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Lots of rocks, running water, great viewpoints...I had a blast! I only regret forgetting my bug spray.

Amazing trail. Wit took 2 hours and 45 minutes to do on a very hot date. Wear hiking boots - a lot of climbing and a lot of rocks. Hiking boots will make a difference.

Beautiful and relaxing as far as hikes go. It can be very busy which is downside for me. I prefer to go here in spring and fall on weekdays to avoid the huge crowds. Expect to encounter groups of a dozen or more on weekends.

On another note - I have gotten VERY lost here off this trail. 7pm, sun setting, no water, no working phones, 3 people and 2 dehydrated dogs. We ended up clocking close to 16 miles by the time we got back. If we did not happen to run into the only person we saw on the trail for over 2 hours, I might still be out there. Please do yourself a favor and make sure your phone is charged, charged external charger and you bring 2 liters of water minimum and you bring a compass.

we really enjoyed this hike - the vista views off of the blue trail were lovely and the lake was nice, too. i'd say it's an easy to moderate hike - mostly easy but with a few rock scrambles, depending on the route you take. even without the views, though, the area is beautiful. overall, i would recommend it. a few things worth noting: the trail markers are pretty terrible. in some places, they're barely visible, and they were frequently difficult to follow. i don't know what we would have done without our map (we bought one at the visitor's center). second - beware of rattlesnakes! we nearly stepped on one where the trail opens up to the lake. thank goodness it rattled at us just in time. be mindful & pay attention!

Took white to blue to orange to red. 3 hours. Fun hike with nice climbs, viewpoints, plenty of running water for the dog to play in. Parts of the trail at the high point of the white were not marked well.

21 days ago

Although we've been there on a rainy day, it was worth going. Amazing views, beautiful trail. Seemed more challenging because of the inscects. Take a mosquito spray with you! Otherwise you'll have to run that trail ;)
We've started at visitor's center ( limited space to park a car) with a red trail. Then blue,orange and white. Have fun!

25 days ago

We followed the advise of others and started with the white to blue trail and ended with .3 miles on the red path back to the parking lot. Roughly 4 miles- first 2 miles were a lot of fun- lots of scrambling and rocky terrain (wear comfy shoes). Second half was much flatter and a little boring - thus 4 rating instead of 5. Took us 3 hours with water breaks.

The first two miles- I would say the trail we took was on the high end of “moderate” and last two miles were “easy”.

Parking lot is tiny- we got there early and was fortunate enough to get one of the few spots at the visitor center. When we left, cars were lined on the side of the road for at least .5 miles in both directions.

Awesome hike! My friend and I did white with blue dot to orange to white mark. Almost got lost within due to lack of signs and narrow paths but thanks to the recordings that we were able to stay on track. So the recordings really help.

There’re little signal throughout but when your on top there’s signal.

Overall, I’d rate it 5/5. Definitely worth hiking!

Great hike! We did the reverse way and highly recommend it. It was a good challenge at the rock scramble in the beginning and the walk down was a good cool down. An adult deer ran right past us which was cool. The flies were a little annoying, I would say bring bug spray. The path does get muddy in some areas, too.

This hike was beautiful and fun. The red in white trail up to the lake was pretty easy, wide, well-maintained. Red/white to yellow to blue white on the way back was more challenging, more fun and more rewarding. We cut across the brook early (using orange to connect back to red/white) because we noticed a sign warning that the other bridges were out and blue/white would not connect us to the parking lot, so beware of that...

This is one of my favorite trail in Harriman state park little mix of everything great views going up to the top with a nice lake view

Really good trial. We started from white and finish on red as other suggested.
Parking is very small but you can park on the side of the road. There was a lot of cars on Saturday but not many people on trail.
Take a bug spray!

One of my favorite places..

Love this place!

Great trail to hit. Make sure you go during the week because parking is impossible on weekends. We took the white trail then when to the blue trail (white w blue dot) and finally finished on the red trail (white w red dot).

1 month ago

Nice trail. We ended up doing more than what is posted here. Nice air. Nice views. Nice streams and brooks. The beginning was a bit crowded but once you get up towards the top we only saw people every 15 min or so.

Loved this trail. Very rocky good footwear a MUST and when we went very wet.

1 month ago

We took the route starting with the red trail blaze (edge of the parking area behind the restrooms) then followed that to the white. We went counterclockwise and followed the white, to blue, to orange, to red. This led us up the rock scramble- which seemed safer than climbing down. View from the top was expansive and so worth the climb! Really enjoyed this hike and would probably come back. Wear comfortable hiking shoes- lots of rocky terrain.

1 month ago

Instant beauty the second you step foot on the trail.

We had a really nice time. As Mary Cate suggested, we did counter clockwise (white, blue, orange, red) and I think this was great advice. Ascending the blue section was fine, but coming down would have been tricky I think.

Wear good shoes/boots as there are lots of spots with rocks to navigate vs. dirt path, and quite a few muddy stream crossings.

We did this hike in reverse (white to blue to orange to red) and given the rock scramble I think this is the way to do it. Really enjoyed the rock scramble and had a nice view at the top. Lots of small streams and waterfalls, and a couple really pretty larger ones. Not too busy on a Saturday afternoon. Trail is pretty well marked - a couple times we ended up off the trail and needed to backtrack to find the blazes again, but if you’re paying attention at the less trafficked/rockier points (very noticeable) you should be fine! We strolled along in no rush and it took us about 3 hours. At normal hiking speed it would probably take me a little under 2. Overall nice hike with some great viewpoints.

Great hike, so many options to do more if you want.

2 months ago

Started on red and finished on white. Nice trail, beautiful water falls. Scramble at the end was tough for the dog going down.

2 months ago

With diverse landscapes and different levels of difficulty, this trail is not too hard nor too boring. It has gorgeous views of creeks, waterfalls, woods, lake, etc. My boyfriend and I took our dog for a hike on this trail and we had so much fun!

2 months ago

Did this towards the end of March. Lots of snow still. Recommend good boots. Took the white to blue, orange then red. Blue is a rock scramble. Beuatiful views at the top. Stayed for the sunset, so got caught doing the end of the trail in the dark. Thank goodness for the flashlight app. But you can't top that sky at night. Every bit was worth it. Going again this weekend.

First trail with this app. Dogs loved it.

4 months ago

This was my very first hike! I found Reeves to be beautiful and very exciting. This was not a boring trail and even with the snow and ice it was more of a challenge. This was a great adventure!! Would definitely go back!

I took the red trail to orange to blue to white. Slippery in the winter, but totally worth the extra energy to keep from falling. This loop really has a little bit of everything from scrambles to waterfalls.

Best winter hike.
Just don’t forget your microspikes!!

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