Not a great trail, there are houses and roads right next to it. It's pretty flat and wide, and it's more of a walk than a hike. There's a train station at one end, in Sleepy Hollow, and parking at the other end.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

OCA actually is well beyond croton-on-Hudson . It is a linear state park 20+ miles that runs south(Bronx border) to north (Putnam border) in westchester . Very diverse - woods, backyards of modest homes and cutting through huge estates (eg Lyndhurst). Some of OCA winds through village streets. It's signature are the column vents that pop up every mile or so to allow flow of water from Catskills (?) to NYC many years ago. Great views of Hudson.

The aquaduct is great and a sight to enjoy. I have lived in NY for so many years and didn't realize such a beautiful place is so near by. It is very calming to watch the aquaduct. Hiking / trekking is quite easy and simple. A nice, quick get-away place.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Though it's well maintained and has some interesting sightseeing, it cuts right through people's backyard and gives zero sense of solitude.

I started the trail in Tarrytown. It stunk at first because you're cutting through streets and backyard. Once you're in Sleepy Hallow you'll go to a beautiful part of the trail. You'll be along highways for a bit until you hit Ossining and from there's its quiet and peaceful. Just you and the birds!

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