Remarkable display at the nature center. Wide variety of animal life. Worth many visits in all seasons.

I hired a trail guide to bird watch the trail with me... She was a snot. I saw a lot of great birds... No thanks to her.

Good trail brought a my g/f and three year old son ... turtles , fish , birds , geese and ducks...

Nice easy walk and pretty in the fall. I went with my sister and nieces, ages 7 to 2 1/2 and they managed just fine. The path we took was called Beaver Tree Trail

No dogs but not clearly marked.

Trails are suitable for almost anyone but I found the trails to be rather confusing. There's a number of junctures that you can get easily lost at. That being said. It was fun and you can see a lot of wildlife: deer, turtles, ducks, chipmunks, rabbits and squirrels galore. I think I may have seen a beaver but... it ran away! :(

fun trails lots of fish, turtles, rabbits, deer and birds

Went there today with my 4 and 6 year old daughter and son for their "first hike" ... did the Vlomankill Trail ... this was perfect for the little ones. We ended coming back on the bird watching path down to the Beaver Tree path over the river. All the trails are very well maintained. It was a bit hot and didn't see to much wildlife, but I will definitely come here again.

Very pretty, lots of wildlife, perfect hike with young kids!

Our family visits Five Rivers periodically throughout the year. Great trails for the whole family, and lots of spaces for impromptu picnics. Only downfall is that they have construction going on now, but, the good side is it looks like they are expanding the environmental center and parking lot for future visitors!

Go every few weeks. Seen the beavers. Nice trails, quick and easy hikes.

Super friendly staff! Great for kids!!

super nice. good for all ages. north loop is a nice 2 mile walk,a bit muddy at times . Hiking boots or old sneakers good. Very clean and marked well all over.

the trails are much more extensive than this listing suggests. I went more than 5 miles, and could have done more. I'm glad I decided to explore 5 Rivers.

I've been coming here since I was a child with school fieldtrips, Girl Scouts, and family/friends. The flat, easy trails make this ideal for beginners and children. Be sure to check out the visitor center.

Great for children! Go into the buildings and see the birds both alive and stuffed.

Beautiful park but I probably won't be back anytime soon. I hike with my dog and this park was posted no pets!

Very nice and maintained trails. All trails loop and intertwined so you could do one large round about. Lots of wildlife, few deer. Overall nice trail.

Very easy peaceful place to hike and no matter how packed the lot is, there are so many trails you rarely see anyone!!! Various terrains, offers you the ability to see a variety of species and there is an environmental center!!! This area offers pavilions and picnic areas, and several bodies of water...including trails that take you into the fields where deer can be spotted around 5 PM!!!!!! no Fees and a beautiful place!!!! 5 STARS!

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