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14 days ago

Clear day with amazing views!

30 days ago

Rocky peak will almost always require full crampon in the deep winter months. Steep, slippery climbs up Giant then a large dip into the col and another steepish climb to the summit of RPR. Lots of ups and down can be tough on the legs. Sunrise summit highly recommended.

GIANT Mountain: on a beautiful sunny winter day with no wind, few people, 30 degrees..steep climb right away..no time to warm up!!.this is my favorite MOUNTAIN so far..great views at every turn..make sure you keep turning around to look..best part sliding down at least 1/3, if not more..was a glorious day.

This ADK High Peak was my first one and what a way to do it but as a loop. Hike up the Roaring Brook Trail to the peak which had an amazing view of the rest of the high peaks. We then hike down to Ridge Trail to Giant Washbowl. I fish in the Giant Washbowl for a little bit with no luck. Then hike out thru the Washbowl Trail back to Roaring Brook Trail and out.

Started in New Russia traversed the East Trail then down the Ridge Trail to Chapel Pond. Very unique hike as both trails have many open rock plateaus with great views that impressed me more than the actual summit views. The summits are farther from any other big peaks therefore lack the spectacular big mountain views of the great range. Lower elevation views are stunning in peak fall foliage. Hauled ass while in the trees to be able to take many 5 minute breaks on the open rock plateaus to enjoy the views.

East Trail was an easier hike with more roots, dirt and a few minor scrambles to the rock plateaus. Only steep section was before Lake Mary Louise, it felt as relentless and rocky as the climb up to Giant from RPR. The decent from Giant felt never ending and was a tough end to the day. Despite the short mileage this hike makes you work, always gaining or losing altitude with few flatter sections. You actually summit 4 peaks.

If you like to get the hard work out of the way early I suggest starting at Chapel Pond and ending in New Russia. East Trail is more gradual. Total time was just under 8 hours with about an hours worth of breaks. Great hike to push hard at times and then stop and slow down to just be in the moment, taking in the many views.

Very rewarding hike all the way up and to the summit of Giant. The clouds were moving in and out as the sun was beginning to come out and it was a unique experience. Felt like we were above the clouds. The drop down to the col of rocky peak was very steep and unforgiving, and was also wet but well worth it when you get to the summit of Rocky Peak which was probably even better of a view than Giant.

Enjoyable little hike to the top of the falls. Some very nice views close to the edge of the falls across the valley. Perfect for a quick hike on an overcast day where panoramic views are not the goal. Second part of the hike to the base of the falls was OK, short & flat.

Very difficult even for hikers with a lot of experience, a lot of ups and downs , very rocky and hard trial . I will not recommend for people with dogs.
All this is so worth it because of the great views all the way on the top on Bald and RPR , wow , just wow

Beautiful trials, unfortunately we went on an overcast day so we didn’t get any views until our descent. The upside to that was we basically had the trail to ourselves. This hike was challenging with a lot of open rock climbing and a couple of false summits. The most challenging part was the trail to RPR, I found it to be very steep and slippery. All in all it was a great day in the mountains!

Started out at 6a and enjoyed the early morning light and weather. The first part up to Bald Peak is challenging with some steeper stretches. The second part up to Rocky Peak was steeper and more difficult. Lots of blueberries along the path. No water source to use a filter bottle with.

Great views along the ridge with many false peaks

7 months ago

Great hike! Outstanding views up to Giant, at the peak and at Rocky Peak. Probably the most difficult portion is the initial descent to Rocky Peak (.3mi?) and then back up towards Giant. We left the trailhead at 5:45 am; views on the way up were great but the summit of Giant was overcast. Views from RP were great and you can see Lake Champlain and beyond. The ceiling was clear on the way back so we hit Giant's summit again for outstanding views. It is a very short walk back to Giant from the trail to RP so worth a 2nd look, 8 hours total with a total of 30 minutes on Giant and 20+ on RP

7 months ago

The trail was very narrow and not well marked. One area was very rocky and muddy with no clear way up. I would not rate this easy.

8 months ago

Not a bad hike until a bit over half way. Trail markers need to be redone. A lot we’re missing.

Tough, strenuous hike. Be sure to take into account that you will be climbing Bald Peak (~3100 feet) en route to Rocky Peak. After ascending the southeast side of Bald, you descend into a small valley, then the real fun begins as you begin the ascent of Rocky Peak and the Ridge. Total time for myself and my dog to make the 13.4 mile round trip was 9.5 hours. A few water sources on the trail to purify. Much of the trail is on open rock, so bringing sunscreen and a hat would be a good move. Overall, a gorgeous hike well worth the struggle to the top.

The best hike in all of the Adirondacks in my humble opinion. Over half of the trail is on open rock and there are many rocky summits.

A very challenging but worth every step high peak hike. Spectacular views and amazing wildlife.

Having been out of shape and with this being only my fourth high peak, I had a tough time completing this hike. There were many smaller mountains that lead up to the summit that were challenging and many false summits as well. The mud was not much of an issue. Even though this hike was difficult, there were many beautiful views along the trail and the summit was worth it. There were also very high winds at the top. All in all, a very challenging hike but a good experience.

Nice Trail with lots of views. Lots of ups and downs.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hiked Gilligan for the second time this year. Last time I did it in the rain and got no view. This time I did it on a chilly day with all the leaves on the ground. Really impressed with the view. Really fun little mountain!

Challenging but great.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Steep in spots but beautiful views from several different spots. My very athletic little 6 year old loved this hike.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

This was an unplanned hike, due to the trail we were going to hike being closed for hunting. This hike did not disappoint. The trail was nicely marked, and was in fact quite easy. There are a few places to take in some views as well. It was a short hike, and perfect for an impromptu trip!

Friday, November 03, 2017

Would definitely not recommend as a first hike.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Great hike with some amazing views!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

wonderful hike. beautiful view!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Nice short hike! Well maintained trail with a number of ledges offering views. Great for kids or first timers!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Amazing! Husband, our dog and I hiked with full gear from New Russia and spent the night at the campsite just east of Mary Louise Lake. Anyone hiking in to camp should know that the yellow sign about 400 feet prior to the Lake stating Privy will lead you to where the primitive campsite is. There are about four sites.

Best hike yet. Amazing views the whole way.

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