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Unless you need a real challenge or one of your 46 peaks pass on Allen. Last mile is formidable but rewarding. Few photo ops. Even the Ranger said Allen is "brutal"

Great views almost all the way up Giant (damn those false summits!) but definitely some steep parts. Trail to RPR requires some butt sliding on rock faces but its relatively short. At one point on the descent towards RPR you have a clear view of RPR summit, very nice view (seems far away but takes only 45 minutes to get there). Took my wife and I 9 hours round trip but we are slow and steady, especially on the descent.

My boyfriend, dog and I did this hike mid August and we really enjoyed it. We got to the garden parking lot at 1pm and the sign said full so we parked at the Marcy Field parking lot and took the shuttle up (they allow dogs) only to find out there were actually a few spots open, the people just hadn't switched the signs yet. It took us 5 hours but we moved quick on the descent because it was starting to get chilly - only took us about an hour to get down.
It's super muddy at the top even considering it hadn't rained in a few days so make sure you have good waterproof hiking shoes or extra socks. Also, there's a bit of scrambling here and there so be prepared - we had a small/medium sized dog that needed some assistance. Definitely bring plenty of water, we ran out.
The views along the three brothers are absolutely amazing, that alone makes the trip worthwhile
All in all it was a hard but great hike, would recommend to anyone with a half day and some energy to burn.

awesome trail. one of the hardest and streneous ones from what I have hiked so far.

This was a great hike that I probably would have enjoyed more if I wasn't so sore from hiking Wright, Algonquin and Iroquois the day before. You'll find yourself stopping a lot to take in the amazing views. In my opinion the best views are from the 2nd brother. I was out there for about 7 hours, but 2 hours of that was probably just sitting on one of the brothers or the summit taking in the views/relaxing. Trail was pretty muddy in spots, but overall I'd rate it as a moderate hike. Last .3mi to the summit is pretty steep

Great views - the first brother in particular. Was very wet when I went, had rained two days earlier so it does take time to dry out. Also, if you like blueberries there are tons of wild ones along the route.

This hike was great. I did do this back in 2015. We did lose the trail a couple times due to not very many markers - or not a very good map reader haha. Blueberry mountain had beautiful views and very easy for our Shepherd to get up and climb. It was a bit muddy but still was able to get footing. This wasnt a very populated path, but getting closer to cascade we met more people. Cascade was a good hike for all of us. quite easy, Once we reached cascade it was a quick hike up and back. End ended up continuing on and came down the cascade foot trail. didnt come back the way we came. We went in a group of 4. Started this Hike at 7am and finished around 3-4pm, i was good days hike we were tired.. the dog not so much haha.

This was an interesting one. I felt like I was doing two trails 1) a walk in the woods, and 2) running as fast as you can up a wet slide. Feeling very accomplished though after completing.

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Good afternoon hike if you don't want to get yourself into a high peak. I did it with my dog on a Wednesday in mid August and only passed 3 or 4 groups of people. It took us an hour and a half to summit and then 45 to get down but we basically ran down (I forgot I had a doctors appointment). After the first quarter of a mile the path is very sparsely marked so make sure to keep and eye where you're going - I only knew by footprints from the group ahead of me. The views are beautiful - not as good as a high peak but still really awesome. The top also has a big flat area to sit down and eat lunch on. Bring a jacket, it gets super windy at the top!

Amazing views, fun slides. My only gripe is the brothers are not marked and there is no medallion at the summit of Big Slide. Minor gripes, so go for it!!

Did this as an overnight. Hiked in first day and stayed at the Bradley pond lean-to. The 1.8 miles from parking lot to actual trailhead was the worst part for me. The most confusing herd path to find is the one to Couch. When you come up to Herald Square there are paths leading every direction, Panther will be to the right and to the left is times square where Santanoni and Couch split apart. Prepare for mud.

Long tough hike but well worth it. It was crazy windy up top but the views in every direction were outstanding. Felt like you can reach out and touch Marcy. 12/46 for me and I'll definitely have to do that one again

This was my second time hiking this nice peak. The views are excellent from the summit, it was just windy and cold up there for the month of August.