The way many reviews describe this, I half expected a concrete slab leading to a waterfall outlook. It wasn’t that. You still need proper footwear, you still need to watch your step, there are hills and a few slippery inclines. However, it’s almost all shaded forest trail, it wasn’t very muddy despite a good rain yesterday, and though I expected lots of bugs, especially near the water, I only saw one and it wasn’t the biting or flying in your face kind. I found all 3 trails to be well marked except for the tiny section of West blue trail, where I didn’t see a single marker. There are big “trail stops here” signs too. The trail does continue past those but it’s at your own risk. I didn’t chance it.

I ended up hiking 2 miles the way I did it. My first pass, I went straight up the green trail and ignored all the side trails. This trail leads steadily uphill to the falls overlook. We had a good rain yesterday and the falls were outrageous, thundering, majestic. Watch your footing here, the viewing area is on a slope with a short flimsy fence at the bottom that would not stop you if you tripped into it.

I picked up the red trail on the way back. This loops back to the green trail. Mostly flat, it gets narrow but is still well defined. When it hit the green trail again, I backtracked to the blue trail. There is a steep shortcut between the green and blue trails but you don’t have to take it. Follow the green trail around the corner and the blue branches off to the left with the green continuing right and uphill.

The blue trail goes down to the creek and the base of the falls. There is a bench at the end of the blue trail at the bottom of the falls. This is a lovely spot worth the side trip. There is a shortcut between the lower and higher sections of the blue trail, nicely made stone steps.

Then I took the green trail back to almost the beginning where the small spur of western blue trail is. Now this is a steep slope down with some tree roots to use as “steps.” There really aren’t any trees to hold on to or anything so watch your footing. This little bit goes along the creek to an old mill if you go left and just up to the creek’s edge if you go right.

Overall, I’d still say it’s mostly easy and the waterfalls are insanely beautiful. Usually you have to work a lot harder to get to a View like that!