I was looking for a local trail to take my dog to, and everything seemed fine at first until I got deeper in. It's very easy to take a wrong turn because of all the off trail paths. Also while I was walking kids came through on their dirt bikes. They weren't any harm, but it's not something I want to encounter. I felt very uneasy being in there and accidentally found myself off the trail. And what spooked me the most is that I ended up getting to an area that I saw houses, it looked like it lead to a backyard. But I saw a missing persons sign and I had a bad feeling once I saw that and wanted to leave as soon as I could find the way out.

Nice local trail for an easy hike. Lots of off shoots, but main trim is well marked

perfect little hike to enjoy with your dog. looping trails with little hills, nothing very strenuous but always enjoyable. a little oasis of woods.

Good little trail! Mostly all single track! Easy to follow.

This way way better than I ever expected.. I wish I knew about this place growing up. Look foward to going back, nice scenic view with a not so boring walk though I wouldn't call it too strenuous. Plenty of off the trail paths I plan to get lost on, ventured off a little bit & stumbled across a homemade ladder on a tree; which was awesome I thank that person for the view.

Nice little trail to hike. A couple steep hills. Lots of unmarked side trails so follow the markers. Oak and pine trees. Sandy soil.