One bridge (if you can call the ugly steel plates they use bridges) is out 3/4’s of a mile in. The creek isn’t too hard to cross anyway, but it’s due for a few repairs in the first mile.

Trails are well marked, the beginning is a well worn path for about a mile.

There’s a new alternate blaze green detour that takes you between the peaks rather than over them. (They have route maps posted, See pictures) There’s no real path and it’s less travelled, we enjoyed it since a foot injury prevented us from climbing higher anyway.

This route terminated at the turnpike entrance, there are no parking lots or structures nearby. You can follow the road around to reconnect with the Campbell Rd entrance.

Nice relaxing trail, no real challenges but worth it for lovely creek and spooky rock structures and walls.

This trail was okay, there is a lot of a land but the view point were not the the best I have seen. It was still a pretty trail and I would say it's slightly harder. If your a new hiker this isn't a moderate trail you should start with.

good for being so close to the city!

Very good trail

I did White Washburn to Yellow Undercliff to Red Brook to Blue Cornish. It was extremely crowded until I moved past viewing spots on Undercliff. It was a nice ascent in beginning and very windy. It was a good hike and will be back to do more trails.

This was a really good hike, I only gave it 3 stars because there isn't actually something called the Hudson Highlands Trail and it can be really confusing without an actual destination. If you use the directions from the app, it's brings you to all different trail heads of the Hudson highlands state park. To follow the path shown here, take the white blazed trail, which is flat, until you reach a junction with a green blazed trail that goes up on the right. This route will take you to Round Hill. Take the green trail all the way until another junction with a blue blazed trail on the RIGHT. Be careful here because there is another blue trail on the left that goes to another part of the mountain. You will notice the correct blue trail goes straight up and gets rockier, this means you are nearing the lookout of round hill. Once you reach round hill, you can follow the blue trail all the way back down the other side of the mountain as a loop. Definitely bring a map.

Amazing day of hiking!!!! Started at breakneck ridge trail (very difficult) and continued through to the casino trail and down mount beacon park, both of which are easy trails.

Breakneck is the most fun I've had hiking, with intense rock scrambles and climbs that start immediately and don't let up. If you have a fear of heights or don't like climbing, I'd suggest taking the Washburn trail or breakneck bypass trail instead.

Breakneck ridge trail ends at the firepower, which by the time we got there was too crowded for my liking. We continued straight on to the casino trail and descended mt beacon park. Very busy.

Most people took the trail back to 9d (once you reach the final climb, it's on the left) which made for a quiet hike through the woods. Not many people were up for the 10 miles or so this hike lasted.

We hiked the Bull Hill (Mt. Taurus) via Washburn/Notch/Brook/Cornish Trail Loop. The start of the hike was a moderate incline with more pastoral woods than mountain. It starts to get rocky at the clearing of the quarry. It gets quite steep at spots between the quarry and the top of the mountain. There are some fantastic views of the Hudson to the east and south (including West Point Military Academy) as you go up the mountain. Be sure to take advantage of the rock outcroppings to sit, rest, and enjoy the views. The trek down the far side of the mountain is much more relaxed. It is a mix of trail walking and creek running.

The trails aren't very well marked in some areas. I would suggest hiking this with a partner to allow for more eyes on the lookout for the round trail-markers. There are times when I missed looking at nature because I was more focused on finding the next marker (a.k.a. not getting lost).

Overall, it was quite a fun trek. There was a good variety and enough additional options of trails that we can return without repeating the same hike.

The link below is the official hike site:


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