Currently, the meadow trail is pretty much closed. As no one has gotten back there to mow at all. Since it flooded with those huge rain storms we had a little while ago. The ground has been to soft to mow on.

Good trail for walking, dog loved it.

very nice walk, wouldn't want to go if it's been a rainy week though.

A very nice walking trail; I've walked it many times in all seasons, when I felt the need to get away from civilization. And sure; it's almost in the dead-center of civilization, but if you walk in for a few minutes and notice the cool things it has to offer and yes, suspend just a little disbelief, it's a great nature walk. Not a difficult trail by any means, but an easier one which has its benefits. One of my favorites.

nothing special. basic walking trail with a crick running along it. probably would be pretty in the spring with all the flowers. easy hike for beginners and kids.

The Bunker Hill entrance is a woodsy trail, that zig-zags down a relatively steep hill. That leeds to the main meadow area. The meadow area has two loops. With the larger one, having trails that cut through the middle.

Wilkinson Rd x Victor Rd entrance brings you straight to the meadows. That avoids the hill climb entirely.

There's supposed to be another trailhead on the other side of the creek. But who ever supposed to maintain it. Has failed to do so.

Great trail! definitely a workout.

Varied trail, from woods, to open meadow, to some wet areas. Coming back uphill through the woods is moderate, but good exercise!

The trail could use some work, but it's a great little trail and there's hardly ever anyone else there.