I love taking on a challenge and if you are one of those people this is the perfect trail for you!

Did the NY AT in 6 days over the summer a few years back. Been ticking off AT sections for some years now. NY was a great state and a stout challenge! Stirling Forest featured constant ups and downs, and was tough just starting the trip. Soon we passed into Harriman and through the Lemon Squeezer which was delightful. Up and over Bear Mountain and through the zoo, over the bridge to Anthony's Nose. We camped at Nuclear Lake and before we knew it we were being picked up at Hoyt Rd. What a trip.

Completed this section of the AT a few years ago. Took about 7 days and it's amazing. Trail actually starts in Greenwood lake NY and progresses north to it's terminus on the CT border at Hoyt Rd. New York may not be the highest elevation on the trail but it certainly has the most elevation changes. I recommend using the bear box if staying at the wildcat shelter.

The location listed here is not the AT. You have to travel 18 miles to get to the Bear Mtn Bridge, where the trail crosses the Hudson River. You can pick the trail up in Harriman State park to Bear Mtn or on the other side of the river at Anthony's nose.

Have done most of this trip in segments over the past 25 years. Not for the ill-equipped or the novice. Have proper gear and be properly packed. Bring rain gear because the weather can turn sour from a beautiful day in no time at all. Can be very challenging at times, depending on the route you choose. Some incredible vistas & wildlife. Some serious climbs & rough going. It helps to be in some kind of decent physical shape with a strong heart.. For the most part, stay fed & hydrated.