There are so many trails it is awesome. It is beautiful place to go for a run as well.

this is my favorite place, it's close to home and a good selection of trails I just wish more maps were available out on the trails I got lost wondering alone but an hour from the farthest point and I just found the rd and followed it to my car.

Beautiful! No one else was there, very little trash and the water was running!

It was very pretty but short and took a few tries to find the trail. On several trees was sort of a count down to falls, stating how far you were. Saddy lots of trash, we did pass a few people. I was not very difficult, I hiked with my toddler on my back.

I'm shocked to see it on here! This is private property. lol Good luck on that

the hiking is hard but fun.

Just wanted to add that this trail is available year round!

Very pretty falls. It was hard to find but the other reviewers directions helped with that. I'm not 100% certain that this can be considered a legitimate hike since there are no trespassing signs put up. However, we decided to trust the other reviewer who said the owner doesn't mind hikers.

the trail was breathtaking walking down the creek has some good views, I didn't see any other hikers there, its on private property but their okay with people hiking in the area, the walk down the river is definitely worth it, be careful because its very steep at times, hiking boots and water shoes are recommend.

Loved it. Well maintained tails and I took my dog, it is a good place for family or solo. A lot of tails they all come together though.

A good sized park with easy walking trails and firebreaks.

A frequent destination for family or solo hiking year-round. Nice picnic areas, playgrounds, and plenty of trails. Camping area available for Scout groups w/permission. Sledding, xc skiing in winter. See deer, wide variety of water fowl and birds who call the park home.