Great easy-moderate hike. Did the hike w my 2, 4yr old. We hiked from trail head and returned (~1.4mi) in a loop. Awesome tall trees, natural trails, good for mountain biking too, feels like you’re miles away even though the park is just off 495/LIE.

great training area plenty of up and down hills

Great Mountain Style Terrain Trails in the heart of Queens. There's everything from birms to booters. I ride these trails frequently while my dog trails ahead or behind, never any issues. be careful in most sections there is no fence enclosing the park/wooded area.

One of the best trails of Nyc

a really fun trail , lots of features that can challenge you. there are 2 Bmx parks and lots challenging terrain, precise steering is important. Always wear long sleeves and gloves. pioson ivy and branches are all over the trail. the easy part of the trail can be ridden on a hybrid bike.

4 months ago

Nice walking trail.

Great trial a lot of bike along trail keep eyes open

Always finding something new on the trails. Great place to get lost for 2 hours in

I used to go her 3x/week. A little tired of it now just cause I've done it so often but it is a great hike.

It's trail my son enjoyed the trail...

mountain biking
Wednesday, February 08, 2017

It's good mountain biking right in queens, ny. Definitely not for hiking. You should have at least some experience on biking trails before you try. Four stars because of its convenient location for New Yorkers. It would be a 3 star if it were anywhere else.

mountain biking
Tuesday, December 06, 2016

there's a little something for everyone..

mountain biking
Saturday, November 26, 2016

Take a break from climbing! I've spent a lot of time at Sprain Ridge, Blue mountain and Graham Hill. They are all great trails, with lots lot steep climbs. Here the climbs are really short and there are a lot of tight winding single track. It's a great place to work on technique and an overall fun experience.

mountain biking
Sunday, September 11, 2016

Great spot, nicely kept, and a nice mix of difficulty. It's like a shorter, more technical Glacier Ridge Preserve.

These are Mountain Biking trails....and they are well used...not very good for hiking...unless you like dodging bike riders on your hike!

Only good for mountain biking. Hiking trail lackluster

mountain biking
Thursday, April 21, 2016

alot of fun for mountain biking airways something exciting around every bend, went on 4-20 with my brother and two friends and did the expert trail, shit is extreme definitely not for the cautious or scared rider. real fun tho.

mountain biking
Monday, March 14, 2016

Fun with a splash of technical sections if you challenge yourself.

I actually did the Southeastern section, with the entrance being on the southeastern corner of Union Tpke and Francis Lewis Blvd. Did a 2+ mile lunch break hike here. I've driven by a million times, first time I went in. Biggest negative:much of the trail was asphalt. Biggest positive: Decent topography, with a few inclines. Summation: Far better than you would expect in the middle of eastern Queens sprawl. Recommended.

Mountain Biking in Queens. Enough said !!!

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