I went here to hike with my dog. A hunter made me leave because I wasn't wearing orange... It took me thirty minutes to drive here. So this trail is more of hunting trail........ Not hiking......

trail running
4 months ago

Nice run. Area is beautiful in autumn colors. Take a trail map: Trails are marked, but map does not give the colors. Has some open spaces and different types of forest, which gives some nice variation.

I love this area - it's very quiet and secluded, and just beautiful.

Not bad, but a bit buggy

8 months ago


As another review said, definitely get a map online before going. There is no map at the parking lot and the trails are not evident. They are nicely marked once you find one. Great and secluded trail system (is a challenge just find entrance).

This is an excellent spot for those looking for an easy hike or one that is a bit more intense. Multiple trails are available for different skill levels.

The trail by the waterfall/stream is a nice steady incline with great views of the water. Also this trail is pretty cool (temp) in the summertime and there is a spot to take a dip below a waterfall if you wish(or your dog).

Other trails take you up and over the mountain for a more intense workout/hike. There are a couple lookouts to find that are showed on the map. My favorite is the one closest to the paring lot.

They don't supply maps. Make sure you know where you're going before you start. (Download a map online). The trails are well kept and have some great views.

trail running
3 years ago

Great trail system, double track & jeep roads. Flat & fast & not at all technical. Across Stagecoach Rd. A little further down toward the dead end is the white trail head for the Ciolia trail system with a nice overlook into CT and the valley. Two separate parking lots so plenty of parking. Area might be open to hunters in season as I saw a guy out there today asking me about the deer so wear orange to be safe. Ability to do a modified figure 8 loop from the Putnam County Lot at the Main Ciolia Trailhead on the NY/CT boarder using the blue trail which has some decent technicality and climb. Run Strong! -DJ

Great hike with options that can be made 4 hours long or as short as an hour. A little bit of a climb to Cranberry Mt., but fairly flat other than that. Ciaiola trail is across the street if you want to make it an all day hike.

Easy hike. Opens up into a huge meadow and trail leads into the woods. Eventually you will end up at a small lake. It has a grass area that's nice to sit and relax on and take in the view. You're at elevation but can't really see much. Parking is tight, only room for about 4-5 cars.