I hear theres actually four ponds in there

You can drive to the end of Maple Ridge Rd., and continue onto the seasonal road until you reach the parking area by the gated logging roads. Here you can hike the logging roads past the gates and navigate to the left to the muti-use trail. You can also hike the two trails/logging road opposite the parking area. This area is more scenic with its dense pines. You will eventually see the multi-use trail to the right. Stay on this trail and you will eventually find the junction to the gated logging roads. It's a perfect hike with your dog with natural springs and ponds found along the way.

Took Edwards Rd south & cut west into woods to bushwack to pond 2. Tough going in spots but well worth the hike. Pond 2 is remote, no trail at all. Had to use the Alltrails app map to stay on course. No bugs today, nice breeze.