mountain biking
1 month ago

Started at the 17m entrance across the road from the parking lot. There's an initial climb, but nothing too intense. It transitioned from gravel to blacktop, so it's pretty easy riding. I noticed trails that offshoot from the main path and I ventured off on one that was fun to ride, but ended running into a tall grass open field. Lots of thorny plants too so gloves were helpful, pants would have been nice too. Got back onto the main path and followed to the end at Laroe Rd. On the way back found a trail that went right, up the hill (had to push it) and eventually up to the top. There was a wide path through grass and woods that takes you under the power lines. I turned around and headed back which was all downhill and lots of fun. Followed a different trail that cut across and eventually popped out on the main path. Definitely recommend making the climb up that trail, if you're looking for something more challenging and fun. On a Sunday I did encounter 4 or 5 others, some with dogs, and there was a group of 4 on bikes.