Devil's Hole State Park overlooks the lower Whirlpool rapids. A wildly beautiful walkway leads down from the park along the turbulent Niagara River 300 feet into the wooded gorge and offers an up-close, spectacular view of the gorge's rapids. Devil's Hole has picnic areas, hiking, and nature trails. It is one of the most popular spots for fishermen. Pets

Nice hike. We started at Whirlpool State Park instead of Devil's Hole for the hike down into the gorge. Near the end of the trail just a bit upriver of the whirlpool, you can walk down on the big flat sections of rock for awesome views of the Niagara River. Great place to sit and enjoy a break while watching and listening to the huge rapids. If you are there at the right time, you might get to watch the jet boats take folks up and down the rapids (kind of noisy, but also kind of fun to watch).

This was an awesome hike! The moderate rating was accurate. There are staircases at both the Devil’s Hole State Park and The Whirlpool State Park. Devil’s Hole to Whirlpool is a one mile hike. Once you get towards the Whirlpool sections, you can go on the rocks and get extremely close to the Niagara River. Amazing views!

awesome beautiful hike

great trail. some spots are steep with lose rocky terrain. mind your step. the river will take your life if you fall in. people all over the world underestimate its powerful currents and whirl pools. they don't call it devils hole for no reason. all in all, respect where you are and enjoy it.

2 months ago

A beautiful hike right in Buffalo, but definitely becoming a more crowded spot. If you’re looking for quieter hike, try going not peak hours.

I really enjoyed the trail. It was fairly quiet with the exception of the jet boat tours. The stairs were mildly strenuous. We did run into an eastern massasauga rattlesnake that was only inches from the trail. While I was able to get a great picture, it definitely had us looking down the rest of our time on the trail. Overall I highly reccomend!

great trail, good views and a nice workout. can't wait to this trail again!

Great trail and views!

Beautiful top and water level views of Niagra River. Short but strenuous up and down. Only issue was loud boats going and up and down rapids that cut in to the serenity of it all.

3 months ago

Hidden gem! Some of the best views of the river and great spots for fishing. Lots of stairs to get the heart rate up near the beginning and end. Some thinner spots of trail near the water, maybe 2-2.5 width. Lots of shade for the entire hike, not too many mosquitoes. You may want to put your phone on airplane mode or be prepared to call your carrier as you phone may end up roaming at some points.

I will be back and hiking this trail when friends and family come to visit to show what western NY has to offer!

Great views and fun trail with some boulders and variety

Great place to hike. Very clean and well marked!

4 months ago

This hike is a most. Definitely would do it again. The views are amazing. Lots of stairs so be prepared. We did it with our 11yrld son and he really enjoyed but we pass by a few groups and couples with little ones the weren't having any fun at all so I would definitely recommend leave the small kids at home.

Easy walk. Great for dogs

gorgeous,fabulous view . we are so glad did this hike . can't be better.

Probably the best local trial that I've hiked. Beautiful scenery and well marked.

Hiked here for my first time today and it was stunning!

One of my favorite hikes. The challenge is the newly rebuilt staircase and the rest is easy. The devil's hole cave is a must see. Read up on the history of this place as it makes the hike more interesting!

7 months ago

Crampons are a must during winter and beware of falling rocks, but a beautiful hike down into the Niagara gorge. It connects to whirlpool trail if you want to make a longer loop.

I enjoyed this hike. The trail is easy to follow and marked very well. Mostly the trail is very easy but sections from past rock slides makes the trail very uneven and rocky. The Niagara River is incredibly impressive and because of this one should not miss this hike.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

No better way to get a perspective of the gorge and the stairs toward the power station take great pictures!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A very straightforward trail full of picturesque moments for capturing the power of the Niagara River. If you stray from the paths watch your footing, the rocks/boulders can be loose and jagged, but they'll lead you to some amazing sun bathing spots on the enormous slabs of stone. At the farthest end of the trail, you'll be able to look across the water at the intact Canadian side with their viewing platform.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Not too challenging, my wife and I did this trail on our honeymoon and we had never tried a hiking trail before. Don't get me wrong, we were definitely dead by the end, but we were able to finish it. Absolutely beautiful.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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