Cool waterfalls everywhere.

Just a nice walk with great wildlife. I've seen Bald Eagles and deer.

It was a mild, gorgeous day, so it was pretty crowded. We got the last spot in the parking area. The red trail is quite easy. There are benches at fairly frequent intervals. The white/riverside trail I would classify as moderate, narrowed with loose stones, tree roots, sloping to sheer drop offs with no rails/barriers, and some steep hills with rocks. Also, no benches. My kids whined on this trail. The dog enjoyed the little beach at the river’s edge. I enjoyed the lush forest and waterfall views. There was a nice seating area at one of the waterfalls. We did not go on the Father C. Jorn/blue trail, which I believe had the old icehouse on it and another waterfall. The family wasn’t up for it. I’ll definitely be back to check that out. Overall, I was very impressed with the trails at this preserve! Very well marked with flares and clear paths.

Love the falls and the views of the river. A great place to take your pup for a walk!

quiet, peaceful, pretty trail in the winter

I love taking my dogs here when I'm going to saugerties. Very simple walk and easy access.

This is a beautiful hike with lots to see. I would rate it as easy. Great views of the Hudson river. Lots of trickling water. Lots of wooden benches.

This was a decent trail after we finally found it, but beware...near the falls there is a major bee hive in the mud. My small children discovered it and 4/6 of us got stung by 11 of them.

Easy trail with relaxing views. The pictures show what you will get.

Nice trail for an easy / casual hike. Plenty to see. Trails are well marked.

Beautiful little park for an easy stroll.

I loved the openness of a lot of the hike, meaning lots of sunshine on your face the whole time. I really enjoyed it. It's a very easy walk. Good for all ages.

Took the super short blue trail with my 2 and 4 year olds. Was perfect plenty to see and short enough that no one complained. :)

lovely walk along the Hudson.

The trails in Falling waters preserve are very well kept. The white trail takes you along the Hudson river with wonderful views. The red trail takes you along a stream with a very pretty waterfall. The blue trail takes you down to the Hudson River past another water fall to what remains of the old Ice house. This trail was great for my girls. The really enjoyed it.

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