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Trail is well Marked but we still got lost once or twice as there's quite a few sharp turns.

1 day ago

Easy and pleasant Many options just follow Alltrail;s map

1 day ago

A bit challenging for kids and beginners but really a nice trail for the family. We started along the green blazed long path and both kids (2 and 4 yo) did the first mile on their two feet. That took about 2 hours, so then the little one went up in the carrier and we continued on to the yellow then white with red triangle trails to complete the approx 3 mile loop. The 4 year old did the whole thing with a couple tough spots but she loved it. It took us a little less than 4 hours. We only stopped a few minutes here and there for water or a quick lunch. A couple relatively challenging stream crossings (for little legs) and a nice spot where the yellow meets the white/red triangle trails with some little waterfalls. I am glad we did it clockwise- the more challenging and rockier parts seemed to be in the first mile and on fresh legs. The yellow trail is wider and white with red triangle more rolling hills. All made for a really nice day hike from Long Island.

Thank you below to La Gattons. We navigated around the flooded section to the left like you mentioned and it helped immensely! When you get to that flooded part, go left of that area and through the woods and up some slight hills. You'll start seeing some pink and blue ribbons, follow those until you start seeing the red and white markers and you can follow those all the way back to the parking lot. We did the white markers all the way until they merged with the red and white. If you do white to red and white the whole way it's a big loop and that will get you back to the elk parking lot trailhead. All in all a great hike, awesome lake, beautiful scenery throughout. My gf and I thought it was mostly pretty easy to moderate, but we do hike a lot. Not too challenging.

this is a ez and beautiful hike!

Hiking today for first time with our dog and I love it but it’s shouldn’t be rated moderate but hard and at some areas experience hikers only,I had to push my dog up the rocks but still it was very exiting

This is a great hike! A pleasant mix of woods, water, and rocky outcroppings. This is a good hike for physically able, school age children as there are lots of places to spread out and many areas to stop and enjoy the natural surroundings. During times when there has been lots of rain the trail is very soggy. I don’t recommend tennis shoes for this hike. It requires sturdy, waterproof shoes or hiking boots. We did the red to yellow to blue to orange back to red trails for the loop. Blue going down from the top is more of a scramble at the beginning.

9 days ago

This is my favorite hike for when I’m home visiting my family (currently live in NYC). It’s a beautiful mix of trees, flowers and water. It’s even fun in the snow. Always fun!

Worst trail I ever did . Got lost multiple times

Hardly any markings to keep you on the right path. Very easy to get lost. Not a good trail at all.

14 days ago

Great hike but don't take it without a map. Easy to get lost, not hard but long. Breathtaking views and nice changes to vegetation and rocks during the hike. Bring water, you'll need it. The last section was flooded, but if you turn left you can make it and be back at the parking lot.

A gorgeous route! I almost exactly followed this route (with a little detour through the woods to get around some flooding!) and it was 8.5 miles. Took me 3 hours at quite a fast pace.

Absolutely beautiful the whole way around - the fall colors right now are spectacular. (October 24). I went mid week and almost had the place to myself. I want to go back in summer and swim in the pristine pond (which is more lake in size).

This hike is moderate to hard. There are some steep bits but apart from the beginning, the climbs aren’t long - there’s plenty of flat & downhill too. Most of the hike is in the trees - until you get up on top which is enormous bare rocks speckled with alpine plants. Really lovely view up there - well worth the climb.

Highly recommend the Lemon Squeezer!

You definitely need this app to follow the route - I needed to follow it most of the way around which wasn’t ideal as I need both hands to balance on the rocky terrain. Certainly if you’re doing this route at pace and may miss the signing which inconsistent and in fall there are leaves underfoot covering the paths.

Tips: wear footwear with lots of grip - there is a lot of rock which would be slippery when wet. I’d also recommend hiking boots more than trail shoes, as you have much needed ankle support as the paths are rather uneven.

See my recorded route for the detour around the flooding. It’s roughly in between Island Pond and Lake Stahahe - very close to Green Pond. It does involve a scramble over some big rocks, but pretty fun! I recommend going clockwise so this part is the last leg of your route. Leave spare shoes and socks in the car in case your feet get wet.

The 4 stars is only relative to the best hikes I’ve ever done in more dramatic surroundings in Maine, Utah & California. Still a great hike. So wonderful to have beautiful country just 90mins from Brooklyn - I will be back!

This is one of my favorite trails in Harriman! Great views from multiple peaks.

Good hike- there are some rocky hill bits and my ankles were sore by the end. The forest is lovely and at least on this cold fall day I didn't see too many other people. Fair amount of parking space at the Elk Pen lot too.

Be advised that as of today (10/21/18), the AS trail southwest of the Island Pond is still flooded out. I hiked around it by going off-trail and scrambling for a bit til I recovered the path a ways away (you can't really get lost if you keep the pond on one side and distant traffic noises ahead), but it's tricky and I don't recommend it for everyone. It looks significant enough to be a permanent shift in the lake, and they probably need to reroute the trail in that area.

Really beautiful trail. A lot of flat parts and then sudden steep scrambles. Only a couple of lookouts

Fun trail! A piece is still under water but you can get around it in the forest - just detour around and then back to the trail. Took 3:45 at a leisurely pace, a good one for the area!

26 days ago

Beautiful hike!! I am planning to do it again. So bad I didn’t have this app when I hiked for the first time.

1928 Lookout tower is in very fair shape. Recommended. Pretty busy up top by the shelter, but beautiful views.

we set out to do this hike clockwise but missed the stream/river crossing at the beginning (which isn't really signed and there is no bridge, just a rope and plank to help you cross over) and ended up doing this hike counterclockwise and on a number of different trails before joining up with the one we had intended. it did mean however that we got to explore more and found ourselves on less travelled paths which was perfect. the hike is peaceful and if it wasn't for some of the confusing trail markers and the crazy stream crossing this hike would get 5 stars. this is definitely a boots hike - lots of rocks, mud, and a few smaller streams to cross. there is a scramble (up or down depending on your direction). we completed the 6 mile hike in 3 hours (it became 6 miles because we went on diff trails in the beginning)

Lovely hike - varied terrain, little foot traffic, good exercise but not too challenging

1 month ago

FYI- Arden Surebridge trail section before you get to island pond unnamed trail is completely underwater due to beaver activity, about 120ft of trail is under 2ft of water!

1 month ago

FYI- Arden Surebridge trail section before you get to island pond unnamed trail is completely underwater due to beaver activity, about 120ft of trail is under 2ft of water!

Great hike, moderate trail. Bring your cardio game!! Beautiful lake view...

Great trail with some difficult parts and nice views. One of the bridges over the creek must have fell apart because there are just some planks “for the bridge” on the side of the creek where you are supposed to cross. However, crossing it over the fallen logs or stepping stones just adds a bit of excitement to the hike.

We only met 3 or 4 other groups of hikers for the whole 5h it took us to complete the loop.

Not a bad hike. Some short climbs but not too strenuous. Trail markers could have been better marked. Also, the area around the trailhead was completely overwhelmed with broken bottles and trash. To people who litter and have no respect for the outdoors: do us all a favor and stay off the trails!

Don’t forget to stop by Island Pond.

Great hike, lots of variety. A lot of people during the AT portion.

Avoided the Arden - Surebridge (R) trail because people have said it was flooded (SW of Island pond). Instead, we continued on the Dunning trail (Y/W) and connected to the Stahahe Brook trail (R). The Stahahe trail doesn’t appear in the app.

By far the best hike) I would probably flip it just because the best vistas/views are at the beginning. I like to have lunch there) tons of wild life that I saw on trail, you start to see people only near the shelter, nice relaxing hike)

part of the trail was flooded, had to go around through the woods

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