Great easy trail for an evening stroll to the river with all ages and abilities

We had never been here despite living in this area forever. We took a picnic lunch and the kids(4 and 8.) The blue trail is a nice easy walk, flat with a well maintained gravel walkway. It looks like the green trail is a bit more challenging but we didn't check that out. Beautiful fields of wildflowers teem with monarch butterflies and giant dragonflies. The mountains lurk blue in the distance. Lovely wooden benches dot the trail and one sits near a nice overlook. There's a beautiful gazebo and a picnic shelter perfect for lunching.

Good option if you are in the Hudson city area. Tips: can be muddy, many trails are out and back (not as much fun as loops), map is not very helpful (IMHO), trails are fairly clean, dogs allowed on leash but many non-compliant owners and there is a lot of dog faeces on the trails, can be windy as you are overlooking the Hudson river. Not many humans about; averaging 2-5 per visit. Saw turkeys, squirrels..., + evidence of deer, coyote, fox. Easy trail also easy to get a bit disoriented. Well maintained.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

If you're living in or visiting Hudson, this is the most easily accessible trail system you'll find. This only says there are about 2 miles of trails but there is actually a lot of more if you do all the trails. I've hit just about every inch of trail and I'd say there's closer to 8 miles if you include the Stockport Greenport trail which takes you to Harrier Hill Park. None of them are strenuous but at certain points you get good views of the Catskills. Great for a mellow post-work hike (like I have done many times) or if you're not feeling up for an adventure further outside of town.

Pleasant surprise outside of Hudson. Well-maintained, leads to fabulous views of river, Catskills.

A good warmup for some more intense hiking later on. Multiple routes and trails. Didn't get a chance to do them all, but we spent about 3 hours there.

Relatively flat. Good for all ages.

So many trail options. Remarkable views of the Catskills. Great for a run.

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