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3 days ago

Full traverse this weekend, south to north. Great trail. Steep inclines, scrambles, flat and rolling terrain. 3 lean-to's along the way, with Big Hill the halfway point. It is said this is the toughest trail in the park. It was certainly very strenuous in several sections.

Great 8 mile hike. Varied terrain, nice views at the top. At some points - it was difficult to find the trail markers. This trail loop was accurately rated as moderate. Looking forward to hiking it again.

Nice walk with a number of little streams to cross (at least in early April). As others have suggested, even though the distance is pretty short, the terrain is uneven so you get a decent calf workout. It certainly felt like more than 3 miles. I also took the triangle to yellow to green route, as a few others have suggested.

Some nice views at different points if you go before the foliage is fully grown in.

Awesome trails!

I used the Waze navigation app to get to the trailhead. Once at the parking lot, there were blazes for two different trails but neither one was marked with the name of the trail. All I could do was pick one and follow it. I never found out what trail I was actually on, though I travelled it for over two hours before turning around.
The trails need some maintenance work. There are trees down across the trail in several places. At times, blazes became difficult to locate. Blazes should be marked more often. I found one nice waterfall from melting snow. I saw three hawks, a blue jay, and a rabbit. All in all, not much to see.

18 days ago

With diverse landscapes and different levels of difficulty, this trail is not too hard nor too boring. It has gorgeous views of creeks, waterfalls, woods, lake, etc. My boyfriend and I took our dog for a hike on this trail and we had so much fun!

One to avoid when snowy but nice views and varied terrain. Hiked march, the week after a snow storm. Took 4hrs20 (no stops). Phones measured at 8.5miles. Solidly uphill for first hour. Rocky ground + snow throughout made difficult. Lower trails were waterlogged due to melting snow. Many fallen trees on section of long path (green) adjacent to marsh made impassable but possible to skirt around higher up bank.

19 days ago

1 month ago

Fun trail

Access road closed in winter.

Nice in the winter, only saw a few folks the whole day.

Great hike - strenuous - there was a lot of snow and ice when I went - be prepared and careful treading through ice. We came to a point at the end of the hike where it was a straight path of frozen water and had to maneuver very carefully to finish. Amazing visuals and changes in scenery.

Good hike. We did white/red middle to Green turn right at Times Square follow green until yellow path again turn right and follow until you see white with red in middle turn left and follow back to start. About 7 miles. This path is nice in all different seasons. Enjoy and be safe.

4 months ago

Great trail, not far from NYC. Beautiful Island Pond is en route.

Great hike. Awesome views. Solid intermediate hike. Great for families and nature lovers. Went on a weekday. Only saw a family and a couple of people. There is a campsite 1.5 miles into the hike. Camped overnight on a prior hike.

I loved this hike- I took about 3 hours. The vistas are great - and the lake is serene. Lots of rock walking- so shoe up accordingly. The eastern loop (red/white markers) isn't marked nearly as well as the west side (yellow), so watch closely for markers as you can go off trail pretty easily (or cheat with GPS :-) .....

Light hike but not too easy as the terrain can get uneven with roots, rocks and stream crossings. Nice views of the lake and swamp. There was plenty of water in the streams when we went so we found a spot to take a break and enjoy the waterfalls.

I've done this Trail in various sections. some of that I really love some of it I'm not totally thrilled with. recently we did deception from gate Hill to Cats Elbow which is a gorgeous section and very rarely done. I also really like the part between kakiat Park and big hill shelter. the first and last sections are my least favorites I think

5 months ago

Not sure who originally tracked this hike, but it’s certainly not 9.3 miles. If you do the lollipop (and don’t double back twice like OP did) you’re looking at a little over 5 miles total.

Also, I recommend hiking this counterclockwise—that’ll provide a better “payoff” toward the end of your trek. The view at the summit would also provide a stunning sunrise for any photographer to capture. One last tip: definitely get here early; the lot fills up quickly.

The path cutting across from Red Cross to Longpath is not a real trail. It starts off looking like a forged path but my friend and I got stuck in a tangle of branches for about a quarter mile. After getting through (with cuts and bruises) the rest of the path was really pleasant. I would recommend staying only on the marked trails as the app map is inaccurate.

Great, hike. I would say moderate over difficult, lots of different terrain but really loved all the rocks. Unfortunately i found the hike too crowded for me, for the weekend, so recommend doing it on the weekdays.

5 months ago

Great place to hike.

Beautiful! Hiked in from White Bar trail. Heavenly!

5 months ago

hiked, just watch for some fallen trail markers

This was a fun trail. VERY rocky. It was like a rock explosion every minute. Fun to traverse through the woods. Lots of people with doggies! Some cute rock scramblish spots, but no real climbing unless you go off trail and climb up one of the cliff sides yourself. And you will pass 3 of those before you’re done. Oh and no views on this loop. Must connect elsewhere for all that.

trail running
6 months ago

Beautiful trail near a lake.

Just be mindful that it is a relatively complex trail system. It is quite easy to lose the trail (or join a different one) if you are running fast.

The map in this app was really helpful.

6 months ago

Great trail for beginners. Not much views. Nice rock formations and wildlife

Great loop trail. We did white w/red and then turquoise. Some cool rock formations/caves. Pretty views of the swamp & two lakes. We hiked with our dog & 3 kids, ages 13, 10 & 3. The youngest spent about half the time in a backpack carrier & walked the rest.

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