Heckscher State Park has more than a million visitors a year. Twenty miles of trails attract hikers, bicycle and cross-country skiers. Swimmers can use the Great South Bay or the swimming pool complex. There are picnic areas, a boat launch ramp, playing fields, playground and 69 camp sites. Only vehicles under eleven feet high can come into the campgrounds.

Well-marked trail except early on at Hecksher st. park. There were nice changes in scenery from bay/beach to different types of forest. Highlight of the hike was crossing under Sunrise Hwy/rt. 27 on suspended catwalk.

I have to disagree with the prior comments! This massive state park is one of the best on Long Island. There are wooded trails for miles as long as paved trails. Ticks are prevalent in wooded areas anywhere on Long Island so always be cautious and simply shower after hiking. Gorgeous views of the great South Bay and Fire Island. Beautiful wildlife year round. Great picnic area. Some areas are closed to vehicles due to storm damage from Sandy but still accessible by foot.

mountain biking
7 months ago

We have camp and hiked here since 2007. It is very flat, not very wooded, and much of the southern part is paved. Good for bikers but hikers beware of ticks. It also tends to be windy, which can be good or bad depending on the season.

Be careful there are lots of ticks

Be VERY careful of the ticks here ( they carry Lyme's disease)- Field 5 is for the dogs. I parked in the lot, walked to the West and went into the trail along the reeds which leads up to a pretty area of pine trees and fields. I found ticks on my dog when we got back. There are many other parking areas of the park to walk, and beach areas, no dogs allowed there. Better to walk in winter or wear the right clothes and check yourself when you leave. Fee to get in- free with NY state park pass ($65/year).

I wrote hiking as the activity because this app doesn't allow you to put rollerblading in as your activity. We parked in field 4 and went through the little picnic area then to the right along the paved trail. It is a really nice trail for rollerblading but I would recommend going to the left when you're at field 4 because there is only about 1/2 a mile of trail left if you go to the right.

Great Park to walk, cycle & run . Beautiful trails with deer sightings. It has the beach, fishing, just all over beauty. Go there to relax and take a load off, or go there to get the best of your bike and legs. Very clean. Just a great place to visit.

Easy and relaxing flat trail. Plenty of foliage with some deer. This is part of a state park that has picnic areas, playgrounds, restrooms and biking trails.