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This was amazing but hard. We did it over 2 days.

I did Macomb and didn't necessarily finish. U follow the trail to the Dix Range. After about 1.5 miles, you go of right before the Brooke and it was hard to find. The trail that leads off to Macomb was very narrow and skinny but was well-used. Right before u get to the scrabble (the rocks)..I would take a left and take that creek around and that shoots right up to the top! Even though I found this out after I did this hike...I would still do this hike again...wouldn't recommend this hike for beginners but it's a good day hike!

6 months ago

Absolutely one of my favorite ranges in the entire ADK's! Excellent views atop all 5 summits. Some great climbing and the range traverse was quite easy. There is a decent col between Macomb and S.Dix but definitely doable.

Now the issue I had come across was that I had climbed up Dix and descended Macomb which did become a little problematic. The Macomb slide could be a bit of a bear descending as it is all loose stone (got quite a few cuts and bruises). Also I had lost the herd path heading in that direction forcing me to traverse a lot of deadfall throughout the stream- adding much more time (about 2 additional hours) than I had hoped. Completely wet and bleeding from that stream, I had finally found the herd path on the bank with only about 100 ft remaining until the actual DEC trail.

Outside my Macomb descent flub up, this is an awesome full day range and I can't wait to go back.

7 months ago

Incredibly rewarding hike. Started from elk lake overflow parking so added another ~3 miles to the distance. We decided to get the elevation out of the way early so a ~4.3 mile hike to the dix summit path and then hough, s dix, e dix and macomb before descending the rock slide on the way in. Total time was 12 hours with short stops on the peaks and a slow amble down from macomb when finished. A great adirondack hike.

EDIT: My friends and I made the exact same mistake Adam Yetter who wrote a review above me did. The All Trails app for the path covered the stream and it wasn't until I pulled out my ADK map and checked that unnoticed the herd path running adjacent. We must have missed some cairns. Don't be like us.

I did 4 of the 5 peaks on July 20th. I'd done Dix Mountain before so I decided to skip it on this trek.
My brother and I started from Elk Lake Trailhead and proceeded towards Macomb.
Having gotten a very late start I knew we would have to hightail it to get the 4 peaks in.
It was a relatively easy start until we hit the slide on Macomb.
Loose soil and small rocks made for some very unsure footing.
Once we reached the peak we ate some lunch @ noon and then moved onto South Dix.
I saw no marker on S. Dix but my altimeter confirmed the height.
From there it was onto East Dix (Grace Peak). The climb wasn't too bad and the view was gorgeous.
Trekking back I failed to look at my GPS and actually was a third of the way down South Dix before I realized I had missed the cairn.
I went back up and got on the trail to Hough.
Hough was a tougher climb than either S. Dix or E. Dix. There was a pretty straight shoot up a out 700-800 feet to get to the top.
The top was designated by a little yellow disk nailed to a pine tree.
The trip back was long and a bit scary at the slide on Macomb.
The mud from the over abundance of rain beginning to get harder after a couple of days of sunshine.
All in all a very rewarding hike moving my number to 36 of 46 completed.
Thank to the unnamed gentleman who gave us a ride to the trailhead and Chris 'Rainbow Dash' for the ride out. You saved us two hours of uneventful hiking.

Some of the bushwhack trails can be a little tricky to find, especially because they don't exactly match up with some of the maps.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

For this trail being an unmarked trail it is very easy to follow. Due to the high use, cairns and other hikers. I would still suggest bringing a map. I hiked this a few weeks ago and the guys that were ahead of us did not have a map and it was annoying to have to tell them the way the whole time. You really need a map. And you really need to understand how to read it. This hike may only be about 13 miles, we hiked down hunters pass on the way out. But it is a vigorous one. With most of the miles at the end of the day you will be exhausted after. We got to 3/5 peaks before 2pm. Arrived at Hough at around 4pm and were considering not completing Dix Mt. but we wanted to complete all 5 so we pushed on. We summited Dix Mt. around 5:30pm. You don't really know when you get to the summit if the peak is in the clouds. But then since it was starting to get dark we decided to take the longer but less steep path back. It was really rough and I recommend to bring headlamps no matter if you plan to hike only in the day light. Because we hiked for about 4hrs in the dark but were prepared with lights and food. I loved camping at this trailhead. Although on a busy weekend plan to park at the farther lot, 4 miles away. Because the lot at the slide brook is on the smaller side for the amount of trailheads are accessible from there. I would recommend also giving yourself a full 12 hr day of daylight to complete this hike. We started at 8:30am but I would recommend to start before daylight.

Monday, October 17, 2016

This was a really great hike. Yes it was tough, but a spectacular view. Friends kept saying "it doesn't look real." Some markers for trails are the rock pyramids. Pyramids are usually a sign to turn.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

getting to the base of E.Dix/ Grace is actually quite easy just follow the cairns like said. A little confusing after the last campsite make sure to stay to your left, Not a Bad Day hike definitely have to be prepared for it, it's a long walk out it's a little monotonous could have done it quicker but weather played a part as we had to torrential downpours and lack of footing. round trip 14 hours door-to-door with stops

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hiked the new "Grace Peak" from rt 73 and what a tough trail to follow. Multiple spider web trails all over the place. Crossing the forks of the bouquet was interesting as some of the cairn's are tough to spot and not in the best places. If we didn't scare a hiker out of his morning duty we would've found ourselves hiking up the back of Dix... Not good..

I suggest hiking this route with a group as we added about 3 extra miles of backtracking trying to stay on the correct path.

Tough one. View was worth it!

Nice hike. Long hike. From the Elk Lake lot it's almost 20 miles and 13 hours. Great views.

Monday, June 27, 2016

This trail is a fantastic challenge and a great way to bag 5 peaks in a loop. There is camping, so an over night is possible. It took my son and I 13 hours with stop to filter water and converse with folks along the way.
Started at 5:30 and got back to our car at 6:20. Hiked on 6/24/16

Monday, May 09, 2016

One day camp and hike up Macomb, great views and the slide was a nice challenge.

Monday, September 21, 2015

From Elk Lake trailhead we hiked in on Friday at about 530-600pm and made it to the Slide Brook lean-to in time to set up camp and start a fire/dinner. Hit the trail early at around 700 and spent the entire day on the move. East Dix (Grace Peak) was defiantly worth going out of your way for and is a good place to take lunch with some impressive views . Continued on to Hough and reached Dix peak at around 3. Took in the breathtaking view and started off on our almost four hour decent back to SB lean-to . Definitely bring a headlamp ! This 17 mile hike is very time consuming and if you're not prepared you will get caught in the dark. Challenging but well worth all my aches and pains the next morning

Sunday, September 14, 2014

This was a very challenging,but rewarding trip. We hiked in Friday night and camped next to the first lean-to allowing us to get on the trail by 5:00am. We did the whole loop up Macomb, if your not trying to do all 46 I would recommend skipping East Dix, it ads several hours to already very Lind day and isn't really worth it. We used the DEC marked trail to descend via the Beckhorn. We enjoyed the relatively easy hike out. Despite our 5:00 start we still didn't get back to the truck until 5:00pm, plan on spending at least 12 hours on this trip.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

An enjoyable and challenging hike… well enjoyable until the hike out anyway. We started off our day at the Elk Lake trailhead at 5:30 am and got off trail 14 hours later. Although the trails in this area are usually drier during July the heavy rains made many of the trails into wet rocky streams which slowed us down in many areas but we also spent at least 45 mins on each peak – if you’re hiking this hard you want to enjoy the reward. We chose the Lillian Brook Pond trail between Hough and South Dix to get back down which meant traversing the steep trails of the Beckhorn and Hough twice but should have meant an easier descent on the knees. Unfortunately, the recent storms changed that into a lot of blow down, rerouting and very wet conditions which meant the hike out was long and tough. We were relieved to see the parking lot knowing that a cooler of chilled vitamin waters was waiting!! Great hike!!!!!

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