Starts out moderately steep fades to steady incline with rocks and normal forest debris. Last 10 minutes is steep with rocks as main trail. Top boasts beautiful views.

Wide views of Warrensburg but very buggy. Bug spray is a must

This is surprisingly a bit difficult if you take the short route up. There’s not too much elevation gain but it comes quick and swift. There’s a little rock scrambling near the top. When you get near the summit there will be several viewpoints along the rocks. The terrain changes several times on the way up. It’s an enjoyable little hike.

Great afternoon hike with kids. Gorgeous view at the top.

great hike. went with my 5 & 7 yesterday old boys. front steep side required a break for the boys, some steep rocky areas. the full hike including around the backside of the mountain took us about 1.5-2 hours at a very leisure pace with stops. didn't see another person the while time,which was great. AWESOME views from the top

23 days ago

Decent views at the top. Hike from the Prospect Street trailhead is shorter but steeper than Hackensack Avenue side. There are a number of intersecting trails, and markings are lacking in parts, so it can be confusing if you don't pay close attention.

brought two kids with me. we started off on the Warren street and planed to finish it off at prospect st, but some part before the prospect street is way too steep to go downhill for kids. So we turned back and finished off where we started.

This was my second time hiking this mountain, but this time we hiked this mountain from trailhead to trailhead. Overall it was a great hike.

Beautiful view and the hike up rocks was fun

Memorial weekend 2018 mosquito infested

Didn’t start out impressive but the climb to the summit was straight up. If you continue down after the summit straight down with big rocks. Very challenging

Nice easy hike with my kids today. Beautiful view of Warrensburg.

We did this hike because we had to cancel on our scheduled hike. This was a decent hike that gave you views overlooking Warrensburg.

Started at prospect st parking lot and went up orange summit trail. Pretty steep in some sections but it only took about 22 minutes to get up. Then went over the top and followed the orange trail until the purple trail. If you keep following orange you end up on Hackensack st. Great quick hike for me and my dog. 55 minutes for the whole thing.

11 months ago

Great views from the top with various lookout points on the east side and at summit. Problem here is the trail branches off in multiple directions and more than once and at those branches, their is literally no direction as to where that branch is going to take you. I advise you use your GPS or download the AllTrails app and use that to help guide you to reaching the summit otherwise you could easily get lost and get going in circles. The pond was more like a swamp; total letdown. East side climb (trail on the left side of the Prospect St. trailhead parking lot) is STEEP! If you want a really easy climb, take the trail to the right (where the big rocks are) of the Prospect St. parking lot and walk around the backside of the mountain to the west side and then climb. Short but steep (totally doable) climb from there to top.
The trail that starts on the right of parking lot is super, super wide and has four wheeler tracks everywhere; not a typical ADK mountain trail...and it would be quite good for trail running.
Finally, throw some serious deet on for this hike; I skipped it, like a moron and so far have pulled 5, yes 5, ticks off of me, all around my head and neck. So yeah, there's that. I'll try and post a pic of one of the ticks so you know I'll telling the truth. I started pulling them off at the summit; first sign of them there.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

My wife and I started from Hackensack Rd and went over the summit. We took the trail down to the Prospect Rd access and that part of the trail was the best part. If we do it again, we will to it the opposite direction so we can experience the accent from the Prospect Rd entrance. It is much steeper and more challenging on that side.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Great hike to take your dog on, make sure you watch the trail markers though its easy to make a wrong turn. The pond is a great stop.

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