Great park, just wish people would follow the rules and keep their dogs on a leash

Wear the right clothing!! I got bitten by mosquitoes all over my body even with bug spray.

Bring bugspray! Tons of green flies

5 months ago

Good for a walk with your dog. Lots of bunnies on the walk.

Go early for birding. Being that this is a free Park, with a kids playground, open bathrooms, and ample parking, this place fills up during the day. It's a nice place for kids, as it's a big clean park packed with dogs. The hiking is pretty standard for Long Island, meaning very flat and a bit sandy in places. A well maintained Park, worth stopping by if you're in the area. Don't go out if your way though.

I heard it will only have a dog run but will not allow dogs on the paths or down to the water. Due to many not cleaning up after their dogs and not LEASHING your dog. So no this is not one of the only parks that dogs can be off leash. Its too bad I bring my dogs here and its a really nice park.

Great walk. short but great

Sean can you really be annoyed about the dogs when it's one of the only parks that dogs can be off leash around here? We're all just trying to have a good time...

love this park
especially if you have dogs.

I'm one of those people Sean so deal with it

A nice easy path to walk, but rather high traffic. Note that several people walk their dog off-leash, which gets annoying in a popular area...

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Great place to bring the kids and dog. My family and I visit this trail regularly.

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