Trails are way too overgrown. taller than my dog and covered with posion ivy. turned around after 10 mins

Great trails. they need a little more upkeep, and the fact signs fixed.

Parts of this track are great ... but overall this was EXTREMELY overgrown and VERY muddy. Glad I went in the morning and it wasn't muggy, otherwise bugs would be BAD. DO NOT WEAR SHORTS or SHORT SLEEVES unless you want to get ticks on you. The trail isn't marked at all, and because of overgrowth, it will require you to keep a keen eye on most of the track. The END OF THE TRAIL ... well ... not really sure what was considered the end, it got to an area that reached up to the power lines ... with "power line-type of views" ... but there is no END OF TRAIL signage per se. The over wetland bridge currently has a fallen tree on it.