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We did this in early winter, with ice and snow. It’s relatively easy if you’re experienced until you get to the slide. The trail that runs alongside the slide is like climbing up a wall, it’s so steep. The ridge line at Dix however is absolutely incredible with panoramic views that include the whole Great Range. An awesome adventure!

1 month ago

Elk Lake approach closed 6-weeks ago. Late start 8 AM. Had to start from Route 73 from Bouquet river. Trail crosses river from East to West on way to east Dix. 3inches of snow on top. Icy northern slopes required micro spikes. Toward summit, branch barriers intended to prevent people hiking north from Macomb from veering off main trail. Completed all 5 peaks ivy 7 PM. Enjoyed sunset on top of Dix. Ended at Ausable Club. Back to car by 2AM. Round Lake return would have saved 2-hours. A fun adventure requiring 7-hours of battery life to hike out. Recommend more traveled approach. No Sprint cell service along route. Switched to Verizon.

I’d recommend this during mid summer, before the leaves start falling, and the herd path is more visible. A 6 mile or so hike to the bottom of grace to set up camp, is the only way to not end up on icy peaks at dark when the days are shorter. Fill up water before you start the climb, and pack up camp early to get walking by dawn. Have water proof boots, gloves, a wind proof shell and layers to shed to avoid sweating too much. Stash your heavy items at s. Dix to get Malcolm a little lighter footed. Marked mileage is as the crow flies, don’t underestimate the increased distance with grade. We clocked 22 miles coming out at round lake after midnight. Challenging hike, keep up on weather beforehand and have a emergency plan. A twisted ankle between peaks could make for dangerous situation.

Great views from 4/5 mountains. Once you gain the ridge is moderate. Trails are not marked. Pay close attention when heading over to Dix, the trail is at the top of Hough to the left. It doesn’t look like a trail initially. Not too muddy. Would suggest going up Macomb first to gain the elevation.

Hiked this loop from the grace mountain trailhead finishing at round pond trailhead on 73 October 13th. Started at 6:00 am. Trail conditions were wet and cold, snowing at times and very muddy; perfect weather for a long ass day hike! This trail is longer than 15.7 mi. The trail up the east dix slide seemingly disappears and I had to bushwhack the last two hundred vertical feet to the summit after climbing straight up the slide, which was pretty sketchy, due to the very wet and cold conditions. Once on top of east dix the herd path became easy to follow. My garmin recorded this hike as being closer to 22 miles. Took me and my girlfriend 14.5 hours moving at a fast pace and bagging all five peaks. I probably could have done it in 12 hours if I had found the trail at the top of the slide, and was by myself. We ended up hitchhiking back to the car in the dark. This is a challenging but doable day hike that I would only recommend to more advanced hikers. Be prepared for some dense, uphill bushwhacking at the top of East dix slide and bring an extra pair or two of dry socks as there are many stream and river crossings not to mention the mud pits, I'm super glad I did! Spectacular views the whole way!!!!

Did it yeaterday (october 13th)! I had the first snow of the year up there! It was super muddy and wet. But not so many hikers, especially on Dix Mountain. I was alone! I started at 7h40 at the North Noonmark Trail head, and ended with this “sketchy in fall season trail”, because leaves eere hiding the trail, called Bosquet Forks Trail, Nut I really ejoyed it! I did aproximatly 30km (according to Stepz app), but I think in general it is less than that! Although it was a bit technical with all that mud!

The trail was wet like none other. With around 14 stream crossings of which many were barely passable due to high water. Turned out to be a challenging day.

3 months ago

A challenging but rewarding hike with amazing views and fall foliage. We got to the parking lot at 5:45 A.M., and all the regular spots were filled so we had to create one that was still reasonable within the parking lot. Trail was very muddy from all the rain so wear waterproof boots because it’s unavoidable to not step in mud. Elevation gain was killer so be prepared. It took us a total of 12 hours to finish the loop starting up Macomb and ending at Dix. We stopped at each peak, but not for too long, we just had to stop 10 min after each peak to take off some layers. AWESOME HIKE - just plan ahead!

4 months ago

Awesome hike!

Parking- I didn't realize the trailehead and parking lot is located on private property. Driving up Elk Lake Rd you'll come across many private property and posted signs. That confused me, but the parking lot is public. The lot was full by 6:30am. I spoke to a hiker who got there at 6pm the night before and he said there were only a few spots. Another hiker said the lot was full when he arrived at 4:30am. The overflow lot is 2 miles down the rd. from the trailhead.

I went up Macomb and down Dix. I did this simply because I wanted a view on my way up the mountain. Dix is all forest until you're at the summit. If you go up Macomb at least you have an awesome view if you take a break. The trail is great and easy to follow. It was pretty muddy. The only hiccup I ran into was missing the turn for slide brook trail. It comes on quick. It's right at the campsites about 50 ft. before the lean to. If you hit the lean to you've gone to far. Each summit has a great view. I was lucky enough to have each summit to myself for at least 10 minutes.

I left the trailhead at 7:30am and got back at 6pm. I spent 15-30 minutes on each peak. My Fitbit clocked the loop as being 20 miles not 14.3. I brought 2L of water. There is water on the descent from Dix in which I was able to fill another liter. Lots of rock scrambling- especially on the descent from Dix. I think I'm in pretgy good shape and was able to run a bit of the trail. I still found parts of it challenging but totally worth it. Met a lot of nice people on the trail but was able to be solo for most of it.

on Dix Range

4 months ago

Day trip, all 5 Peaks. My iWatch logged 19 miles, which is far more than the OP’s 14.1 or other reviewers’ ~16. Went up the Macomb side which has a several hundred foot sandy rock slide that was steep but doable, could see it being challenging to unsafe as a down climb. First three miles are pretty flat but it gets steeper after the camping area, then moderate to flat once you get up into the range. Nothing so challenging as the rock slide before Macomb. Downclimb from Dix is steep but safer. Clear herd paths the entire way after the camp area both sides of the loop. Bring plenty of water — I didn’t and didn’t have purifiers for any of the streams in the last 3 miles back. 8am-6pm for a 10 hour hike total, with ample stops on Macomb and Dix and rests in other places (~1 hour total?)

4 months ago

Dix was my ninth high peak. I thought it would take us 6-7 hours, but it took 8:15 (we took about two 10-minute breaks). It was a moderate hike (a nice walk in the woods compared to typical high peaks terrain) until you get to the great slide. The slide is magnificent, my favorite part of the hike. From there, the terrain becomes much more technical, climbing over rocks. It was wet and misty, which compounded the difficulty, especially while descending. The wet terrain probably added an hour to the hike because I am a very cautious descender (recovering from an injury). Mist also prevented us from having any views, but I would imagine the views would be amazing, from the slide and the summit. Our Golden Retriever did a great job, it was his first high peak. He loved the streams, brooks, and pond. Round Pond was beautiful, I got to sit on a rock while the pup swam around on the way back to the trailhead.

On 9/3/18, humid day, temps good. Parked at Clear Lake and bikes in to the Elk Lake parking and stated from there. 3.7 mi hike to the split. If you are not an experienced hiker you will have a hard time attempting this climb. I’m 5’3” and had to use some rock climbing to get up the mountain. Some boulders are very tall on Beckhorn side and are a challenge to climb.We did a loop - up through Hunter’s Pass and down Beckhorn Trail. Awesome views from Dix! Although not hiking really fast it took us 9 hours without any long breaks. Definitely a challenging hike.

4 months ago

This hike is a work out. 9 1/2 hours out and back. Easy until you go back into the forest after being on the slide. You get your typical Adirondack scramble. But even though it’s hard, it’s has great views! Well worth it.

4 months ago

Hiked the Dix range 8/31/18. Started the ascend via the Macomb slide. Macomb slide wasn’t to bad, just make sure you make your way to the right as soon as possible and go up the right. Enjoyed views from the first 3 peaks then the clouds rolled in. Views from east Dix are amazing! The hike to Hough was the toughest in the range but definitely doable. Spent about 30 mins on each summit which made a day really long day. Descend via the beckhorn trail. Total moving time 10 hours. Definitely look forward to doing east Dix again to enjoy the views again. I will also go back to do Hough and Dix to see what views I was missing but I will probably ascend the Lilian brook trail. Amazing hike and all trails helped me tremendously to make sure we were on the right herd path

4 months ago

My first hike in the Adirondacks! Three observations: (1) they don't do much trail engineering in the ADK's, I did not pass a single water bar this day (muck and water everywhere as it rained hard the previous few days...not so pleasant), (2) Most of what I hiked was on "herd paths", semi-planned trails cut by hikers, not the ADK Club or others and consisting of many "class 3" short climbs/descents over ledges, and (3) The NY DEC only "manages and maintains" about half the park trails (I've heard) but this doesn't make much difference except for overgrowth. My point, these trails are more rustic and unrefined compared to, let's say, the trails you'd find in the White or Green Mountains. Once I adjusted to that, I was fine. Regarding direction, I'd say going up the Beckhorn Trail to Dix first might be superior to going up the Macomb slide, there are more technical ledge challenges over there. Finally, this is a SUPER GREAT trek and one you could easily break up into 2 hikes (do Beckhorn/Dix one day, the other peaks another day). My day, with a 15-20 min break on each peak:
Elk Lake Trailhead 6:30am start
(the parking area was full by 6am!)
Macomb 9am, +4 miles, +2300' gain
South Dix 10am, +5 miles, +2600'
Grace 11am, +6.25 miles, +3000'
S Dix (return) 12N, +7.5 miles, +3400'
Hough 1:30pm, +8.5 miles, +4000'
Beckhorn 2:30pm +9.5 miles, +4900'
Dix 3pm, +10 miles, +5000'
Elk Lake Trailhead 6pm, +16 miles, +5250'
Elk Lake Lodge Dinner Served: 6pm!

We did the whole range except for Macomb. Took about 12 hours. Took a few breaks mostly on the summits. Best views were on Grace and Dix but there are many good views along the range around the summits. Quite steep going down Dix. I recommend bringing two cars and parking one at Round Pond and one at the Trailhead for Grace (formerly East Dix).

5 months ago

Solid day of hiking, completed all 5 peaks in the Dix Range. Started from the Elk Lake trailhead at 6am. Going up the slides of Macomb wasn't too difficult, just had to be very careful of each step as rocks could become loose and cause you to slip and fall possibly. Macomb was steep but offered great views. South Dix & East Dix (Grace Peak) were easy to get to, Grace had the better views. Hiking up Hough was tough and very steep. Hough to the Beckhorn & Dix was steep in a few spots but overall not too bad. Summited Dix by 12:30pm. Went down the trail via the Beckhorn, steep going down and a bit slippery. Total time of 10.5 hours (including an hour on top of Dix), 15.8 miles round trip.

5 months ago

Took 11 hours truck to truck. Would say I'm in OK shape. Get there early to get a spot to park. Did Macomb first, would recommend that way, wouldn't like going down the slide. If you went all the way to the bottom of slide you'd miss the trail too. Made it to Hough by 1145am started at 630am. On the way from Hough to Dix but before the intersection of Beckhorn trail you will find two large rocks forming a V shape. Don't go to the right or left go straight up the V.

5 months ago

Did this on August 1st. Definitely not an easy hike. We went up Macomb first and down Dix. If you're doing Macomb, be sure to take a right immediately after the bridge that has ribbons on it. You'll see it through the camp site and if you go past the lean to you've gone too far. The slide is definitley scary. The views were nice there and at South Dix past the summit tree. We hit some bad weather and couldn't see anything for the next 3 peaks. Getting up Dix was very difficult since the rock we had to get over was well above our heads. Going down Dix is scary and since it was raining, we practically slid down. Glad we finished it and hope one day we can do it and actually see the summits!

5 months ago

Wow, this was incredible. Every turn, every view, every part of this hike was amazing. The reward at the end of every summit is worth every challenge leading up to it. Truth too, once you are on the range (regardless of approach) you will be set.

Started at the Dix Trailhead at 5:30a
(the rock face scramble leading into Macomb is a challenge (understatement), but you'll be glad you did it this way)
#41 Macomb Mountain summit at 7:10a
#42 South Dix Mountain summit at 8:15a - everything around leading in and out of this summit is amazing.
#43 Grace Peak summit at 8:50a - My favorite
Back to the South Dix junction around 9:40a
#44 Hough Mountain summit at 10:21a
#45 Dix Mountain at 11:46a- My second favorite

5 months ago

Went up Dix first to get the steeper done first, got there at sunrise after starting at 2am from the campsite. Views were gorgeous! Going down Macomb was not as bad as I had anticipated, just go slowly, finding the trail off of Macomb was tricky, but it is off to the right when going down, you’ll find it if you travel slowly. Was a great hike! Took us 12hrs, after spending about 20 minutes on each summit except S. Dix. Took the beagle too, he loved it! :)

We Hiked up the Macomb Slide and went on to do South Dix (a scramble) & then Hough. Really awesome 3 peak day hike. I loved the variety of this trail! Great views pretty much the entire time! They call it "un-maintained..." But, if that was true, then who's been out there cutting through the blowdown? Someone certainly has. Definitely a blast & would climb them again!

6 months ago

This hike is a big one but offers so much. I completed this today in 10 hours on the dot with 5-10 minutes on each peak and 20 on Dix. We started up Macomb (I recommend this way because traveling up Dix via the beckhorn trail is insanely steep and unforgiving and going down the macomb slide seems super dangerous due to the steep slide and loose rock/dirt). After walking in via the hunters pass trail (45 mins from trailhead), the slide brook trail starts by going through a campsite (which was awkward so we just quickly walked through the site to the cairn and trail). The slide is not to be taken lightly, definitely easier going up the side, it’s a real gasser. Got to the top of Macomb (wooden summit sign) in exactly 2 hours from sign-in. 30 minutes over to South Dix (summit- “ X- S Dix” carved in a tree). Another 30 over to East Dix (no summit sign, big high Boulder is summit). Then back to South Dix up to Hough which was a little longer and more challenging (summit- yellow trailmarker “hough”). From hough to Dix (summit cap in rock) was the most challenging as far as going peak to peak (I felt getting up the slide and to macomb was the bulk of the hard work for the day...until the Dix descent). Dix summit is one of the best in the Adirondacks. After Dix we went down the beckhorn trail which is one of the steepest trails I’ve ever descended. It’s comically steep. Once getting to the bottom we hit the 4.3 mile hunters pass trail back to the trailhead. The ascent up macomb and the descent were the hardest part of this hike. But each peak has an awesome view and great spots to hang out and it’s fun going to peak to peak here because you often have a view throughout the hike. An excellent hike if you’re looking for a long day, just be prepared!

I did 4 of the 5 peaks this past weekend (June 29-July 1). I wanted to do all five but did not manage (first backpacking trip and I was carrying too much weight) anyways... We started at the Elk Lake Trailhead, hiked in Friday night, camped at the Slide Brooke then proceeded to Macomb the next morning. The slide on Macomb is a bear but doable. It will slow you down. East Dix (Grace Peak) was amazing. The hike to Hough was very difficult. We ran out of water so hiked down the Lillian Brook Trail and camped another night at the Slide Brook Lean To Area before hiking out the next morning. Overall it was a grueling but worth it hike. Every peak had spectacular views. I wish I had gotten to Dix but I will have the conquer that another time.

Check me out on Instagram for pictures of the hikes and other adventures @wildrumpfie

This trail was an "Adirondak classic" through and through, with quadriceps-tolling rock scrambles and thick dense trails peppered with the typical late spring mud at times. These challenges aside, you have a beautiful panorama at the top that gives you a 360 degree view of the daks, and a view of the Green and White Mountains if it is clear out.

7 months ago

Some areas were tricky, but the views were well worth it. There were some muddy areas but nothing terrible.

7 months ago

Excellent views, long day!!! But worth every step and hour.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

This was amazing but hard. We did it over 2 days.

I did Macomb and didn't necessarily finish. U follow the trail to the Dix Range. After about 1.5 miles, you go of right before the Brooke and it was hard to find. The trail that leads off to Macomb was very narrow and skinny but was well-used. Right before u get to the scrabble (the rocks)..I would take a left and take that creek around and that shoots right up to the top! Even though I found this out after I did this hike...I would still do this hike again...wouldn't recommend this hike for beginners but it's a good day hike!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Absolutely one of my favorite ranges in the entire ADK's! Excellent views atop all 5 summits. Some great climbing and the range traverse was quite easy. There is a decent col between Macomb and S.Dix but definitely doable.

Now the issue I had come across was that I had climbed up Dix and descended Macomb which did become a little problematic. The Macomb slide could be a bit of a bear descending as it is all loose stone (got quite a few cuts and bruises). Also I had lost the herd path heading in that direction forcing me to traverse a lot of deadfall throughout the stream- adding much more time (about 2 additional hours) than I had hoped. Completely wet and bleeding from that stream, I had finally found the herd path on the bank with only about 100 ft remaining until the actual DEC trail.

Outside my Macomb descent flub up, this is an awesome full day range and I can't wait to go back.

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