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Harriman State Park, located in Rockland and Orange counties, features over 30 lakes and reservoirs, 200+ miles of hiking trails, three beaches, two public camping areas, a network of group camps, miles of streams and scenic roads, and scores of wildlife species, vistas and vantage points. Harriman State Park's major facilities include Lake Welch, Lake Sebago, Sebago Cabin Camp, Lake Tiorati and Silver Mine Lake Loop, the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area, and Beaver Pond Campgrounds. *Boat launch sites require a boat permit. Please contact the park for further details.

Great hike, with many different types of terrain. You will have to cross many different little streams, as someone said: bring water proof boots.

There is one beautiful view; you'll know when you see it. I thought there would be more, so when you see stay there have a bite, and enjoy it. There is only the one that makes the entire hike worth it.

Getting colder very windy today Great day for walking in the park

Very beautiful. Soon after The intersection of long path and nawahunta fire road the long path is muddy The cave shelter on Stockbridge Mt is worth seeing

The trail is very picturesque like a lot of Harriman is and the graveyard was a very cool attraction to see. I'd put it at an easy to moderate level.

Had a little issue at the beginning being on the right path. We did it clockwise, and we thought the trail followed the gravel road at first. then looking at the app map/gps, we noticed we were slightly left of the actual trail. We cut through to get on the trail and it was easy to follow from there as it was well worn. However, blazes weren't very apparent at first, maybe the first 25% around? if there was snow on the ground, it would have been a little harder to follow it without the blazes.

At some point we started seeing faint red and white blazes (looked like they were painted a while ago), but then more recently painted ones and the more sturdy metal blazes.

You can make it easier to follow for yourself if you do it counter-clockwise instead, and about 20 feet into the trailhead, spot the blue/greenish blazes and follow those to the right.

I did a recording with some pics showing things to look for at spots to turn to make sure you're still on the trail. That may help some too. (I started the recording when we actually got on the trail after walking the gravel road for a while, which accounts why my recording is less than 5 miles).

Would do it again knowing what I know now.

Nice trek, light-moderate strenuousness, depending on the hiker. Once you've cleared the first rock climbs along the Orange Trail (Ramapo Torne area), it's smooth sailing. Picks up a pretty stream/river on the return, some areas become muddy post-rain but have sufficient paneling/log laying to keep you dry.

nice. solid start, easier finish

Nice hike. The Fire Tower is remodeled and open. The plane crash site and the building ruins are interesting. The further loop I included had a few real wet spots through the swamps.

A very nice winter hike. We did it counterclockwise, against the advice of most, and that was fine. There are interesting places to stop--the Lewis mine, the shelters atop Stockbridge Mountain, Hippo Rock--and enough uphill climbing to keep us warm on a chilly day. The Nawahunta Fire Road is very muddy right now as you get nearer to the Long Path, as is the first section of the Long Path.

Rocky terrain, very wet areas, steep hills narrow passageways. Hard but fun!

Great hike. One HINT ... if you want to do the 4.5m loop, when you arrive at the Big Hill Shelter (a lean-to with a couple of fireplaces), that is the turnaround point. You can take the blue trail back rather than the yellow trail for the loop. We blew right past the shelter and kept on going to the Third Reservoir. This was accidental and we ended up with a 6 to 6.5m hike (4 hours including a visit to the tower and picture stops along the way) and a return just barely before sundown.

We took the trail going South. This was harder than anticipated, especially for 1700 feet of elevation gain. The trail was flooded in a few spots and we had to cross a section by taking our shoes off and walking in the freezing December water at Little Dam Lake. Top of ridges was very windy. We had a lot of fun though!

Park at the A Wayne south lot. A bit muddy but for mid December that’s to be expected. Fairly well marked, but a few sharp turns that I missed and had to double back. There are 2 ascents and I wasn’t fully prepared for the second one. But in the end it was OK. A few places were scrambling was required. Also some spots are very slippery and I almost fell a few times. I would not recommend doing this hike if conditions are wet. However, the views are indeed amazing. It’s also very good distance, Not too short, not too long. But still gives you a good sense of accomplishment.

Hiking on this trail was ok. The elevation changes a bit from the lake to the path leading to black mountain but the climbs werent that bad. I feel like some of the paths were plotted to test your ability to hop on rocks over water and boggy areas. The first 1/3rd of the trail inbound from the parking lot south is nothing but walking on rocks (unless you want to walk in the mud and water in the low lands). I think it helps to have boots with a metal shank through the sole for walking on some of the rock areas in the park so your feet don't get tired from stepping on corners of boulders all day. For this trail would definitely recommend those kind of boots. You definitely need good boots on this loop. Only gripe I have is that the trail markers could be way better. Some trees, not so bad. Yellow bar trail was relatively easy to find. The white bar trail, which you need to follow out past the shelter (no one says that) is much more trickier to spot. there are no markers when you get to Silver Mine road FYI. You have to figure out that's the way you go. Maybe because it was my first time on this trail it was my fault for not knowing. There are no markers for the part when you come down the hill and hit the road. Past the road into the lowlands by the lake had to look for a bit to find the road again. You can see on the map the red line doesn't follow the intended dotted Silvermine road. So don't blame me if you cant find it at first.

Really nice trail. Great views, varied terrain. A few quick hints: 1) parking is at the equestrian center. 2) the trailhead marks are on the big barn at the equestrian center 3) there are many trail markers - but many are on the ground or rocks. As a result, would be difficult to do this trail with snow cover. 4) Trail directions: follow red/white markers to where they meet yellow. yellow/red/white combine for part of the lollipop stick. Choose red/white to take the northern root out, after the lake (great rocks and view to enjoy some lunch) follow the white markers to the left until you hit end of white trail, then take a hard left onto yellow. (we mistakenly went straight on yellow -added a mile of out and back). Yellow has some great views of NYC, surrounding mountains, etc. Lots of fire damage along the way, but also wonderful forest regrowth - will be very pretty in the springtime. Took our time, enjoyed the scenery and lunch. 4 hrs total. Moderate if you are an avid hiker - more difficult if you are not.

What a beautiful hike. we did blue-orange-white. the last part of orange leading up to the Ramapo torne vista scared me a little. The steep scr@mbles were very satisfyingly challenging. I loved the white, so pretty along the Brook. will do this again.

Fun hike. Cool view of NYC from the shelter

1 month ago

mile #2 poorly marked. difficult to navigate without GPS. this section is more like an abandoned trail. lots of fallen trees.

11/23/18: This was a nice moderate loop with some minor rock scrambling in parts and some nice little waterfalls. The ground was hard/frozen in many parts but only a little bit of ice here and there. I would definitely not recommend this trail in winter/ice conditions unless you have the proper equipment (microspikes etc) as there are some steeper rock portions that would be hard/dangerous to navigate with just Boots on. We arrive at the trailhead at 8:30 and finished by 11:30.

nice destination. pack food and beverage

Great trail! Would love to do it again in warmer weather. We went on a snowy day in November. There is a fun rock scramble during blue. Very wet on the lower levels of the trail. Great day!

2 months ago

Quick getaway for NYC resident. We completed the trail in approximately 4.5 hours (with a 30 minute detour off the white trail and a 20 minute meal break at the top of the blue trail) with two fit adults and a 45lb beagle dog. Trail markings at times missing, which, thankful for the free Alltrails app with prior free download of the trails.

Some dos and dont's:
Go counter-clockwise, as recommended by many on this page (white - blue - orange - red - yellow). Yellow trail is along the water and brings you back to the parking lot, but minimal trail markings to find the merger from the red trail. To find the orange from the blue - take the left fork when descending from the highest point of blue. Especially if bringing a dog go counter-clockwise because of the rock scramble on the blue trail. 80 degree angle at points.

Wear waterproof boots is a must - no tennis shoes.

We arrived at 10am and there were only 3 parking spots remaining (in both the visitor center and the dirt lot across the road), however, cars were parked adjacent to the center on the main road by the time we left.

Challenging but do-able for a 50-something amateur and a 9-year old. There are some great views along the way, notably from Fingerboard Mountain, that are even better once leaves are off the trees. You walk by an interesting old mine, and also two gorgeous wetlands with very tall grasses. A couple of spots where the trail marks could be better (see our notes on our recording to see where those were), and some brief stretches of muddy, wet path. But otherwise: highly recommended

Trail is well Marked but we still got lost once or twice as there's quite a few sharp turns.

Pretty nice trail, I would rate it easy except for that steep part on the blue dot which is moderate difficulty, would recommend doing it counter clock wise, otherwise it would be more scetchy going down on blue dot. A bit too crowded.

2 months ago

Easy and pleasant Many options just follow Alltrail;s map

2 months ago

Great trail overall. We did the red, blue, and then white but I would recommend the opposite (white, blue and then red). Since the blue was a STEEP downhill, it made going down for our dogs very difficult. Other than that part, we all had a great time! And also, wear waterproof shoes/boots! Getting your them soaked is almost inevitable.

2 months ago

A bit challenging for kids and beginners but really a nice trail for the family. We started along the green blazed long path and both kids (2 and 4 yo) did the first mile on their two feet. That took about 2 hours, so then the little one went up in the carrier and we continued on to the yellow then white with red triangle trails to complete the approx 3 mile loop. The 4 year old did the whole thing with a couple tough spots but she loved it. It took us a little less than 4 hours. We only stopped a few minutes here and there for water or a quick lunch. A couple relatively challenging stream crossings (for little legs) and a nice spot where the yellow meets the white/red triangle trails with some little waterfalls. I am glad we did it clockwise- the more challenging and rockier parts seemed to be in the first mile and on fresh legs. The yellow trail is wider and white with red triangle more rolling hills. All made for a really nice day hike from Long Island.

Thank you below to La Gattons. We navigated around the flooded section to the left like you mentioned and it helped immensely! When you get to that flooded part, go left of that area and through the woods and up some slight hills. You'll start seeing some pink and blue ribbons, follow those until you start seeing the red and white markers and you can follow those all the way back to the parking lot. We did the white markers all the way until they merged with the red and white. If you do white to red and white the whole way it's a big loop and that will get you back to the elk parking lot trailhead. All in all a great hike, awesome lake, beautiful scenery throughout. My gf and I thought it was mostly pretty easy to moderate, but we do hike a lot. Not too challenging.

Overall one of the top hikes I’ve been on. It took us about 4.5hrs (but we stayed at the top for about 45 min). We originally read that we should do white - blue - orange - red .. but after speaking to other hikers along the way we were advised to do white - blue - red .. we did this but be very careful because compared to other hikes I’ve been on the trail was not well marked and at times it was difficult to find the next marker which made it a bit confusing. I would recommend wearing boots as it was very wet and at times muddy.

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