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Harriman State Park, located in Rockland and Orange counties, features over 30 lakes and reservoirs, 200+ miles of hiking trails, three beaches, two public camping areas, a network of group camps, miles of streams and scenic roads, and scores of wildlife species, vistas and vantage points. Harriman State Park's major facilities include Lake Welch, Lake Sebago, Sebago Cabin Camp, Lake Tiorati and Silver Mine Lake Loop, the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area, and Beaver Pond Campgrounds. *Boat launch sites require a boat permit. Please contact the park for further details.

Very nice work out with exquisite climbing portions and wonderful views

Lots of rocks, running water, great viewpoints...I had a blast! I only regret forgetting my bug spray.

Trail is nice, well maintained, and not heavily trafficked at all. We did the loop as a two-day one-night hike. The trails are well marked, but if you're not paying attention you will wind up missing turns, as we did. Thankfully if you get off the correct trail, you're probably still on a trail, just not the one you want to be on. Course corrections are easy because of that.

Since we missed a turn, we wound up approaching Silver Lake Mine from the southeast, not the northwest as we had anticipated. Something to note that we missed since we came in from the south, there is a picnic shelter, a drink vending machine, and restrooms at the northwest tip of the lake, just where the trail enters / exits the parking lot at Silver Mine Lake. If you want a cold drink bring a couple of dollars, and if you want a place to use the restroom without digging a hole, you're covered in that respect too!

Amazing trail. Wit took 2 hours and 45 minutes to do on a very hot date. Wear hiking boots - a lot of climbing and a lot of rocks. Hiking boots will make a difference.

Lovely park with great variety of scenery... from pretty lakes to scenic outlooks. Abundant fauna.. we saw deer, a rattler, a black snake, frogs and black/blue butterflies. Definitely not hard though... more moderate. First section from road to lake heavily trafficked, quiet after that. Slow steady climb. Very lush plateaus and gullies. Flowers were out this time of year and the greenery was intense.

Beautiful. To be clear, you want to follow the green blazes, then walk right when you see the yellow blazes, then walk right when you see the white and red triangle blazes. It’s a wonderfully varied trail.

Beautiful and relaxing as far as hikes go. It can be very busy which is downside for me. I prefer to go here in spring and fall on weekdays to avoid the huge crowds. Expect to encounter groups of a dozen or more on weekends.

On another note - I have gotten VERY lost here off this trail. 7pm, sun setting, no water, no working phones, 3 people and 2 dehydrated dogs. We ended up clocking close to 16 miles by the time we got back. If we did not happen to run into the only person we saw on the trail for over 2 hours, I might still be out there. Please do yourself a favor and make sure your phone is charged, charged external charger and you bring 2 liters of water minimum and you bring a compass.

As of Sunday June 10, the section previously noted to be flooded is still flooded. You have to go off trail for quite a bit to get around and back on trail. I enjoyed the hike but it was a little bit on the difficult side. Lemon squeeze was fun. Would do again.

A decent enough stroll through the woods. Not that challenging and a couple of nice spots along the way for some pretty views and scenery.

8 days ago

I had this rated at about a 3 star until I got to the point where the trail (green markers I think) and the map on the app diverged when I got near art 6. Before that the trail was a good challenge and well marked. Only downside was gunfire in the background from nearby military training/WP. Everything went downhill after that... I ended up walking along the highway, which felt very uncomfortable, and cut my hike short. I did this trail for the purpose of getting to lake Te Ata, named after an amazing Native American woman. Were it not for that I would have opted another trail based on reviews. My feeling is that there are plenty of other places to go around The area with beautiful views and more peaceful setting...save yourself the aggravation...go for something else.

Relaxing loop with some nice uphill and an excellent view from the top of the fire tower! It’s been recently painted and it’s sturdy enough to climb carefully! Saw lots of turtles and frogs on this hike as well. Be careful where you step!

I loved doing this trail! I hike a lot in Ringwood, Ramapo and Harriman and needed something new to do and found this gem. It is well marked with a little of everything, walking, inclines, some climbing, rocks, little streams, and a beautiful view! I had to review it so other people give it a chance too, I’m surprised it has less reviews except for the fact that there are more popular and well known trails down the road.

we really enjoyed this hike - the vista views off of the blue trail were lovely and the lake was nice, too. i'd say it's an easy to moderate hike - mostly easy but with a few rock scrambles, depending on the route you take. even without the views, though, the area is beautiful. overall, i would recommend it. a few things worth noting: the trail markers are pretty terrible. in some places, they're barely visible, and they were frequently difficult to follow. i don't know what we would have done without our map (we bought one at the visitor's center). second - beware of rattlesnakes! we nearly stepped on one where the trail opens up to the lake. thank goodness it rattled at us just in time. be mindful & pay attention!

Took white to blue to orange to red. 3 hours. Fun hike with nice climbs, viewpoints, plenty of running water for the dog to play in. Parts of the trail at the high point of the white were not marked well.

21 days ago

Although we've been there on a rainy day, it was worth going. Amazing views, beautiful trail. Seemed more challenging because of the inscects. Take a mosquito spray with you! Otherwise you'll have to run that trail ;)
We've started at visitor's center ( limited space to park a car) with a red trail. Then blue,orange and white. Have fun!

this is hard and rocky with plenty of stream crossings. great place to camp or do some backpacking/bring some AT magic. bring a filter- no need to over pack water.

While I did not complete the entire loop, what I did hike was fantastic! As an avid hiker with a decent amount of experience I would say this is a pretty easy trail, a lot of walking. However, there is just enough climbing and steep hills to make this a moderate hike. Beautiful view, and very well marked. I parked in the little loop and walked back out to the path. Great for dogs, only had to give my dog a little assistance getting up a rock. I definitely suggest this hike, and if you don’t have time to do the whole loop, you can get to the scenic view pretty easily and quickly!

Hiked this on Memorial Day with kids and our fearless terrier. Very easy family hike. Beautiful and quiet, hardly anyone around, in fact. A shout out to the kind young couple at the lean-to who alerted us to a substantial timber rattlesnake basking on a ledge maybe 40 ft from the shelter. Really cool encounter (will post pic). Will try and overnight next.

trail running
25 days ago

Trail needs to be maintained a bit, otherwise if was everything I was looking for. Be careful, almost stepped on a rattlesnake

25 days ago

We followed the advise of others and started with the white to blue trail and ended with .3 miles on the red path back to the parking lot. Roughly 4 miles- first 2 miles were a lot of fun- lots of scrambling and rocky terrain (wear comfy shoes). Second half was much flatter and a little boring - thus 4 rating instead of 5. Took us 3 hours with water breaks.

The first two miles- I would say the trail we took was on the high end of “moderate” and last two miles were “easy”.

Parking lot is tiny- we got there early and was fortunate enough to get one of the few spots at the visitor center. When we left, cars were lined on the side of the road for at least .5 miles in both directions.

Very nice hike to Stockbridge Shelter. Took only 40 minutes walking casually with 40-pound bags. Saw a rattle snake in a rock crevasse towards the top about 50ft away from the shelter.

Parked at Silvermine and took the yellow-blazed Menomine trail across silver lake drive and made a right onto the green trail at the first 4-way trail intersection to get to the shelter.

Awesome hike! My friend and I did white with blue dot to orange to white mark. Almost got lost within due to lack of signs and narrow paths but thanks to the recordings that we were able to stay on track. So the recordings really help.

There’re little signal throughout but when your on top there’s signal.

Overall, I’d rate it 5/5. Definitely worth hiking!

26 days ago

Nice and mild. Easy for the kids.

Great hike. Covers a lot of different terrain. Fair warning, though, as of 5/26/18 the last 1.5-ish was inaccessible without hiking through a swamp that’s overtaken the trail. It will likely recede as the summer progresses, but we had to backtrack around the lake yesterday.

Great hike! We did the reverse way and highly recommend it. It was a good challenge at the rock scramble in the beginning and the walk down was a good cool down. An adult deer ran right past us which was cool. The flies were a little annoying, I would say bring bug spray. The path does get muddy in some areas, too.

This hike was beautiful and fun. The red in white trail up to the lake was pretty easy, wide, well-maintained. Red/white to yellow to blue white on the way back was more challenging, more fun and more rewarding. We cut across the brook early (using orange to connect back to red/white) because we noticed a sign warning that the other bridges were out and blue/white would not connect us to the parking lot, so beware of that...

“Long Trail” along the lake has green blazes, connecting to yellow blazes of Dunning (wide trail), and then white with red triangles is the Arden-Surebridge. Trail is nice mix of scenery, valleys, small hills, view of lakes, crossing many small stream. Everyone and their mother stops at the parking lot on evening and weekends, especially for the sunset across the lake, and therefore the green trail can get pretty busy. Sometimes trash is left there too, so please help keep it clean! But just visited and it was pristine!

This would have been a nice hike except for two major issues. The Long Path trail was blocked by scores of huge trees fallen across the trail.....big ones. It made the going slow, and a little dangerous at times. It looked like a tornado had come through there. Consider skipping the AT Long Path northern outcropping as it is easy just to cut across.
The second problem was the Arden Surebridge trail section southwest of Island Pond. It was completely flooded out as far as the eye could see with no alternative trail. A half mile of bushwhacking south of the tail, hugging the high ground, was required to get around the water. Make sure these issues are resolved before endeavoring to take this hike.

This is one of my favorite trail in Harriman state park little mix of everything great views going up to the top with a nice lake view

Didnt realize part of this hike was off trail and hard going even in spring.

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