I found this to be an easy hike through some beautiful woods! I found a light volume of water flowing over the falls! There was enough water to make the hike worth it and rewarding! Would love to see these falls with a large volume of water falling! A very peaceful and quiet place!

Great spring hike with a taste of lingering winter. The seasonal use Stoney Brook Rd. was partially accessible. I had to walk about a half mile to the trail head. Portions of the road were still ice covered, as much as 7 inches in some places. The first part of the trail to the falls were beautiful and no snow. As I rounded the hill and hit the north side, I ran into snow. In some places it was at least a foot deep and made walking a bit tough.

As you round the other side of the hill, the snow is gone and soon you will meet up with the trickling of the creek that grows and grows until you hit the falls. There is a SHARP drop from the top of the falls so be careful taking a look or taking pictures. It could be hazardous.

Hikers are asked not to go farther than the falls as the rest is private property. So that makes this an out and back hike for most unless you can navigate the woods and bushwack back to Stoney Brook rd. with a compass or gps unit. Great hike, have fun.