter, crampons are definitely required to handle the ice covered rocks on the summit) climbing this peak is worth the effort. The views from the summit are among the best to be found anywhere in the Adirondacks.

I did this trail last year and it was awesome. This definitely for experienced hikers. It includes rock climbing and a 9 mile hike to the top. It was a amazing experience.

Only made it up Algonquin. Wind was blowing really hard and we thought we better call it before we or the dog got injured.

3/16/2019. Excellent hike to Algonquin and Wright peaks.

Was hauling it for these winter peaks. Started around 730 from car at ADK lodge lot. Headed straight up for Algonquin, only used microspikes, put them on after waterfall, and left them on rest of hike. Could have used snowshoes in a few spots. In the trees was calm with intermittent gusts. Summit of Algonquin was gnarly. -20 windchill, gusts as high as 75 mph. Near top of treeline trail was lost until rock piles are visible near summit, just need to stay on the ridgeline. For Wright, the wind will blow you up to the summit, but way down was harsh and into the wind. Ran down the mtn. back to car a little after 1200. 4.5 hrs total. Great day in the ADKS. Glad to have been prepared. The goggles, gloves, buff, and spikes, were an absolute must for summit condis. First winter summits! 3rd and 4th 46er. Keep em coming.

Best hike I have ever done...so far. I’m an athletic 6’1”, 17 year old that loves hiking. This mountain is easy for me but for any intermediate hikers this is a big mountain. Round trip took me 6 hours, up in 4 down in 2. But for most people you’re looking at an 8+ hour day. But the view at the top is worth all the hard work up. If you have any interest in hiking, Mount Marcy will help you achieve this goal because Marcy is that amazing of a mountain. You will need a lot of water and proper hiking equipment for this 14 mile hike. I would also recommend to hike up with a friend or join a group that’s going up Marcy.

Did this trail 03/16/2019. Weather was hovering around freezing with a quite a bit of snow on the trail. You could manage with microspikes. The summits of Write and Algonquin were very icy with a LOT of wind (~60-80mph). I found Wright's peak to be more treacherous than Algonquin's peak, however Algonquin had less visibility. I wasn't prepared with proper face covering to cope with the wind and snow, otherwise I would have walked the ridge to Iroquois. Bring goggles and something to protect your face/head if high wind is expected.

on Mount Jo Loop Trail

9 days ago

Did it a month ago with my 6 year old boy, snowshoes were helpful since is plenty of snow on the ground. Beautiful this hike never disappoint me is good anytime of the year and you can take people who are not to experience hikers and get amazing views of the 46rs

10 days ago

Beautiful day with breathtaking views!

10 days ago

Clear day with beautiful views!

A very pretty hike but Porter was unreachable because of deep snow ( even with snowshoes). The winter trail was great up to Blubbery mt., but don’t recommend to continue in winter, especially if it’s a snowy one.

13 days ago

Got stopped by a guy named Jim just short of the summit who educated me for about 30-45 min on why I should wear snowshoes.

March 6 we hiked this and had no problem with the water crossings . The trail was in great shape snow shoes the whole way . There were just a few places where people went in the wrong direction but they were very short trails . It was pretty cold but no wind so it was ok . 8 hours from the high peaks information center . Little over 9 miles . 6 :15 minutes moving time . Hiked bye first then street . Snow was so deep that there were no signs at the junction

This was a really nice hike tagging ourselves two more winter High Peaks. The trail is very flat and somewhat downhill for the first 2 miles then gradually ascends. I kept waiting for it to get really hard and steeper but before we knew it, we were at the junction to both mountains. We did Nye first as it is half the distance to Street. Then back to the junction and up to Street. Getting to Street was a little steeper but again, not terrible. No views for us as it was cloudy and snowing gently.

My buddy and I just snowshoed to the top of Mt. Marcy using this trail. The trail is really well packed down and clearly marked with both blazes and signs which made it very easy to follow. While there were steep sections overall I think the difficulty comes from the length. This site lists 14ish miles but my buddy's Fitbit said more like 17. The truth likely lies in the middle, but a significant hike regardless. We were able to summit, hang out a bit at the top, and make it back down in a little under 9 hours so definitely doable as a day hike.

Conditions are currently ideal. Water levels are low and Indian Brook is easily crossed. 6 hours round-trip this time, including short breaks.

17 days ago

We attempted Colvin via Lake Arnold. About 1/2 mile before the summit, the trail is very easily lost. Trail markers were either missing or buried and there were footsteps/tracks in several directions. Once we found the trail again, we made it to the false summit. Visibility was low due to blowing snow and we lost the trail again. Turned back at that point. Trail conditions for the first ~6 miles were great.

People have already given great descriptions of the trail overall, so I'll just update conditions. We were there on March 2, which was a pretty warm day. The trail was all snow pack, but barebooters were making a mess as the surface softened. Some nasty postholes in the upper portion of the really steep section. Water crossings were solid going in, but the second one had degraded significantly by our return. One other note, the trail junction coming from the Loj, after the sign-in kiosk, does not have a sign for Street and Nye. The sign actually says Old Nye Ski Trail. We had a great day despite the long grueling climb! Beautiful views of Wright, Algonquin, and Iroquois if you walk a little beyond the summit of Street.

18 days ago

Definitely a long one due to mileage. Really flat for the first 7.5 miles before the incline starts. The Incline starts gradual at first then a steep last .5 or so. Highly recommend as a winter hike. With the 7+ feet of snow, we were able to see views not typically seen- gorgeous views from all the way around. Not to mention the descent down was the absolute best but slide in the ADK. Plus you don’t get the summer red slime in the winter!

Absolutely awesome hike! I can’t believe it got such bad reviews! The trail to get to the mountain was long no doubt.. but the views were absolutely incredible! Not only that the best butt slides in the ADK... this is my favorite of the 15 high peaks I have done!

This was a great hike! We took our time starting out early (7 am) and were back at the car by 5 pm. The trail was packed and easy to walk along. Great views most of the way up. The trail down to RPR was also well broken and with only a few icy patches. We used MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes all day. We saw some people having to change into spikes as their snowshoes were slipping. We enjoyed great views and reasonably good weather.

Hiked this with a friend on Feb 2, 2019. Perfect day for these winter summits. Blue bird skies and the sun followed us from start to finish. You start climbing right out of the gate and don’t lose much elevation anywhere on way to Giant, great vistas along the way. Used microspikes the whole way up Giant since the trail was well packed. Nothing tricky either as there was very little ice.. off trail you’d encounter deep snow, 6 ft in spots.
Very cool summit with unbeatable views of so many high peaks...especially Whiteface, Dix range and the Great range. Could see Gore Mt as well.
Descending to base of Rocky was steep but not dangerous because of great conditions . We watered up and dropped our packs to ascend Rocky which was a great move as snow was so deep we had to crouch under tree limbs much of the way. More great views on top of Giant and everything else...Champlain Valley, Vt etc. after descending we used Snow shoes and elevators for steep climb back up Giant. Made it surprisingly easy.
The out and back was around 2 Hrs.
Finished with a seemingly endless descent back to Rte 73 which seemed to have much more steeps than the climb up, not unusual I know. I always prefer climbs over exhausting downhills at the end of the day. Always glad to see the car. Fantastic route though!

19 days ago

9.4 miles? ...almost 7k elevation gain? i know the 7k gain is incorrect...is AllTrails that inaccurate?.....scratch that...now it say 2270ft for elevation gain. that sounds more like it

20 days ago

Had the perfect little hike right before sunset. You definitely need either micro spikes or snowshoes as some parts are icy and steep. It’s short enough to get up there and watch the sunset and then get back to the parking lot before dark. Great little hike! Also my phone died as soon as we started coming down so the recording is only the way up. The way down was quick!

Completed this 2/21, great hike—took me round trip 5 hours and 45 minutes. Unfortunately I could not see anything at the top due to snow, but an overall solid hike and my 34th high peak!!!

Packed trail today. Last .6mi is no joke. About 7hr45min round trip

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