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Super awesome, challenging hike. Granted, we did it with the intention of camping, so the weight of our packs made for an additional challenge. Going up Bear Den to Dial to Nippletop felt like the best way to go, getting the steep incline out of the way, and camping in along Elk Pass, so that all we had for our second day was the descent.

We could have done it all in a day if we didn't have huge packs, and if we did it again, we would do the loop as a day hike.

The views were 100% worth it, but the trail conditions were super muddy and slick.

This trail goes nowhere. I went in both directions at the fork. To the left (south) it deadend, the trail just disappears. To the right (WNW) it continues toward Dix etc... but there is no spur to take you up the peaks. This only exists if you are going to bushwhack the entire way, which is not a trail.

Incredible hike -- but so steep until the top of Dial

Good trail. Pretty rocky terrain, but nothing too steep. Great views near and at the top.

I took the Roaring Brook Falls trail towards Giants Nubble so I could fit the fall into the hike more easily. The falls are definitely better viewed from the road but standing at the top was neat. I thought this hike was a little strenuous, but I think it is my favorite Adirondack view so far. Amazing.

Dial and Nippletop was a nice fun day, lots of uphill, and a dozen great views. We started by heading up over Bear Den Mountain. Lots and lots of bear tracks so keep a watchful eye. No markers that I could find for Dial or Nippletop. But the views were great. From the intersection near Nippletop, it says .2 miles, just keep in mind its a long .2mile. The day I went it was extremely muddy. Heading down Elk pass was steep but fairly easy. Once getting back onto Lake Rd it was an easy return. Overall time was 12 hours from car to car.

A nice short hike where you're guaranteed to have plenty of beautiful views.

Reasonably challenging hike. I made two wrong turns as the GPS trace witnesses: one in the beginning - started on a wrong trail (to Noonmark) and then after the beaver ponds. Great views from both Nippletop and Dial; from the Noonmark shoulder too. I have done it counterclockwise: steep climb to Nippletop and then gradual descent for the rest of the loop.

Just a great relaxed hike. The trail is marked well and the terrain is very manageable. This is ranked moderate. I haven't done any easy hikes but this was much easier than other moderates I have done. Don't get me wrong, I was sweating but it was extremely enjoyable. I think I'll be back to camp along the trail and take it to Lower Wolfjaw.

Started this hike with the intent of hitting Giant and RPR out and back. Once at RPR we meet a great guy and his daughter that offered to take us back to the chapel pond trail head if we chose to head back to New Russia. we jumped at the opportunity knowing from some prior research that this route offered some stunning views. It did not disappoint. marie Louise pond was just one of the highlights(see photo). Hitting some of the minor peaks in succession got to be a bit grueling on the knees at some points being that we already had the ascent up to giant and then that gnarly decent to RPR already under our belts. It was a long day of hiking and we were glad to reach New Russia once we got there.[ FitBit recorded 44,697 steps for the day.] Hope to do this again someday but not anytime soon.