Devil's Hole State Park overlooks the lower Whirlpool rapids. A wildly beautiful walkway leads down from the park along the turbulent Niagara River 300 feet into the wooded gorge and offers an up-close, spectacular view of the gorge's rapids. Devil's Hole has picnic areas, hiking, and nature trails. It is one of the most popular spots for fishermen. Pets

I enjoyed this hike. The trail is easy to follow and marked very well. Mostly the trail is very easy but sections from past rock slides makes the trail very uneven and rocky. The Niagara River is incredibly impressive and because of this one should not miss this hike.

No better way to get a perspective of the gorge and the stairs toward the power station take great pictures!

A very straightforward trail full of picturesque moments for capturing the power of the Niagara River. If you stray from the paths watch your footing, the rocks/boulders can be loose and jagged, but they'll lead you to some amazing sun bathing spots on the enormous slabs of stone. At the farthest end of the trail, you'll be able to look across the water at the intact Canadian side with their viewing platform.

Not too challenging, my wife and I did this trail on our honeymoon and we had never tried a hiking trail before. Don't get me wrong, we were definitely dead by the end, but we were able to finish it. Absolutely beautiful.

1 month ago

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