5 months ago

A well maintained local park with several trail options. We tried to walk the outer perimeter; about 2 miles. The park is about 50% wooded and 50% meadow, with a small stream running along the north side. Port-O-Pots are located at the two main entrances to the park.

8 months ago

fly fishing
9 months ago

always come here... great fishing spots and beautiful trees

on Fishers Park Trail

10 months ago

Snowshoe trail is marked. Wooden walkways over some areas.

A hidden gem featuring hundreds of wildflowers, beautiful woods, & open meadows with scenic vistas.

Went a couple days ago, snow pack was good. Very easy, nothing all to special to see but a great place to bring my dog for a walk. Just make sure in the winter you have a dog who knows a command not to go in the creek.