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Did it on an overcast day! Beautiful still and such fun rocks to climb! Dog did it with me! Would recommend an early start, but if not, headlamps!

Truthfully, I'd like to begin by saying bush whacking should not be taken lightly. Although it was fun to feel like Lewis and Clarke in the woods with no hopes of finding a foot path, we definitely were not on the Willard Way for about 28% of the time. During the entire trip, we also felt 92% lost, 100% of the time. That 8% really saved us. Once we found the base of Allen, we felt like we conquered the great high peak region in one foul swoop. Allen itself was extremely wet and don't believe those who tell you it won't make your left foot slide back as you step forward with your right as if you were cha cha sliding on a steep mtn. On the way out the next day, finding the trail was creating our own "Way" back to the old road and skipping across each bridge to civilization. ✌️

Beautiful views over the Brothers

I thoroughly loved this hike! It's a nice climb at the beginning with soft terrain, and becomes more challenging towards the top when the trail becomes rockier. Pyramid Peak offers great views of the High Peaks, and the river below provides amazing scenery as well as a wonderful waterfall near the end (or beginning depending on which way you start the hike). Also, the trees really provide shade on the way up which is great on sunny days. I highly recommend this hike as it is well-marked and strenuous, but not a killer hike!

The climb up Giant was amazing as a good portion of the trail is open rock face with great views. The decent/accent/decent/accent going to rocky ridge and back is pretty brutal but well worth it. You can see Vermont and lake Champlain from rocky ridge on a clear day. My 7th and 8th high peaks and favorite hike so far. Be on the lockout for copperheads sunbathing on the open rock face. Ran into a couple on my hike.

Usually very muddy. Sure was when I hiked it. Plenty of water sources until you get on top of the range and go towards Couchy. Great view of Long Lake to the west and other high peaks to the east!

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Allen felt very much like Seymour over in the Sewards, just add about 6 miles to its length. I had been pushing this hike all year trying to do it with a few days of dry conditions and low water levels. Attempting it in early September it was a perfect day with the leaves changing, temps hovering in the high 50's-low 60's, and for how much I wanted to dislike the hike due to its length I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Yes my feet were a little worn by the time I finished but it was definitely a pleasant experience.

If you plan on doing this hike as a single day outing, definitely set aside some time for this one. Not realizing how far the trail head was from Lake placid, I had started later than I had hoped @ 9:15am. I had estimated I had a good 10 hours until sunset- finished in 9 hours and 50 minutes. Try not to cut it as close as I did if you can.

Trails are very easy to follow as the first 5 miles are on an old road. The herd path after the 2nd reg. box was at times even easier to navigate than the DEC trail. Just keep close eye on the trail as you ascend in the last 1 mile. Stay to the right of the river as you ascend-then to the left as you reach the last (and steepest) summit scramble- Its pretty obvious for the most part but with leaf cover like I experienced- it can make it easier to lose.

*Note* The gentleman who had mentioned the red moss on the slabs as you ascend Allen was 100% correct. Very slippery as I had pulled a Charlie Brown on the way down.

*Note* As of September 2017, unlike what the original write up for the hike states, there is now in fact a 2nd suspension bridge at the 4 mile mark- no fording necessary

Fun and challenging trail. Was a bit slippery and muddy with the rain.

This trail is actually about 8 miles. I frequently hike but this is my 5/46 and so far, my favorite! It rained the day before so the trail was a little bit soggy but not dangerous. Absolutely recommend!

This is a fairly easy (for the 46ers) hike. Blake has splendid views, you just have to go a few hundred yards beyond the summit to get them - Don't miss out!!!

so this trail is closer to 8 miles. but worth every step awesome views all along this trail pretty moderate hike love this one!! After Whiteface and Esther this was a great one to do!!